Shaaban: Diplomatic Efforts Cannot Succeed While Countries Continue to Support Terrorist Organizations

9 February، 2016
Damascus, SANA

Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said that combating terrorism and realizing stability in the region are the basic criterion for those who want to have a solution to the crisis in Syria.

“The sides which talk about cease-fire and humanitarian aid don’t want to combat terrorism or realize stability in the Middle East, but they want to divide the states,” Shaaban told al-Alam TV in an interview broadcasted on Tuesday.

She added that the international community, which has adopted resolution No.2253 under Chapter VII, didn’t practice any pressure on Turkey and regional states which fund terrorism and send terrorists to Syria.

“Geneva has proven that the states and oppositions affiliated to them couldn’t be one team work, and they don’t want a political solution, on the contrary, they bet on the success of their schemes,” Shaaban said.

She saw that there can be more rapprochement in the Russian-US stance to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria in light of the victories of the Syrian Arab army and its allies in the battlefield.

On reports about Saudi forces to be dispatched to Syria, Shaaban affirmed that this speech is to raise the morale of terrorists and delude people that they possess force while they forget the huge volume of destruction they have caused in Yemen.

She referred to the distinguished relations between Syria and Iran, saying that both countries have recognized the real conspiracy against Syria, pointing out to the strong relation with Russia which respects the international law and the choices of people.

Shaaban, in a similar interview with Reuters, affirmed that diplomatic efforts to overcome terrorism in Syria would not be successful as long as there are still countries which offer all forms of support to the terrorist organizations in the region.

“If there was a real international will to put an end to terrorism in Syria, we could see that happened many years ago, but the countries which support terrorism didn’t take a decision to stop their support, so we don’t see a success in the diplomatic efforts,” Shaaban said.

She added that the aim of the army’s advances is liberating cities and village seized by terrorists for nearly three years and controlling our borders with Turkey because it is the main source of terrorists, so controlling borders with Turkey in light of resolution 2253 is important to defeat terrorism in the country.

Shaaban added that Turkey exploits the issue of immigrants and blackmails the European countries to get money and have a membership in the EU when it claims that it is part of the solution, affirming that the solution to the issue of refugees lies in the restoration of security and stability to Syria.

Mazen Eyon