Who Created ISIS and Why?

Ghali Hassan

Western commentators, military officials, “experts”, and even some politicians have argued that the “rise” of ISIS or DAESH is a direct consequence of the 2003 U.S.-Britain criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq. If this is true, then it follows that ISIS is an anti-Western and anti-Zionist movement. It is not. ISIS is a U.S.-Israel proxy terror network, intentionally created as a convenient tool for the perpetuation of terror to serve and advance Anglo-Zionist interests.

Although it is not a “State”, ISIS is known in the West as the “Islamic State” to associate Western terrorism with Islam. ISIS is not a “state” and it is not here to stay, as it is suggested by the Western political and media establishments. ISIS is a foreign terror network created, trained, armed and financed by the U.S. and U.S. minion allies as a tool to fragment and destabilise the region. According to widely-circulated and credible press reports, the U.S., Britain, France – the “spearheads” of supporting terrorism –, Israel and Turkey were the first to interfere in the domestic affairs of Syria in support of the terrorists attack in 2011. The Gulf regimes (the U.S. vassals) of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan play important roles in arming and financing ISIS terrorists. “Probably the most convincing confirmation of U.S. complicity with its terrorist ‘enemy’ has been the admissions from several senior officials that their main regional allies have financed ISIS. Those officials include the U.S. Vice-President [Joe Biden], the head of the U.S. Armed Forces [General Martin Dempsey] and the Chair of the U.S Armed Forces Committee [Senator Lindsey Graham],” writes Dr Tim Anderson of the University of Sydney (Tim Anderson, 2015). Furthermore, the testimony of Lt General Michael Flynn of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) said publicly that the U.S. enlisted the terror brigades (ISIS) as proxies to topple the Syrian Government on behalf of Washington. “It was a willful Washington decision”, said the former Lt. General.

What those same officials did not admit is that the Americans (U.S. Special Forces) are training ISIS terrorists in camps in Jordan, and that the U.S. has been covertly supporting a number of terrorist groups in Syria since at least 2012 (LA Times, June 21, 2013). The terror war on Syria has killed 250,000 Syrians (the majority were civilians and soldiers) and displaced more than 9 million Syrians. The U.S. and its allies seem oblivious and remain largely silence on ISIS atrocities, instead blaming the Syrian Government of President al-Assad. The U.S. and its allies had a great opportunity to destroy ISIS if they wanted. “[W]hen ISIS emerged as a military power and crossed into Iraq from Syria, the U.S. did nothing to stop it. And when it moved its convoys to occupy the city of Mosul [in broad daylight], then descending south to occupy the city of Baiji that houses Iraq’s largest oil refinery, the U.S. and vassals just reported the news. And when ISIS occupied Tikrit and Ramadi, the only reaction coming from the US and regional supporters was to portray the American-trained Iraqi army as inept. And when ISIS was almost on the gates of Baghdad, the US and company just spoke of its imminent fall”. (Peterson & Sabri, Dissident Voice, 17/01/2015). The wanton destructions of Syrian and Iraqi cultural heritages and civilian infrastructures were barbaric crimes against humanity.

The dirty war of terror against Syria goes back to the 2003 U.S.-Britain criminal invasion of Iraq. As the U.S. and its minion allies began the murderous occupation and wanton destruction of Iraq, they turned their attention to Syria. A long campaign of assassinations and incitement to violence – to undermine and destabilise the Syrian Government – was initiated by the U.S. embassy in Damascus in coordination with the Israeli secret service (the Mossad). Despite Syria’s cooperation with U.S. demands, President George W. Bush and his Zionist handlers threatened to attack Syria and destroy the Syrian society on behalf of the fascist regime in Tel Aviv.

In 2011, the U.S. and its minion allies, including the Arab dictators, imposed unilateral sanctions against the legitimate Syrian Government that are rightly called a declaration of economic war against the Syrian people. However, the U.S. and its allies refused to impose the same sanctions against ISIS terrorists and the regimes that support ISIS terrorists. Instead, in early 2013, the EU eased restrictions on the imports of Syrian crude oil from ISIS held territories in order to bolster their finances and terror capabilities.

From the outset, the U.S. and its allies began providing ISIS terrorists with training, weapons and cash to fuel a war of terror on the Syrian people and the Syrian State. In addition, the Zionist-controlled mainstream media, the propaganda arm of the U.S.-sponsored terrorism, have been providing ISIS terrorists with free-to-air and sympathetic propaganda, exaggerating ISIS strength, celebrating ISIS crimes and demonising the Syrian Government and President Bashar al-Assad in particular. Globally, the Zionist-controlled media prepared, assisted, and willingly participated in the cover-up of ISIS war crimes that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and unimaginable misery.

As a case in point, let’s look at Australia, a member of the U.S.-led coalition (supposedly fighting ISIS terrorists) and the most belligerent, and anti-Syria of all U.S. vassals. According to Waleed Aly, a columnist with The Age tabloid in Melbourne: the “Islamic State is being damaged by the U.S.-led bombing campaign but civilians under the [terrorists] regime are finding it less fearsome than the alternatives.” Note Aly’s rubbish, the terrorists are “being damaged by U.S.-led campaign”, really? And Iraqis in Mosul prefer to live under ISIS terror than “the alternatives”. Aly describes the terrorists as a “State” of “fiscal conservatives”. ISIS is not a state and never will be; it is a U.S.-Israel proxy terror network. The entire Aly’s article is nothing more and nothing less than dirty rubbish designed to mislead the reader. Being “de-radicalised” (a.k.a. assimilated) native informant, Aly got to where he is. He is the perfect “multiculturalism” PR for a whites-dominated society that breaths racism. He has a role to play in exclusively white and Zionist-controlled media, one of the world’s most concentrated and anti-Muslim propaganda organs. Aly is also a lecturer in Political Science at the right-wing Monash (University) think-tank, and you do not have to guess what kind of rubbish Aly is “lecturing” the young students.

In addition, a racist smear campaign by the Zionist-controlled media against refugees and immigrants is a means not only to incite a racist hysteria, but also to overcome any protest against the war on Syria and other parts of the Middle East. It is a fact that politicians and the media cannot wage war of aggression without resorting to racism. We all know what happened when the Nazis began a campaign of stigmatising and demonizing minorities (Roma people, Serbs and Jews) Poles and Russians.

Furthermore, the U.S.-backed despotic regimes in the region, including, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain Kuwait, the UAE, Israel, Jordan and Turkey continue to provide the terrorists with endless supplies of heavy weapons, money and training in terrorism under the tutelage of U.S. and Israeli military intelligence. Even the New York Times, the Anglo-Zionist mouthpiece, has acknowledged in 2013 the role of the C.I.A. (U.S.), Arab governments, and Turkey in supplying the terrorists with weapons and military aid. Turkey is deeply involved in the war on Syria and continues to provide the terrorists with strongholds along the Syrian-Turkish border and “serious reinforcements”. Indeed, Turkey’s aggressive attack on Russia – downing a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 fighter jet and killing one of its pilots in Syrian territory – is indicative of the regime link to the terroristsThe despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia and its neighbouring Sheikhdoms (the inventions of the Anglo-Zionist) have become nothing more, and nothing less, than an Anglo-Zionist tool.

Saudi Arabia, the new Israel, is not shy of collaborating with the Zionist regime in its war against the people of Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria and Yemen. Saudi’s extremist ideology is Israel-Zionist ideology, which is to weaken and control its neighbours. In Yemen, the brutal Saudi regime is committing war crimes (deliberately attacking innocent civilians and destroying vital civilians infrastructures, including schools and health care centres) in broad daylight and backed by the U.S. and its allies. According to United Nations figures, more than 8000 Yemenis have been killed. A recent report by UNICEF reveals that more than 537,000 children facing malnutrition, imminent famine and death. More than 500,000 Yemeni children are on the verge of starvation enforced by the Saudi regime. The Saudi aggression against the people of Yemen is supported by daily deliveries of U.S., British, French and Israeli weapons and ammunition, including cluster bombs and on the ground military advisors in flagrant violation of international law.

Moreover, Western politicians and the Zionist-controlled media love Saudi Arabia, but they hate Islam and Muslims even more. Saudi Arabia distorts the true teaching and image of Islam as a way of life. It is used by the West (Western politicians and the media) not only to serve their Anglo-Zionist interests, but also as an example to demonise Islam, Arabs and Muslims in general, because people (Westerners in particular) see Muslims and Arabs, in particular, through Saudi Arabia’s extremism. It is not Islam; it is Saudis’ own making. But isn’t it ironic that, Saudi Arabia – with Western collusions – was “elected” chair of the UN Human Rights Council. It is evident that, “democracy” and “human rights” in the West are empty words regurgitated to manipulate the public. The U.S. and its Western allies love murderous dictators and fascist regimes. Throughout history, the U.S. stood “shoulder to shoulder” with the world’s most vicious dictators and fascist regimes. Israel and Saudi Arabia are just cases in point.

The Turkish and the Israeli regimes – the Arabs’ arch enemies – are not only supplying ISIS terrorists with the latest weapons, they are also helping facilitate ISIS illegal trades in oil and human trafficking to finance ISIS terror. Turkey has become making the main free transit hub for terrorists and weapons passing into Syria. Once the crude oil reach ports in Turkey, it is then shipped to ports In Israel, where it’s ultimately smuggled to Europe. Turkey’s tyrant Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (in liaison with President Obama) has appointed himself the Commander-in-Chief and trade partner of ISIS terrorists and he has said that he is proud of his new role.

It is well-documented that ISIS terrorists are a collection of foreign mercenaries, ex-prisoners and criminals recruited from around the world. It is estimated that they come from more than 80 countries. The majority of them are from West Europe, Australia, Turkey, the Gulf Sheikhdoms, Central Asia and some post-Soviet Republics. In other words, ISIS is “a multinational enterprise created, trained, armed and financed by the U.S. and its allies to terrorise the people of both Syria and Iraq according to predefined objectives”. Therefore, there is nothing “civil” about the war on Syria. It is a conspiracy manufactured by the Anglo-Zionists in Washington, Tel Aviv, London and Paris years before the 2011 foreign-sponsored unrest. The U.S., Israel and Britain had planned covert action in Syria as early as 2009. Indeed, top British officials have admitted in early 2009 that they were training and preparing foreign terrorists to invade Syria. As always, it was in collaboration with the U.S., Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The terrorists are used by the U.S. and its allies as foot soldiers “to wreak havoc, create internal conflicts and destabilise sovereign countries”. In other words, the people of the region must suffer under conditions of violence and warfare that will benefit the U.S., Israel and Britain using proxy terrorist depicted as “Islamists”. Over the past five years, close to 90 percent of ISIS victims have been Muslims. The terrorists have destroyed three modern Muslim-majority nations, including Libya, Iraq and Syria. It is a testament to who ISIS enemies are.

For decades, ISIS terrorists (a transformation of the U.S. proxy army of al-Qaeda) were used in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in the former Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, just to mention a few nations that have been ruined by the U.S.-led criminal war of terror. Since at least 2003, the entire region and the people of the Middle East have been living under a U.S.-led reign of terror. Whether they are Syrians, Yemenis or Iraqis, innocent civilians are being indiscriminately targeted and slaughtered en masse. Foreign terrorists, mercenaries and U.S. proxy armies (Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia) are used as a convenient tool. Terrorism is an established Western policy to destabilize nations and justify war. In fact, most Western governments are not against terrorism.

To the contrary, Western governments thrive on terrorism and terrorists thrive on foreign support. The ruling elites (world-wide) can do anything – wage wars and crackdown on freedoms and civil liberties – in the name of fighting terrorism without the slightest of “dissent” or civil resistance. For example, France is under a permanent state of emergency that deprives the French people of their fundamental social and democratic rights guaranteed to them by the French Constitution.

Of course, the people (Westerners in particular) are constantly misled and manipulated by a U.S.-created myth that there are “moderate rebels” (opposition) longing for Western-like “freedom” and “democracy”. There is no such thing as “moderate”. The open collaboration between several terrorist groups against the State of Syria doesn’t make some of them “moderate”. The U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia created an “opposition”, mostly wealthy expatriates living outside Syria and allied with terrorists. It is a trick to conceal Western collusion with the terrorists. In 2012, a report (Levant Report) by the DIA found that there were hardly any so-called “moderate rebels” in Syria, but only “extremists” (ISIS terrorists and their affiliates) fighting – with the U.S. and its allies – against the Syrian State. It is a fact the Zionist-controlled mainstream Media have often ignored. The report reveals: “The Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [al-Qaeda] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria”. The report states that “Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey”, without mentioning Israel, are supporting ISIS terror to take control of eastern Syria and establishing a declared principality in order to divide Syria and isolate the Syrian Government. Moreover, a U.S. Congressional Research Service Report (CRS) on Syria published on 09 October 2015, found that: (1) the war on Syria is between Western-sponsored terrorists and an independent secular government, not Sunnis and Shiites as propagated by the Zionist-controlled media. In fact, the war on Syria has nothing to do with religion; (2) the Syrian “rebel opposition” is dominated by ISIS terrorists and is allied with foreign enemies of Syria; (3) the “opposition coalitions appear to lack … grass roots support” in Syria; (4) there is no “moderate” opposition. The U.S. is still to create one to act as its proxy; (5) the U.S. is arming sectarian terrorists indirectly and “possibly” directly and covertly; and (6) Washington wants to contain ISIS, but not to eliminate it, in order to use it against the Syrian Government and the Iraqi Government. Hence, ISIS is not only an Anglo-Zionist tool; it is also a pretext to destabilise and divide the region.

As a U.S-Israel proxy terror network (Chicago Post, 06 November 2015), ISIS is a very convenient tool and it is used: (1) as an all-purpose pretext to justify the invasions of independent nations by the U.S. and its allies “without a declaration of war”, the latest U.S.-led aggression on Syria is a good example; (2) to instil fear at home and justify the expansion of intrusive surveillance and crackdown on civil liberties; and (3) to demonise Muslims and Islam, fuelled Islamophobia and justify Western racism and attacks on Muslims. In other word, by associating terrorism with Islam, it justifies the West’s notion of absolute cultural and moral superiority. It follows, there is no “clash of Civilisation”. Muslims are not at war with the West. It is an Anglo-Zionist war to advance Israel’s fascist ideology to dominate the region by violence.

Since the U.S.-led coalition (60 nations many of whom support ISIS terrorists and in cahoots with the Israeli regime) began bombing Syria and Iraq in August 2014, ISIS terrorists have gone from strength to strength, expanding its territory and threatened the security of both Syria and Iraq. The bombardment of Syria by the so-called “anti-ISIS coalition” is without the consent of the Syrian Government and without UN Security Council approval and therefore it is in flagrant violation of international law on daily basis.

In Iraq, ISIS terrorists are in control of Iraq’s second largest City, Mosul. The surrender of Mosul to ISIS terrorists was part of the Anglo-Zionist plan – for many years – to facilitate the division of Iraq along sectarian-ethnic lines. More on this plan below. The U.S.-led so-called “war on ISIS” has been deliberately ineffective. According to Corinne Lestch of the New York Daily News, analysis by IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre’s database, show ISIS attacks and crimes in Iraq increased in the months after U.S. airstrikes began.

The ongoing bombing of Iraq by the Anglo-Zionist coalition is not to defeat ISIS. It is designed to complete the destruction and division of Iraq using ISIS terrorists as a pretext. On the ground, ISIS terrorists continue the same barbaric war under the occupation by specifically targeting Iraqi professionals, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, public officials and journalists. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians are killed every month by the U.S.-Israel proxy terrorists. According to a recent report (Report on the Protection of Civilians in the Armed Conflict in Iraq) by two UN agencies, at least at least 18,802 civilians killed and another 36,245 wounded between January 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015. Most of the civilian deaths attributed to U.S. airstrikes on Iraq and U.S. proxy terrorists. Another 3,206,736 Iraqis are internally displaced, including more than one million children. The study emphasizes that these are conservative estimates. The UN also is careful to note that the number of civilians killed by secondary effects of the violence, such as lack of access to food, water or medical care, is unknown. In many areas of Iraq schools are closed and basic infrastructure is not functioning. The UN failed to hold the U.S. and its allies responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The ongoing violence and terror remain part of the 2003 U.S.-Britain criminal invasion and subsequent occupation of the country. In addition to deliberately destroying Iraq, the U.S. and its allies, including Britain, Israel and the Gulf despotic regimes created ISIS to do the U.S. dirty work.

It is important to remember that, the illegal aggression against Iraq in 2003 reduced one of the most advanced economies in the region to a level of social development comparable to that of the poorest countries in the world. The war caused immeasurable devastation and suffering to the Iraqi people. More than 1.5 million Iraqis, mostly women and children were killed. More than half of Iraqi professionals, including lawyers, doctors, scientists and engineers were killed or forced to flee the country. Some 5-6 million Iraqis were displaced or disappeared. The war cost. The Anglo-Zionist aggression against Iraq, which began in 1990 was the most barbaric war crime in the 20th century, an international supreme crime.

At the meantime, the U.S. is coercing the Iraqi government to agree on a permanent U.S. present (a U.S. colonial dictatorship) in the country.

Indeed, an official in the Iraqi PM (Haidar al-Abadi) office revealed that: “The U.S. delay of its support to Baghdad [against ISIS] was not a coincidence or an unintentional lazy reaction. It was a strategic decision, (1) to teach Iraq a lesson for rejecting U.S military bases, (2) to observe the Iranian military capability and inability of Tehran to use air power and intelligence gathering to defeat ISIS, and (3) to submit Baghdad to its will and dictate its conditions”.

The U.S.-led coalition forces are committing aggression against Syria supposedly to fight ISIS. In reality, they are attacking the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions and destroying vital military and civilian infrastructures. They are committing the same criminal acts in Iraq despite strong opposition by the Iraqis. These attacks are acts of aggression by a U.S.-led military coalition of imperialists. These aggressive attacks designed to provide air-cover for the terrorists to advance their terror and destruction on the grounds.

In Iraq, most Iraqis are convinced that “the U.S. is not sincere in its fight against ISIS terrorists”. ISIS terrorists are not the target. Iraqis are rightly convinced that the U.S. is “in cahoots with the terrorists it claims to be fighting” (Liz Sly, Washington Post – December 01, 2015). The truth is the U.S. is “trying to provide air-cover to ISIS terrorists and prevent the Iraqi Army from making an offensive”, said Iraqi parliamentarian Hakim al-Zamili. Another Iraqi Parliamentarian, Awatif Naima rightly accused U.S. forces of “expanding their heliborne operations in Huweija, Beiji and Sharqat in the Northern parts of Salahuddin province with the goal of assisting the ISIL terrorist group.” U.S.-led warplanes and choppers continue airdrops of weapons, ammunition, food and medical supplies directly to ISIS terrorists. In other words, “fighting” ISIS is a pretext to attack ISIS enemies, Syria and Iraq. If the U.S.-led coalition were really serious about fighting ISIS, they would be working side by side not only with Iraqi Government, but also with the Syrian Government and the SAA, not attacking them and trying to disable them.

It is now clear that, the U.S. and its allies are not “fighting” terrorism; they are on the side of the terrorists. The U.S.-led coalition forces are bombing and destroying Syria’s military and vital civilian assets, they are killing Syrian civilians every day. Their “ineffectiveness” to defeat ISIS terrorists is deliberate and designed to destroy Syria as a state. For instance, Russia provided full disclosure (number of sorties and targets) of its operation in Syria on daily basis. By contrast, the U.S.-led coalition forces “provide no data to corroborate the results of their bombing sorties, fuelling allegations that the U.S. has been deliberately avoiding their targets and returning to base with munitions intact, or dropping their bombs into sand dunes”.

The primary aim is to topple the democratically-elected Syrian Government of President Bashar al-Assad and replace it with a weak client state, the Libya’s model of a failed state. The U.S. and its allies want to see al-Assad suffers the same fate as President Muammar al-Qaddafi in Libya. In flagrant violation of internarial law and UN Charter, attacked and destroyed Libya – Africa’s most prosperous and stable country. They needlessly killed thousands of innocent civilians in the seven-month aggression, culminating in the brutal lynching and murder of the Libyan leader by U.S.-NATO proxy criminals.

Like the Libyan government of President al-Qaddafi, the Syrian Government was targeted in criminal plot sponsored by the U.S. and its minion allies that included the world’s most despotic regimes. They tried all kinds of criminal tactics, including humanitarian blockade to undermine inter-Syrian dialogue to derail any peaceful solution to the war on Syria. The US and its allies say: “We do not negotiate with terrorists”, but they demanded that the terrorists be at the negotiations table at the UN-baked political Geneva talks scheduled for 25 January 2006. The U.S. delayed the talks because Syria and Russia refused to deal with the terrorists. So, the U.S. and its despotic allies are holding the talks to ransom. The U.S. and its allies are saying: “allow our certified terrorists to sit at the table or else.” It is an Anglo-Zionist trick to sabotage any peaceful settlement.

We all know that al-Assad has not threatened any nation. In fact, al-Assad has cooperated with the U.S. in the past. He just happened to be the most popular independent president in Syria and the region. Unlike Western leaders who are selected by the Zionist (Jewish) Lobby and big corporations, al-Assad was the Syrian peoples’ choice. According to the German, Die Propagandaschau, in May 2013, NATO data collected in Syria revealed that 70 percent of the Syrian population stood behind al-Assad and supported al-Assad’s refusal to negotiate with the terrorists. The so-called “popular uprising” against al-Assad was an armed insurrection engineered in Washington and Tel Aviv.

After nearly five years of resistance against Anglo-Zionist powers and their proxy terrorists, al-Assad had no choice but to call on the Russian Federations for assistance. Unlike the illegal bombardment of Syria by U.S.-led coalition, Russia’s intervention is legal because Russia was invited by the legitimate Syrian Government to assist Syrian troops in defeating the ISIS terrorists. In an interview with Germany’s Bild-Zeitung on 05 January 2016, President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Russia’s failure in Iraq and Libya. “We have failed to assert our national interests, while we should have done that from the outset. Then the whole world could have been more balanced.” While it is too late for the millions of innocent Iraqis and Libyans murdered by the U.S. forces and U.S. proxy armies, Putin does not want another ruined and failed state in Syria. Moreover, Putin knows that ISIS terrorists pose very serious threat to Russia and responded courageously to al-Assad’s call. Russian forces in Syria are not only fighting for Syria, but they are first and foremost fighting for Russia. (For more on the threat of terrorism to Russia, see Maram Susil, NEO, 20/10/2015). The U.S. and its allies have made it clear about their intention of using ISIS terrorists in Russia, and even in China to foment unrest. Hence, the war on Syria is an Anglo-Zionist war against Russia and her allies.

In fact, ISIS terrorists and their affiliates have already declared war on Russia. After all, Russians were the victims of recent ISIS heinous terrorist bombing of the Russian airliner Airbus 321 over the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. The terrorist act that took the lives of 224 innocent Russian civilians was cowardly described by the British Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond as a “warning shot”, not terrorism. Hammond hoped that the terrorist act would change Russia’s foreign policy in Syria. Can you imagine Hammond calling the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. a “warning shot” that would change U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East? Of course, Russians, know that Hammond is a psychopath disseminating anti-Russia dirty propaganda. It is the kind of propaganda practised by Western politicians and the Zionist-controlled Western media on a daily basis. Terrorism is terrorism no matter who the victims are and who the perpetrators are.

One might wonder why these same nations that pretend to “fight terrorism” have vehemently and violently opposed Russia’s serious war efforts to defeat ISIS terrorists. Indeed, Russia has been unfairly accused of targeting “moderate” terrorists. The U.S. refuses to share information (intelligence) and coordinate with Russia and the SAA against ISIS terrorists. Of course, this is consistent with the U.S. primary aim of using ISIS terrorists against the Syrian and Iraqi governments. Russia’s military operations in support of the Syrian Government have exposed U.S. lies about “fighting ISIS” and its hidden agenda of protecting and using the terrorists as proxy foot soldiers. “Russia’s military intervention at the end of September pulled Syria back from the brink. And it is Russia’s air power, along with the ground forces of the SAA, Lebanese and Iraqi Resistance fighters and [possibly] Iranian militia that is now forcing the terrorists to capitulate. Hence, the rapid ending of so many “besieged towns and villages, and the freeing of Syrian civilians (Finian Cunningham, Sputnik, 11 January 2016). In other words, the terrorists as groups are on the retreat leaving behind them only devastation. Families are returning home to begin the task of rebuilding their homes.

“The whole notion of the West backing so-called moderate rebels while being opposed to the Islamic State [ISIS] brigades is just a preposterous charade furnished in part by the Zionist-controlled Western media. All these [terror] groups are working as mercenary proxy armies for the Western objective of regime change”, writes political analyst Randy Martin of crookedbough.com. “Russia has exposed a “giant, sordid criminal enterprise” whereby Western governments are being seen to be in league with regional despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. More damningly, Western governments are also shown to be colluding with some of the most barbaric terror groups known in modern times” like ISIS and al-Nusra, writes Cunningham. Furthermore, Russia’s intervention has uncovered the U.S. and U.S. allies roles in arming and financing the various terrorist groups.

Only the SAA supported by the Russian air force in Syria and the Iraqi armed forces supported by Iran are fighting and defeating ISIS terrorists. The U.S. coalition of 65 nations is more an ISIS air force than an anti-ISIS coalition. It is evident that the U.S. is playing a “double game” to continue the U.S.-led criminal “war on terror”. The idea that, the U.S.-led coalition is fighting terrorism is naïve. The U.S.-led efforts to convince the public that they are fighting ISIS terrorists is nothing more than a cover-up of their complicity in ISIS terror. And so, as long as the people are convinced (conned), the war of terror will continue at home and abroad. The U.S. and its minion allies can count on the Zionist-controlled mainstream media, the U.S.-controlled UN and “human rights” industry front groups, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to demonise those who are fighting ISIS terrorists and wining, notably Syria and Russia.

Take Amnesty International for instance, the West’s beacon of “human rights” and the industry crusader, has become accustomed to spreading false propaganda by distorting facts and promoting war. From its complicity in the U.S.-led murderous aggression against the people of Iraq in 1991 to its criminal role in the U.S.-NATO invasion of Libya, to its efforts to foment political unrest and violence in Eretria, imperialism’s handmaiden has a dirty history of endorsing Anglo-Zionist war crimes. Amnesty has been campaigning against the Syrian Government by spreading false anti-Syria propaganda and by calling on the UN Security Council to impose arms embargo on the Syrian Government, but no such embargo on ISIS terrorists. Moreover, Amnesty has called for Western military invasion of Syria to “protect civilians”, the establishment of “safe havens” and “no-fly zones”. As soon as Russia began attacking ISIS terrorists, Amnesty has tried to orchestrate public campaigns against Russia, and suddenly Syrian civilians become an important issue. Amnesty has just released a mendacious report accusing the Russian authorities of “shamefully concealing” large numbers of civilian deaths caused by Russian air strikes in Syria. The report is based on (mainstream) press reports and eyewitness claims. There were no onsite investigations. There is no mention of ISIS crimes in the report. Amnesty remains silent on U.S. crimes against the Syrian people, including the draconian sanctions imposed by the U.S. and U.S. allies.

If the U.S. and its allies are concerned about “democracy” and “human rights”, why are they supporting and arming the most undemocratic and murderous regimes on the planet? For seven decades, the Israeli regime have been incarcerating and murdering Palestinians, including women and children in broad daylight and with Nazi-like impunity bestowed on by Western governments. The Zionist regime is unconditionally supported and armed by the U.S. and its allies, primarily Britain, Australia, France and Germany in a morally indefensible policy. Some people might try to find answers to questions like: Why have the U.S. and its Western allies been attacking and destroying Muslim-majority nations one after the other? Why are the U.S. and its Western allies always at war in the Middle East?

The true answer to these questions is surprisingly straightforward. Israel is the centrepiece and it is the main reason for the ongoing U.S.-led Anglo-Zionist criminal war in the Middle East. The murderous invasion and occupation of Iraq had nothing to do with the fabricated lie of Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMD). The international supreme crime was planned by the pro-Israel Jewish Lobby and their Gentiles “Neocons” (fascists) in Washington and London. It is the same criminal gang that is pushing for war against Iran for the sake of Israel. In fact, Israel is the only beneficiary of the U.S. war of terror in the Middle East.

As an important note, let us start debunking the Zionist-created myth of the “war for oil”. Zionists and supporters of Israel have always promoted oil as the main reason for U.S. aggression in the Middle East without serious and hard evidence. It is a falsehood designed to deflect attention away from Israel and the influence of the powerful Jewish Lobby on U.S. foreign policy in the region. The U.S. does not need Israel’s terror against the Palestinian people to control the oil in the Middle East. The U.S. has a total control of the oil region through its support for the despotic dictators. Together, they control the flow of oil and oil prices. Furthermore, the Gulf region is littered with large U.S. military bases, including the U.S. Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) and CENTCOM in Qatar and the U.S. Fifth Fleet (C5F) in Bahrain. In addition, Britain and France have built large military bases on the Gulf in recent years. These large military bases are not just to protect the despots, but most importantly to ensure the Anglo-Zionist domination of the region. It is unclear how Israel is serving U.S. interests, and not the other way around. The U.S. is serving Israel-Zionist interests. U.S. policy of blundering the region’s oil, gas and riches is secondary to defending Israel-Zionist interests. Of course, it is in U.S. and Israel interests to have Israel as a destabilising instrument preventing peace and democracy in the region.

In an interview with the French TV station LCP, former France’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Roland Dumas, said: “I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business … I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria. This was in Britain not in America. Britain was preparing gunmen to invade Syria.” The motive behind the violence in Syria, Mr. Dumas said is: “very simple, with a very simple aim – to overthrow the Syrian government because in the region it’s important to understand that the Syrian regime makes anti-Israeli talk.” Mr. Dumas elaborated that one Israeli Prime Minister told him that, Tel Aviv would seek to destroy any country that did not get along with it in the region. It is not just about Israel, it is about the acquisition of country after country across the Middle and Near East, North Africa and then going deeper and deeper South into Africa. This has been planned for decades (youtube.com June 15, 2013). The war on Syria allowed the Israeli regime to sabotage the presence of UN peacekeepers on the Golan Heights and asserts more control over the occupied Syrian territory.

As Rudy Panko accurately observed in Russia-Insider: “In geopolitical terms, the conflict in Syria has been tremendously beneficial for Israel. Already occupying the Syrian Golan, Israel could use the destruction of the Syrian state as a pretext to seek further territorial gains in the Levant (under the guise of national security) … or at the very least, to forever secure its (illegal) claim to the Golan”. Moreover, Israel is using the ongoing chaos (diversion) to kill more Palestinians and confiscate more Palestinian land. The premeditated criminal destruction of Iraq followed by the wanton destruction of Libya and Syria. The U.S. war in the Middle East is a war for Israel. Just take a look at the daily Zionist propaganda demonising Iran and pushing for war on Iran.

Israel has always opposed to Arab’s unity. Iraq and Syria were on U.S.-Israel’s list of fragmentation and destruction. The primary aim of the Zionists is the disintegrations of Iraq and Syria into smaller defenceless states unable to mount any opposition to Israel’s terror. The Zionists consider Iraq’s and Syria’s pro-Palestine and principled positions hostile to Israel’s fascist agenda. After the wanton destruction of Iraq, Syria was the only nation neighbouring Israel that can counter Zionist aggression. For decades, Israeli leaders and Zionists have planned the destruction and divisions of all Arab nations who opposed Israel’s fascist occupation of Arab lands and Israel’s ongoing dehumanisation and genocide of the Palestinian people.

As observed by Dr Anthony Shaker of McGill University in Montreal, Israeli Zionist leaders have been planning for decades to topple every pro-Palestinian (secular) independent government and movement in the region, from Iraq to Syria and to Tunisia, in fulfilment of an original plan, the Zionist “Yinon’s Plan” for the Middle East. The plan dreamed up by Britain and France before World War II calls for the “dissolution” of the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula”.

It was Lebanon’s chaotic fragmentation during the ‘civil’ war that the Plan considered as the ‘precedent’ and model for the rest of the Arab world.

Each country was to be made to “fall apart along sectarian and ethnic lines,” after which each resulting fragment would be “hostile” to its “neighbours”, not to Israel. According to Shaker, since it was first proposed, “the Saudi monarchy and other Sheikhdom rulers have been on board with that plan to balkanize the Middle East into religio-ethnic enclaves in order to guarantee the survival of the Zionist race colony and to finish with that ‘troublesome business’ of Palestine”. Hence, the creation of ISIS serves not only Israel, but also Israel’s friends in the region, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. Over the years, their interests become inextricably intertwined with that of the Anglo-Zionist interests, ultimately serving the Zionist’s plan to fragment the Middle East.

The plan to divide the region has gained momentum recently. The Zionist-funded Brooking Institute is calling on the U.S. government to break the “Syria problem” into “a number of localised components … envisioning ultimately a more confederal Syria made up of autonomous zones rather than being ruled by a strong central government”. The Brookings report urges an initial two autonomous zones or “safe zones” next to the borders of Jordan and Turkey, to allow “secure transportation lines for humanitarian as well as military supplies” (Michael O’Hanlon, Brooking Institute 2015).

Israel’s fascist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the temerity to lecture European politicians on the importance of supporting ISIS terrorists. Netanyahu, the Jewish supremacist, often repeated the criminal mantra that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Remember, this is the same Netanyahu who publicly celebrated the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. More recently, Israel’s Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon told an audience at the Institute for National Security Studies (NSS) conference in Tel Aviv on 20 January 2016 that, “Iran is our main enemy … and I would prefer ISIS”.

Netanyahu and Ya’alon enemies are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, not ISIS. Another Israeli Minister explained what Israel should do: “We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish state that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards Israel,” said Avelet Shaked, Israeli neo-Nazi Justice Minister. The Zionists proposed a Kurdish state between Turkey, Israel and Iraq to weaken Israel’s rivals and serve Israel’s Zionist interest. We know well, Turkey will be very unsettle with this proposal. The minister said that Israel should “promote steps that would correct the injustice that [made the Kurds] the biggest nation without a state”. Of course, she is fully aware of the criminal injustice of her fascist government towards the Palestinian people. Dividing the region along sectarian and ethnic lines will legitimise and normalise Israel’s apartheid state thoroughly partitioned on sectarian and ethnic lines. Let us hope that Russia’s intervention on behalf of the Syrian Government to defeat ISIS terrorists threw a spanner in the Zionist’s plan of division and permanent violence in the Middle East. It is important to know that the Kurds are Muslim. Israel’s relation is with the Iraqi-Kurdish mafia headed by the traitor and U.S. stooge Massoud Barzani is watched carefully by Ankara. The Kurds are already divided into four entities in a landlocked area in four countries. Only the Syrian Kurds, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are fighting ISIS.

As long as the Arab nations are divided and continue to fight each other, they will pose no threat to Israel’s colonisation of Arab lands. In fact, Israel has been supporting ISIS terror operations in Syria by providing the terrorists with weapon and medical care to injured terrorists. The Israeli air force often bombed Syrian military installations and provides the terrorists with air cover. Even the sufferings of the Syrian refugees are benefiting Israel. As journalist Rania Khaled has observed: “Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel’s “security” justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine”. The Anglo-Zionist terror war is not only against Muslim-Arab nations, it is also against the refugees who are fleeing the war.

We all know that, ISIS terrorists have never bothered or attacked Israel; they are attacking Muslims and Arabs, not Zionist Jews or Americans. In fact, the Israeli regime and ISSI terrorists have much in common and are not different. They are two sides of the same coin. Both, the Israeli regime and ISIS terrorist share the same values, including terrorism, acts of aggression against civilians, wanton destruction, slavery, indigenous genocide, religious extremism, rampant corruption, homophobia, racial vilification, and gender inequality. The Israeli regime and ISIS terrorists share the same goal, which is the destabilisation and division of the region with U.S.-sponsored barbarism. Therefore, it is paramount and it is morally defensible to support the people of Syria in their struggle against Western-sponsored terrorism and repression.

Had the U.S. and its minion allies not created and armed terrorists, hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings would be alive today, and the monster of ISIS terrorism wouldn’t exist. Terrorism will continue to unleash violence and wanton destruction unless and until the U.S. and its allies stop creating, arming and financing terrorists.

Ghali Hassan is an independent researcher and writer living in Australia.