Three Terrorist Bombings Kill 50 Civilians in al-Sayyeda Zainab, Near Damascus

31 January، 2016
Damascus countryside, SANA
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Death toll from three terrorist bombings that rocked l-Sayyeda Zainab town in Damascus Countryside earlier on Sunday has climbed to 45, a source at the Interior Ministry said.

The source earlier put the number of people killed in the attacks at 30, in addition to 110 injured, some of them were reported to be in critical condition.

The attacks, which hit in Koua Soudan area, were caused by a car bomb and two explosive belts, according to the source.

Terrorists detonated the car bomb at the bus station in Koua Soudan area, and after people gathered to help the injured, two suicide bombers with explosive belts blew themselves up at the site, the source explained to SANA.
Massive material damage was caused due to the three bombings, added the source.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed on its pages on social media sites responsibility for the three explosions.

The Cabinet condemns the bombings

The Cabinet later condemned the three terrorist bombings, with Premier Wael Halaqi saying in a statement that the aim of such terrorist and “cowardly” crimes is to raise the morale of the defeated terrorist organizations in light of the great victories made by the Syrian Arab Army in different areas.

Al-Halaqi reaffirmed that such terrorist crimes will not deter the Syrians from continuing the process of national reconciliation in different areas, particularly in Damascus countryside.

Terrorism-supporting states are responsible for these terrorist crimes, the premier added, calling for a genuine international will to fight terrorism and that pressure be put on those states to halt supporting such terrorist acts that pose a threat to international stability.

Foreign Ministry: Terrorist bombings in al-Sayyeda Zainab aimed at disrupting Syrian- Syrian dialogue
31 January، 2016
Damascus countryside, SANA

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Security Council on the terrorist bombings that targeted al-Sayyeda Zainab area on Sunday.

In its two letters of which SANA received a copy on Sunday, the Ministry stressed that the terrorist attacks which targeted al-Sayyeda Zainab residential area in Damascus countryside come as part of the attempts of the terrorist organizations which are supported by governments of foreign countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to disrupt the current attempts to start a Syrian- Syrian dialogue led by Syria.

The Ministry said “Armed terrorist organizations detonated on Sunday afternoon a car bomb at a bus stop at Koah al-Sudan overcrowded neighborhood in al-Sayyeda Zeinab area in Damascus countryside, then the bombing was followed by suicide bombings by two suicide bombers who blew themselves up with explosive belts among medics and civilians who gathered to rescue the victims.

These terrorist attacks caused in an initial toll the death of 50 locals and more than 105 injured persons, some of them are in critical conditions, added the ministry, in addition to causing material damage to the houses and infrastructure in the area.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that these terrorist bombings are part of the attempts by the armed terrorist organizations which are backed by foreign countries’ governments such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to disrupt the current attempts to start a Syrian- Syrian dialogue led by Syria , spread terror among innocent civilians and to raise the morale of the armed terrorist organizations that are being defeated every day due to the great successes achieved by the Syrian Arab army in restoring security and peace to the areas where armed terrorist organizations are active.

The letters added “What caught our attention is that the perpetrator of this crime had said in a statement that the bombing comes in support of the opposition delegation coming from Riyadh to participate in the talks with the government delegation in Geneva”.

The Ministry said that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms the need for the Security Council to take deterrent measures against countries that support and fund terrorism in implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions.

The Ministry also stresses the need to move away from politicization and double standards in dealing with combating terrorism, to respect the principles of the international law in this regard and to Support the efforts of the government of the Syrian Arab Republic in combating terrorism.

The Ministry concluded the letters by saying that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls on the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council to condemn today’s bombings and other terrorist bombings that target the safe civilians in some Syrian cities and neighborhoods.

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