UN Security Council’s Silence Over Terrorist Acts Encourages Terrorists

22 February، 2016
Damascus, SANA

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Monday sent two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and the head of the Security Council on the terrorist bombings that targeted al-Sayyida Zeinab town in Damascus Countryside on Sunday.

In the letters, the Ministry said that on Sunday February 21st 2016, ISIS terrorists detonated a Toyota rigged with large amounts of highly-explosives materials in a crowded marketplace in al-Sayyida Zeinab town, and this was followed by two bombings, one using a cooking gas cylinder and another carried out by a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt as civilians gathered to help the people injured in the first bombing.

The Ministry said the three bombings resulted in the death of 83 civilians and injured hundreds, most of them women, children, and elderly people, some of whom are lying in hospitals in critical conditions, adding that the attacks also caused severe material damages to properties and infrastructure in the area.

The letters noted that these attacks came after a few hours of the twin terrorist bombings that targeted al-Zahra’a residential neighborhood in Homs city, claiming the lives of more than 46 civilians and injuring more than 110 people, most of whom are in critical condition.

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The Ministry said that the Security Council’s continuing silence and its lack of condemnation of terrorist acts encourages terrorists and their supporters and funders to continue committing terrorist acts, and it encourages ISIS and its sponsors – particularly the Turkish and Saudi regimes – to continue committing massacres against the Syrian people, adding that this silence also encourages terrorist groups outside Syria that are carrying out attacks in other states in the region and the world.

Successive Terrorist Bombings Claim 83 Lives in al-Sayyida Zeinab

The letters said the Syrian Arab Republic government demands that the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General condemn these terrorist crimes immediately and sternly, in addition to demanding that the Security Council take immediate deterrent and punitive measures against the states that support and fund terrorism, particularly Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The Ministry stressed that the Security Council must prevent the aforementioned states’ regimes and others from continuing to support terrorism and tampering with international peace and security, and that it must compel them to comply with relevant Security Council resolutions.

The Ministry concluded by hoping that the letters will be issued as an official Security Council document.

Hazem Sabbagh

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Comments by the Information and Press Department on terrorist attacks in Syria

A new series of major attacks took place in Syria on February 21. Particularly, a triple attack involving a car bombing and two suicide bombers was carried out in the southern suburbs of Damascus, a district home to Shiites, while two car bombs exploded in Homs. According to media reports, more than 130 people died and about 300 were injured. Children, women and the elderly were among the victims. ISIS claimed responsibility for these acts.

Moscow strongly condemns these brutal terrorist attacks. We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased and wish those who were injured a speedy recovery.

We are convinced that such abhorrent criminal acts require a principled reaction from the international community. It is important to prevent attempts by ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups to exacerbate the situation in Syria and around it by further inciting sectarian strife.

The extremists’ atrocious crimes are aimed at scaring civilians, undermining attempts to achieve a long-term settlement of the Syrian crisis in the interests of all Syrians, and efforts to stop violence and bloodshed.

Wide condemnation of terrorist bombings in Homs and Damascus Countryside
22 February، 2016
Damascus, SANA

The two brutal terrorist bombings in Homs and Damascus countryside on Sunday brought a wide condemnations from different countries and figures around the world.


Russian MFA condemns and urges the international community to properly respond

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry vehemently condemned the terrorist attacks that hit Homs and Damascus countryside and urged the international community to properly respond to these attacks.

“Moscow strongly condemns the inhumane attacks of terrorists. We are offering our sincere condolences to the families of the dead and are wishing the soonest recovery to the injured. We are confident that such disgusting and criminal acts require an appropriate principled reaction of the international community,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Earlier, on Sunday Some 83 people were killed while 178 were injured in three terrorist bombings hit al-Sayyida Zeinab town,in Damascus countryside, while 39 others were killed and tens injured in twin terrorist car bomb attacks in Homs which ISIS claimed responsibility.

“It is important to thwart attempts of the attempts of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups to escalate tensions inside and around Syria by further instigation of inter-confessional feud,” the Ministry added said.

“The cruel crimes of the extremists aim at intimidating the civilian population and undermining attempts to achieve lasting political settlement of the Syria crisis in the interests of all Syrians and efforts to stop violence and bloodshed,” the Ministry stated.


Terrorist bombings in Syria target innocent people and political solution

In Tehran, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hussain Jaberi Ansari vehemently condemned the terrorist bombings that rocked Homs city and al-Sayyida Zeinab Sunday, claiming lives of dozens.

In a press conference held Monday, Jaberi Ansari said that these terrorist atrocities target the innocent and seek to foil any political process that serve the Syrian people, stressing that the terrorist organizations do not need a political solution to the crisis in Syria but rather they work on igniting the situation every time a political solution looms.

He clarified that the success of the political process in Syria requires the firm and serious confrontation of terrorism and the elimination of terrorists because they do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria.

New York

UN envoy strongly condemns bombings in Damascus and Homs

Meanwhile, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura has strongly condemned bombings in two Syrian cities on Sunday that resulted in more than 100 people killed or injured, including children.

In a statement attributable to his spokesperson, the UN envoy, de Mistura, condemned “yet another set of car bomb and suicide explosions in Damascus and Homs cities which killed and injured today over 100 people, including children.”

De Mistura said in the statement that ISIS claimed responsibility for the “terrorist acts.”

United States

US condemns terrorist attacks in Homs and Damascus Countryside

The US State Department strongly condemned the barbaric terrorist attacks which took place in Damascus and Homs in Syria on Sunday, wishing a speedy recovery to the wounded and expressing condolences over the victims.

The US Deputy Department Spokesperson Mark C. Toner said in a statement on Monday that “ISIS terrorism has targeted innocent people from around the world: from Damascus and Baghdad to Paris, Brussels, and Ankara. It will take a united and global effort to destroy this terrorist organization.”


Czech Foreign Ministry condemns terrorist bombings in Homs and Damascus Countryside

The Czech Foreign Ministry condemned the terrorist bombings which took place on Sunday in al-Sayyida Zeinab town in Damascus Countryside and in Homs city.

The ministry expressed in a statement via twitter on Monday its deep condolences to the martyrs’ families.

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