Al-Laham Stresses Need to Take a Clear Stance Against Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

18 February، 2016
Tirana, SANA

People’s Assembly Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham stressed that the challenges that the Mediterranean countries witness would not have happened without the wrong policies practiced by some Western and regional powers against a number of countries in the region, calling for legislative establishments and European governments to reconsider their wrong policies and stand by the Syrian and Iraqi governments in confronting terrorism and extremism.

In a speech during the opening of the meetings of the 10th general session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean in the Albanian capital Tirana on Thursday, al-Laham emphasized that there is no place for hesitation in confronting cross-border international terrorism, calling for taking a clear position towards Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia which waged proxy wars against Syria.

Al-Laham added that the real goal of some countries which as they announced are preparing for a land military intervention in Syria is to support the defeated terrorist organizations in confronting the Syrian Arab Army which is achieving great victories against terrorists in Aleppo, Daraa, Lattakia, Homs and Deir Ezzor
The Speaker warned that any foolish act by Saudi Arabia and the Turkish government by land military intervention without coordinating with Syria would open the gates of hell on these countries and the region, calling on the wise persons in the world to play their roles in curbing any recklessness of this kind.

Al-Laham stressed that those who hinder the political solution in Syria are the western and regional regimes which control the Syrian oppositions abroad and this seemed clear through Geneva meetings and the most recently Geneva 3, pointing out that these regimes want to impose preconditions on any talks under false humanitarian slogans which lead to undermining any efforts for the solution.

Al-Laham pointed out that the Syrian government provides 80 % of aid to the displaced Syrians inside the country and is always working to deliver aid to citizens besieged in the areas where the armed terrorist organizations are active whenever it had an opportunity.

Al-Laham said that the Syrian government has always tried to spare civilians the consequences of the confrontation with terrorism through opening the door of reconciliations and getting militants out from civilians’ areas to other areas as what happened in al-Waer neighborhood in Homs and the towns of Zabadani, Kefraya and al-Foua, and al-Qadam and al-Yarmouk areas, adding that Syria is open to any proposal that contributes to sparing civilians from the conflict.
Al-Laham said that the waves of immigration that some European countries witnessed from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa, since the beginning of 2015 is one of the appearances which were produced by the extended terrorism and the spread of chaos and destruction.

Al-Laham said that protecting civilians, promoting human rights, protecting heritage and the dialogue of civilizations depend on confronting extremist ideology of the Terrorist organizations.
Al-Laham expressed hope that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean would play an active role and use the parliamentary diplomacy to mobilize international efforts against terrorism and support the Syrian- Russian military cooperation and coordination with the Syrian and Iraqi governments in field operations against the terrorist groups since this is the only way to eliminate terrorism.

The meetings are attended by speakers of parliaments and delegations from the countries of the Mediterranean in addition to a number of regional and international parliamentary organizations.

Qabas/ Manal