PFLP Condemns Recent Cooperation Between the Greek Government and the Zionist State

-The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine expressed its rejection of the recent closeness between the Zionist state and the Greek government, which was elected to represent a left and socialist mandatee yet has repeatedly retreated from its prior expressed positions without justification, on matters critical to the people of Greece, of Palestine, and of the world.

The Front noted that it has informed members of the Syriza coalition of its position. In addition, comrade Leila Khaled during her visit to the European Parliament, expressed her concerns and rejection of such agreements at a time when there is a growing international isolation and a growing popular campaign for the international boycott of the Zionist state.

The Front called on all leftist and democratic forces in Greece to confront this growing cooperation between Greece and the occupation state, noting that it is fully confident in the overwhelming popular solidarity of the Greek people with the Palestinian people. This historic and solid popular solidarity is not shaken by any such agreements between the Greek government and the racist state.

The PFLP also noted that it strongly condemns the growing military and economic cooperation between Turkey and the occupation state, as well as condemning Greek official positions that do not reflect the reality and sentiments of the Greek people and the historical position of the cause of the Palestinian people.