Ayşe Efendi: YPJ and YPG are the Defense Shield of the People

Rebîa Êto/JINHA

Ayşe Efendi, co-chair of People’s Asembly of Kobanê Canton, made a statement about the collaboration of Kurdish parties with Daesh gangs and the statement by Syrian Kurdish National Coalition (ENKS) to blacken the resistance of Şêx Meqsûd. “The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and People’s Defense Units (YPG) are defense shield of the people,” said Ayşe.

Rojava people reached the smear campaigns and attacks of Syrian Kurdish National Coalition (ENKS) on Kurds and YPJ and YPG forces by using the press. Rojava people condemned the ENKS’s collaboration with gangs against the Şêx Meqsûd neighborhood. Ayşe Efendi, co-chair of People’s Asembly of Kobanê Canton, made a statement about this issue. Ayşe said, “ENKS’ statement, “the YPG uses the civilians in Şêx Meqsûd as human shield for itself” is unfounded claim. The members of YPJ/YPG are the children of our people. They are the defense shield of the people.

“The ceasefire was declared to be implemented all over Syria. The war has been stopped in many places of Syria but unfortunately not for the Kurds yet. Gangs’ members have attacked the Şêx Meqsûd neighborhood and Turkish state has bombed Efrin. A massacre took place in Girê Spî. Many civilians have been trapped in demoslihed buildings in Şêx Meqsûd. People and defense forces are trying to evacuate them from demolished building by using shovels. On the top of it, traitor parties have collaborated with Ahrar Al-sham and Cebhet Al-Nûsra and they have attacked Şêx Meqsûd. ENKS makes statements to blachen the YPG. ENKS is on the side of Ahrar Al-sham and Cebhet Al-Nûsra.

“ENKS uses the civilians as human shield. We found some documents in the Til Hasil and Til Eran towns of Girê Spî. ENKS brought the gangs of Daesh and Cêş Al Hor to Rojava from Kobanê and they allowed them to enter the city from the gate of Girê Spî. ENKS’s center is Turkey. ENKS battens on Daesh and Turkey. The ENKS musn’t enter to Rojava again. Kurdish people and the families of martyrs can decide abour that.”

Ayşe also talked about the resistance in North Kurdistan. “North people used every means available to support Rojava and Kobanê. Kobanê, Amed and Cizre are the same for Kurdish people. When Rêber Apo {refer to Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the PKK] called all people to support Kobanê, the borders were ruined. Erdoğan must know that thare isn’t border between the Kurds. Kurdish youths must raise the resistance in North Kurdistan and Rojava.”

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