YPG General Command Statement Regarding Deadly Sheikh Maqsood Attacks

General Command’s March 7 Statement Regarding Deadly Sheikh Maqsood Attacks: Constant Violations of Ceasefire

ALEPPO, Syria (March 7, 2016) — Since declaring cessation of hostilities in Syria, and adopting a ceasefire deal by the Security Council, and the joint statement that was issued from both the United States of America and Russian Federation who are to be considered the main parts in the International group for supporting Syria.

We the People’s Defense Units (YPG), had announced by then that we will be committed to the decision. However, the factions of the Syrian armed opposition that belong to Syrian coalition which the Kurdish National Council is a part of, have not respected the announced deal, though they stated their agreement on the decision by then.

Furthermore, they exploited the truce in other areas and withdrew the fighters from other fronts with ISIS in the south countryside of Aleppo, and gathered all this power around Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood. This neighborhood where 40 thousand civilians, are protected by People Defense Units along with Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and Asayish security forces.

The factions and battalions that belong to the Syrian Coalition (Islamic Movement of Ahrar ash-Sham, al-Jabha al-Shameea, Brigade of Sultan Murad, Sultan Fatih Battalions, Fa Istaqim Kama Omirt Battalions, Nour ad-Deen Zinki Battalions, 13 Brigade, al-Fauj al-Oal (1st Regiment), 116 Battalion and Abu Omara Battalions), centered in Al-Jandoul rotary, Ristam Basha neighborhood, Bani Zeid, Al-Sakan al-Shababi and Kastello; together they are daily shelling Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood with mortar shells and homemade rockets hell cannons – their snipers are committing most egregious crimes against civilians, women and children, and destroying houses upon its populated civilians.

The last massacre committed by these Syrian opposition factions was on Sunday 6 of March as they shelled the neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsood with more than 80 local made gas cylinders (hell cannons); tens of residential buildings were destroyed upon the people, causing the death of 12 civilians, among them children, women and elders – wounding tens.

The Syrian Coalition along with its partner the Kurdish National Council bear the responsibility of the results of these inhuman actions for breaching the truce and cessation of hostilities, for these battalions and factions officially belong to them.

We hereby, demand the Security Council, the United States of America and the Russian Federation to take an immediate action to end these violations committed by the Syrian Coalition and its partner the Kurdish National Council.

General Command of the People Defense Units (YPG) | March 7, 2016

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