UN Security Council Members Fail to Agree on Russia’s Draft Resolution on Syria

SC President, Rafael Dario Ramirez Carreño (Venezuela) on Syria – Security Council Media Stakeout (19 February 2016)

The Russian permanent mission at the UN announced on Friday that it presented a draft resolution to the members of the UN Security Council on Turkey’s actions that undermine Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

No agreement reached about Russia’s draft resolution on Turkey’s measures hindering sovereignty of Syria
19 February، 2016
New York/Moscow, SANA

President of UN Security Council, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the UN, Rafael Ramirez, said that no agreement has been reached regarding the draft resolution submitted by Russia to the Security Council members on Turkey’s measures that hinder the Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ramirez, at a press conference following a UNSC meeting, pointed out that the draft resolution presented by Russian was discussed and all the states explained their stances, adding that the remarks will be received next Monday.

“From my national perspective, Venezuela is concerned over the situation on the Syrian-Turkish borders and we have received information that there are warnings related to the escalations in the crisis in Syria,” the Venezuelan Diplomat said, calling on all sides “to adhere to Munich Agreement.”

Ramirez added that his country believes that the sole solution to the crisis in Syria should be political and diplomatic, stressing the need for respecting the UN Charter, particularly respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Senior Diplomat pointed out that he will call for an emergency session for the UNSC in case Saudi Arabia and Turkey send ground forces to Syria.

Earlier, the Russian permanent mission at the UN announced on Friday that it presented a draft resolution to the members of the UN Security Council on Turkey’s actions that undermine Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to a statement issued by the mission, the Russian draft resolution should be discussed during a closed Security Council session later on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced on Friday that a draft resolution will include demands to end any actions that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria that are at odds with UN Security Council resolution 2254.

In a statement, Zakharova said that a UN Security Council meeting is to be called at Russia’s request on Friday to discuss Turkey’s actions in the region which are threatening Syrian sovereignty as well as the exerted efforts to launch the peace process in Syria.

The statement pointed out that Russia is worried over the crossing of the ISIS’ terrorists to the Syrian territories and creating terrorist bases there and the Turkish plans to send its troops to northern Syria.

News reports indicated that at least 500 terrorists have crossed the Syrian-Turkish borders to Aleppo northern countryside which coincided with a Turkish artillery bombardment inside Syria on Thursday.

It undercuts efforts to launch a political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic, she added.

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S/RES/2254 (2015) 18 December 2015 Middle East (Syria)
S/RES/2253 (2015) 17 December 2015 Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts


Syria regrets Western countries’ stance against preventing an act of aggression
20 February، 2016
Damascus, SANA

Syria regretted that the representatives of Western countries in the UN Security Council took a stand against the Russia-proposed draft resolution demanding that Turkey and other countries refrain from committing what would be an act of aggression against Syria.

The regret was voiced by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal al- Mikdad in his reply to a question posed by SANA reporter.

Mikdad was referring to plans to start foreign ground intervention into Syrian territory.

The Russian draft resolution, he noted, asked Turkey and other countries not to commit such a “folly” and to fully respect Syria’s sovereignty, in addition to demanding an immediate cessation of shelling and incursions across the borders and abandoning all plans of foreign ground intervention in the Syrian territories or providing assistance in that regard.

Turkey and other countries, he added, were also required in the draft resolution to respect the resolutions of the UN Security Council regarding counterterrorism. The resolution also demanded that all countries must prevent and stop the flow of terrorists and the illegal transfer of arms and relevant equipment into Syria.

“We are not surprised by this attitude of the Western countries that have been conspiring against Syria and provided all forms of support to the terrorists,” said Mikdad.

He added that those countries have evaded their responsibilities in respecting the Security Council’s resolutions on combating terrorism, including resolution no. 2253, which has led to prolonging the crisis in Syria and spreading terrorism in the region and the world.

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