Riyadh-backed Opposition Left Geneva Talks Due to Syrian Army’s Victories

4 February، 2016
Moscow, SANA

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Riyadh-backed opposition left the Syrian-Syrian talks in Geneva due to the successes made by the Syrian army on the ground.

“The reason behind such a harsh step of the so-called Riyadh group is that the Syrian army has made serious success over the past days in the north of the Aleppo province,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry official spokesperson Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday.

As a result of the successful operation of the Syrian army and allies, the terrorists were cut off the supply routes between the north of the Aleppo province and the Idlib province. “This was a serious blow for terrorists and those who are their accomplices and sponsors,” she added.

The Syrian army, backed by popular defense groups, has recently broken a long-time siege of Nubbul and al-Zahraa towns in Aleppo northern countryside after restoring security and stability to vast areas in their vicinity.

Zakharova said Russia is cautiously following up the distribution of humanitarian aid in Syria but warned of terrorists benefitting from this aid in their terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, Ankara has not provided a single piece of evidence Russian planes violated its airspace, Zakharova said.

“None of the planes from the Russian air group in Syria has violated the Turkish border,” she said. “Ankara has not yet provided any facts to back up its charges. There have been no replies to direct requests from the embassy to provide such information, either.” Similar queries addressed to NATO are ignored, as well.

According to the diplomat, Turkey covers up its military activity on border with Syria by accusing Russia.

“It seems that all ungrounded accusations in regard to the Russian Aerospace Force are voiced by Ankara in order to find an excuse or maybe use it is a cover for stepping up its military activities in the area of the Turkish-Syrian border,” the Russian diplomat said.


National opposition: Riyadh opposition responsible for failure of talks
4 February، 2016
Geneva, SANA

National opposition delegation said on Thursday that al-Riyadh opposition is responsible for the failure of dialogue in Geneva as it represents a Qatari, Turkish and Saudi agenda.

“Members of al-Riyadh opposition didn’t want to complete the dialogue,” national opposition figures said at a press conference, affirming that solutions would be available from Damascus as the Syrian people are the only ones who protect the political solution.

They added “we are searching for a partnership with anyone who has an interest in realizing security and stability in Syria… we have a group of principles to which all Syrians agree, mainly believing in the state of law and the national army.”

Members of the national opposition affirmed that they went to Geneva to represent the Syrian people, adding that if some international sides were determined to invite one opposition, represented by al-Riyadh group, in contrary to resolution No. 2254, the result of dialogue is doomed to failure.



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