Al Jafaari: Too Early for Concrete Proposals on Syria’s Constitution, Elections

GENEVA, March 17./TASS/. It is still early to submit concrete proposals on the constitution and elections in Syria, the head of the Syrian government delegation, Bashar Jaafari, told TASS on Thursday.

He said the delegation had not submitted any proposals on the issues.

The Syrian government delegation to the inter-Syrian peace talks hopes that all Syrian opposition groups will be able to unite into one single delegation in Geneva.

He also said said the government delegation had informed UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura about its ideas and views as to basic elements for a political settlement.

The decision should be made collectively by all delegations of the opposition on the one side and the delegation of the Syrian government on the other side, through an intermediary, he said.

He said that the Syrian government, i.e. the Syrian army, and the Syrian allies — the Russian Aerospace Forces — would continue fighting terrorists. Unlike previously, one is no longer contradicting the other,” Bashar Jaafari added.

Di Mistura: We seek to find “an area of commonality” among participants in intra-Syrian talks

17 March، 2016
Geneva, SANA

UN special envoy for Syria Staffan di Mistura said on Thursday that he seeks to find “an area of commonality” among participants in the intra-Syrian talks, adding that there is a joint understanding and an agreement on principles regarding the unity of Syrian territories and the rights of the Syrian people.

“Since the beginning, we see that distance between the two sides is large, but we seek to find an area of commonality as in any other negotiations, and I believe we began to see what stances of both sides are,” di Mistura said at a press conference following his meeting with “al-Riyadh opposition” delegation.

He added “We have two other meetings tomorrow and there is a document about the principles.”

As for the possibility of having peace-keeping forces to observe the cessation of hostilities, di Mistura said “talking about this issue is very premature and the participants in dialogue will discuss this issue.”

“There is a gradual progress in the humanitarian file,” di Mistura said, considering that “there is no excuse for not delivering the humanitarian aid convoys in light of the cessation of hostilities agreement.”

On the abducted people by the terrorist organizations, di Mistura said “No one knows the numbers, but sure there are large numbers of them as in eastern Ghouta.”

As for considering Moscow and Cairo groups as a third delegation of opposition, di Mistura said “the talks depend on techniques of rapprochement between the two sides and I have no objection to consult any side, not only the advisors.”

Mazen Eyon