Leila Khaled : Palestinian People Have Struggled 100 Years for Liberation

leila-soweto6Renowned Palestinian struggler and member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Leila Khaled, urged the prosecution of Zionist war criminals and support for the Palestinian resistance, calling these the duty of all progressive movements, in a speech at the closing of the New World Summit in Utrecht, the Netherlands on January 31.

“The Palestinian people have been struggling for 100 years against occupation and colonization and will continue until the return of all Palestinian refugees, and until we achieve justice and equality on the land of Palestine,” said Khaled. She noted that the Israeli state is an illegitimate project built on the ruins of the Palestinian people and society and based on the erasure of Palestinian existence. “68 years ago, the Israeli state was constructed on the ruins of our people, our land, our homes, and until this moment our people are prevented from exercising their right to return,” said Khaled.

“I was born in Haifa. All of you here are able to go to Haifa at any time, but I – and seven million Palestinians scattered throughout the world – are the indigenous people, deprived of that right,” said Khaled. She said that Palestinians will continue to resist occupation until they achieve their full rights, especially the right of return and the liberation of Palestine.

Khaled highlighted the responsibility of the United Nations for the crimes in Palestine, saying that the international organization was built on a framework of protecting human rights, but instead gave the Zionist movement the right to colonize parts of Palestine and build a racist state, saying that the UN is a partner in the daily crimes being committed against the Palestinian people.

“Can you imagine bulldozers, with soldiers and police, coming to demolish your home and expel you from your land? This is the daily suffering of our people and the daily policy of occupation in Palestine,” said Khaled.

She noted that over the past three months the occupation has practiced daily executions against the Palestinian people, especially children and youth, because it is well aware that through this long history of Palestinian struggle, that the new Palestinian generations will never forget their cause and their right to struggle and liberation. She noted that the Zionist state calls itself “the only democracy in the Middle East” while carrying out a systematic policy of imprisonment and assassination against the children and youth of the Palestinian people, highlighting the wounded and imprisoned child Ahmad Manasrah as a living witness to the criminality of the occupier. “The Zionist state and imperialist powers are primarily responsible for every drop of blood shed in our region,” said Khaled, saying that colonialist powers discussion of “democracy” is a far cry from reality.