Syrian Ambassador to Russia Accuses US of Airstrike on Hospital in Idleb

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad on Monday accused the United States of striking a hospital in Syria’s Idlib province supported by the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) aid agency.

Sputnik – Middle East

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — MSF said the hospital in the northwestern Syrian city of Maarat Numan, in the Idlib province, was hit by four rockets on Monday morning. It did not say which of the parties was suspected to be behind the attack. However, later in the day, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu accused Russia of the attack.

“Actually, US Air Force have destroyed it, and Russia Aerospace Forces have no connection to it. Intelligence information proves it,” Haddad said in an interview with Rossiya 24 television.

He added that the statements accusing Moscow were part of information warfare.

Russia commenced an anti-terrorist aerial campaign in Syria, on September 30, following a request from Damascus, however, a US-led coalition has been bombing Daesh positions in Syria without the approval of the UN Security Council or Syrian authorities.

Ambassador Haddad: Saudi, Turkish regimes want to rescue ISIS
15 February، 2016
Moscow, SANA

Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad said on Monday that the Turkish and Saudi regimes’ aim of their land operations, they talk about, is to rescue the terrorist organization of the Islamic State (ISIS).

“Turkey facilities the crossing of hundreds of terrorists and gunmen through its territories into Syria while Saudi Arabia doesn’t stop talking about the change of regime in Syria,” Haddad told Russia 24 channel in an interview.

In a relevant context, Haddad held the US-led international coalition responsible for shelling a hospital for “Doctors without borders” organization in the Syrian city of Idleb.

He pointed out to “intelligence information” which proves that the warplanes of the US coalition have raided the Hospital, adding this incident has no relation to the Russian air forces.