Family of Hannibal Gaddafi Warn of $200 Million Bribe Between GNC and Lebanon, Demand Syrian Government Intervention

Jamahiriya News Agency

The family of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, issued a statement addressed to the international community, humanitarian and human rights organizations, asking that they not stand idly by while Hannibal Gaddafi remains illegally detained in Lebanon on charges related to the disappearance of Musa Sadr and his companions, of which Hannibal could hardly be considered a witness or participant, being only two years old at the time.

The Gaddafi family explained that behind the bogus charges Lebanon is using to justify Hannibal’s continued detention, is a heinous plot to extradite him to a militia-run detention facility in Tripoli in exchange for $200 million, stolen from the Libyan people.

The family appealed to the Syrian government, asking that they fulfill their obligation to take all necessary measures to ensure the safe return of Hannibal, who was an official guest of the Syrian state, under their protection when he was abducted on Syrian territory.

The family holds the Lebanese government responsible for the unlawful abduction, torture and imprisonment of Hannibal and condemns the sectarian and political motivations behind their actions. They warn that no Lebanese official is above the law.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Tripoli have collaborated with several countries over the past five years in direct contravention to international law, to extradite members of the former government to Libya in exchange for bribes in the hundreds of millions, including Abdullah Senussi, Baghdadi Mahmoudi, Saadi Gaddafi and Abdullah Mansour.

Forer  Hezbollah MP Hassan Yacoub. The background  shows a portrait of his father Sheikh Mohammed Yacoub (R)  –  with AMAL Movement founder Imam Moussa al-Sadr
Hezbollah MP Hassan Yacoub masterminded the abduction of Hannibal Gaddafi. The background shows a portrait of his father Sheikh Mohammed Yacoub (R) – with AMAL Movement founder Imam Moussa al-Sadr

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