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Russian Defence Ministry Briefing on Ceasefire Process

 Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (March 9, 2016)

General information on the application of measures for the reconciliation of opposing sides

In the course of last 24 hours, ceasefire agreements have been achieved with commanders of 5 armed formations with total staff up to 450 men active in vicinity of Mahajjah (Daraa province).

In total, 42 ceasefire application forms have been signed with leaders of armed groupings.

Total number of towns, which had joined the ceasefire agreements, remained 42 ones.

Six negotiations with religious leaders, representatives and administration of towns and areas in the provinces of Damascus, Aleppo and Quneitra have been held. The sides discussed upon issues concerning joining the ceasefire regime and returning back to peaceful life by members of opposition armed formations.

Results of ceasefire monitoring

In the course of last 24 hours, 7 ceasefire violations have been registered (Aleppo – 3, Latakia, Homs, Idlib, and Hama – by 1 in each).

Militants of Sultan Murad Brigade and Firqa 16 carried out 3 mortar attacks on Sheikh Maqsood (Aleppo).

Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Forces did not make strikes on armed formations, which follow ceasefire regime and informed the Russian or American Centres for reconciliation about their location.

Humanitarian aid to the population of Syria

Working session with representatives of the National Reconciliation Ministry of the Syrian Arab Republic on providing humanitarian aid to citizens of Ruheiba (Damascus province) took place in the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides.

The delegates made decision on sending Russian convoy with humanitarian cargos to Ruheiba.

Additional information

Destroyed infrastructure is being recovered in towns and villages, which had signed ceasefire agreements. Water and electrical energy supply systems are being recovered in Hbub al-Rih (Homs province).

Information about kidnapping of retired Colonel of the Syrian army Zaidan Al Nasirat, the head of reconciliation committee in Etbaa, by illegal armed groups headed by Mashoor Hassan Kanakri and Ziad Al Khariri on February 29 has proved to be true.

According to the Centre, Zaidan Al Nasirat was kept in prison of Busra al-Sham (al-Suwayda province) until March 7, 2016.

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian Centre for reconciliation has received 44 appeals.

Kurdish Fighters Attacked with Chemical Weapons in Aleppo

Video Documentation of Sheikh Maqsood Chemical Weapons Attack

Most of appeals (34 ones) included requests for providing humanitarian aid and information about attacks.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Clashes Intensified between Civilians, ISIL Terrorists in Raqqa City

TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed sources said on Wednesday that there have been several cases of sporadic clashes between the civilians and the ISIL terrorists across Raqqa, the ISIL’s self-proclaimed Caliphate’s capital in Northeastern Syria, leading the terrorist group to set more checkpoints across the crisis-hit city.

“The ISIL has intensified security measures across the neighborhoods and Central part of Raqqa city to slow down the increasing waves of popular uprising against the group’s rule,” the sources said.

“The Takfiri terrorists have launched a fresh round of massive arrests across the city after one of their members was shot by an unknown civilian’s gunfire on Wednesday morning,” the sources added.

Reports said earlier today that unknown assailants, in a terror operation, killed an Emir of the ISIL in Tabaqa region in the Western part of Raqqa province.

Abdulrahman known as Abu Feisal, the Emir of al-Hasbah, was killed alongside two bodyguards by unidentified attackers.

No one or group has thus far claimed the responsibly for the attack.

Another ISIL Emir Killed in Raqqa

TEHRAN (FNA)- Unknown assailants killed another Emir of the ISIL terrorist group in Tabaqa region in the Western part of Raqqa province.

Abdulrahman known as Abu Feisal, the Emir of al-Hasbah, was killed alongside two of his bodyguards by unidentified attackers.

No one or group has thus far claimed the responsibly for the attack.

On Tuesday, the Syrian Kurdish fighters continued their advances in Raqqa province and seized back over half a dozen strategic villages in tough battle with the ISIL terrorists.

The Kurdish forces took full control of seven villages of Al-Hamd, Al-Jad’an, Al-Jadou, Al-Badr, Al-Sarad, Delian and Delian Matli in Raqqa province after fierce clashes with the ISIL.

Scores of Takfiri terrorists were killed and wounded in the clashes with the Kurdish YPG and SDF forces.

The Kurdish forces have made considerable military gains against the ISIL in the Northern and Northeastern parts of Syria in recent days.

97 people from Homs have their legal status settled
9 March، 2016
Homs, SANA

97 people from different areas in Homs province had their legal status settled after earlier turning themselves in to the authorities.

Those are from al-Rastan and Talbiseh towns and a number of neighborhoods in Homs city, according to SANA reporter.

A number of those who had their files settled hoped they would open a new page in their lives to have their daily life activities back to normal.

R. Milhem/H. Said

Eight more areas east of Khanaser in Aleppo secured
9 March، 2016
Provinces, SANA

Army units in cooperation with the supporting forces restored stability and security to eight more areas located to the east of the strategic Khanaser site in the northern Aleppo province after clashes with ISIS terrorists.

A field source told SANA reporter Wednesday that the newly secured areas included the villages of al-Atshaneh, Um Mayyal, Jebb Ali, al-khreibeh, al-Shreimeh, Rasm Askar, Seriah and Syriatel area, noting that dozens of ISIS terrorists there were killed, injured or pushed away.

With the success of army operations in those areas, which were carried out in the past hours, the army has expanded its control, providing more security to the road linking Khanaser with Aleppo.

The source pointed out that army units began the work of removing mines and explosives planted by ISIS terrorists between the houses and the farms in the aforementioned villages.


Army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, foiled ISIS terrorist attack against military checkpoints in the area surrounding Jabal al-Hayal in Tadmour (Palmyra) countryside in Homs province.

Army units also established control over the hills surrounding Thaniyat al-Hait to the north west of Mahaseh town in Homs countryside after eliminating the remaining gatherings of ISIS terrorists in it.

The army units confiscated large quantities of weapons and munitions as well as they dismantled tens of explosives and mines planted by terrorists in the hills.

A car laden with munitions and explosives seized in southern area
9 March، 2016
Sweida, SANA

Authorities confiscated in cooperation with the popular defense groups a car loaded with rocket, mortar and artillery shells, mines and half a ton of TNT in the southern region.

An official source at Sweida Governorate told SANA reporter on Wednesday that the car was moving on the road linking Samad village in Daraa with Bekka in southern Sweida and heading east towards al-Badiya (desert) where terrorist organizations are operating.

On Saturday, authorities, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, confiscated a car loaded with large amounts of mines, mortars and ammunition in the southwestern countryside of Sweida while it was coming from Daraa towards Eastern Badiya.

R. Milhem/H. Said

Syrian Army Captures Several Villages Southeast of Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army and its popular allies won more battles against the ISIL terrorists in the Southeastern parts of Aleppo and imposed full control over five more villages.

The Syrian army alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade) liberated the villages of Shabib, Kharbeel, ‘Akeel, Al-Qalay’at, and Sirada in Khanasser Plains after a violent battle with the ISIL Takfiri terrorists this morning.

Also on Tuesday, the al-Nusra Front and Jund al-Aqsa terrorist groups confirmed that scores of their combatants were killed or wounded after their failed attacks on the government forces’ positions in the Southern Aleppo.

At least 26 members of Nusra Front and Jund al-Aqsa were killed and their military vehicles were destroyed in a series of failed offensives in Tal al-Eiss.

The Syria army and its allies have fortified their positions after repelling the militant groups’ offensives and are fully ready to defend their strongholds.

There have been meantime, heavy fighting between the army and Nusra near the village of Barda.

Abida Ahmad Aloush, Abdu Samir Haj Ibrahim, Ibrahim Sobhi Modirati, Mohammad Osman al-Abdullah and Mohamamd al-Jabrou were amongst the killed terrorist in Ein al-Eiss battle.

Syrian Army Wins Back More Heights in Lattakia

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army alongside the popular forces, backed up by the Russian fighter jets, targeted the militant groups’ lines of defense in the Northern part of Lattakia province and seized back one more strategic height.

The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces imposed full control over al-Zoweiqat height near Kabani following several hours of non-stop battle with the militant groups in the mountainous battlefield.

The militant groups sustained a heavy death toll in the attacks of the Syrian government forces and the Russian fighter jets.

An intense battle is underway between the government forces and the terrorists near Kabani and its nearby hills.

On Monday, the Syrian government troops embarked on a tactical withdrawal from a hilltop in the Northern part of Lattakia province after massive attacks by hundreds of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists backed by the Turkish army’s massive artillery fire.

The Syrian army pulled out its troops from al-Nawara height in Northern Lattakia after they came under massive Turkish army artillery fire followed by a large-scale attack by hundreds of the Jeish al-Fatah terrorists who moved from the direction of al-Nawara village.

The government troops had seized the al-Nawara heights alongside several other regions in Northern Lattakia 11 days ago.

Army sources said their units have called for more units and air backup to take back the al-Nawara Height.

Al-Nusra Front Retreating from Major Town in Idlib Province

TEHRAN (FNA)- The terrorist groups in Syria admitted on Wednesday that the al-Nusra Front terrorist group is evacuating all its sites and positions and retreating from the town of Abu al-Duhur in Idlib province.

A military source reported on Wednesday that militants’ coordination room has informed other militant groups that the al-Nusra Front has started the process of leaving its positions in Abu al-Duhur as part of its preparations to retreat further back to other militant held regions.

The Al-Nusra withdrawal comes as the Syrian Army and its popular allies continue to march on terrorists’ positions in areas Northeast of Lattakia province at the border with Idlib province, winning back yet another key village just today.

The Syrian soldiers, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), the National Defense Forces (NDF), the 48th Special Forces Regiment and the Syrian Marines imposed full control over al-Zoweiqat village after an intense battle with al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and Harakat Ahrar al-Sham.

This recent advance has now positioned the pro-government forces on the Southern outskirts of Kabani.