Syria in the Last 48 Hours : Russia Destroys 579 Terrorist Targets

Syria in the Last 48 Hours : SAA Liberate al-Bagilya, Scene of Da’esh Massacre

January 19, 2016

In the course of the last four days, aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 157 combat sorties engaging 579 objects of terrorists’ infrastructure

In the course of the last four days, aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 157 combat sorties engaging 579 objects of terrorists’ infrastructure in the provinces of Aleppo, Raqqah, Latakia, Homs, Hama and Deir ez-Zor.

Near the Kabaklia inhabited area (Latakia province), a Su-34 bomber made an airstrike on the ISIS militants’ strong points located on high points. The direct hits eliminated 4 SUVs with large-caliber machine guns and about 20 militants.

After the Syrian governmental forces had liberated the Salma settlement (Latakia province), militants’ activity in the mountainous area of Jabal al-Akrad has decreased.

Mass desertion and evasion of military actions by the whole units are observed. Thus, an illegal armed group of the field commander “Ibn Khaldun” (about 30 men strong) deserted from positions in full squad.

In the suburbs of Tall Rifat (Aleppo province), a Su-25 attack aircraft eliminated a militants’ depot with ammunition and armaments. Objective monitoring registered detonation of explosives and total destruction of the building with all its contents.

Near Ahras inhabited area (Aleppo province), on one of the highways, air reconnaissance detected 6 automobile columns with militants heading from the Turkish border to the Aleppo city. As a result of a bomb strike carried out by Su-34 bombers, over 20 cross-country vehicles with armament and militants were eliminated.

Near Narb-Nafsa (Hama province), direct hits of air bombs dropped from a Su-25 attack aircraft destroyed 5 militants’ SUVs with large-caliber machine guns and mortars on them.

Command of the Russian air group continues cooperating with formations of the Syrian patriotic opposition which are fighting against the ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groupings.

Several days ago, one of detachments of the Syrian patriotic opposition gave coordinates of an ISIS field camp near the Kissin settlement (Homs province).

After additional reconnaissance check of the area by UAVs and through the Information centre in Baghdad, the target was engaged by a Su-25 attack aircraft which destroyed the field camp.

Having no opportunity to stop the offensive of the governmental troops, terrorists are using provocative artillery fire from guns and mortars against inhabited areas for further accusations of the Syrian governmental troops.

Thus, terrorist organizations Ahrar ash-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra conducted missile and artillery attacks on al-Fuah and Kafr Haya (Idlib province). Such attacks on peaceful inhabited areas and acts of intimidation are detected in other provinces, where terrorists are retreating under offensive of governmental troops or patriotic opposition forces.

Near al-Baghiliyah (Deir ez-Zor province), where the ISIS militants performed a massive execution of about 300 civilians in order to frighten citizens a day ago, a Russian Su-34 bomber made a strike on terrorists’ strong points. Direct hits caused elimination of 3 heavy vehicles with ZU-23 systems, 2 off-roaders with heavy weapons and more than 60 terrorists.

Within the operation aimed at elimination of terrorists’ sources of income, the Russian aircraft have eliminated a large POL storage and oil pumping station in the Raqqah province in the course of the last four days.

Moreover, near Harbul (Aleppo province), a column of trucks transporting oil products in direction of the Turkish border was detected in the course of aerial reconnaissance operation. Strikes of a Su-24 bomber resulted in elimination of 23 oil trucks with all their contents.

Russian aviation made strikes on the ISIS oil storages

Command staff of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic continues performing humanitarian operation on delivering products and articles of first necessity to regions, which had been blocked by terrorists.

Therefore, yesterday more than 40 tons of humanitarian cargos were projected to Deir ez-Zor and other blocked regions.

The cargos contained boxes with dry ration, which had been provided by the Russian Defence Ministry, and other food products provided by government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

All the humanitarian cargo was loaded onto P-7 parachute systems by the Russian servicemen from the Hmeymim airbase and transported by an aircraft of the Syrian military-transport aviation.

According to reports from settlements to the Syrian government, all cargos were received and delivered to the citizens.

Elimination of militants’ strong points by Russian aviation in the Idlib province

Russian aircraft destroyed armored vehicles of terrorists

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

579 terrorist targets destroyed in past 5 days, including oil facilities and tankers
19 January، 2016
Damascus, SANA

The Russian Air Force, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, conducted during the past five days 157 sorties targeting 579 terrorist targets in Aleppo, Raqqa, Lattakia, Homs, Hama and Deir Ezzor, according to military source.

A fuel depot, an oil refining facility and an oil extraction pump used by ISIS terrorists in Raqqa were destroyed. 20 oil-laden tankers meant to be smuggled into Turkey were also destroyed, the source told SANA.

Over 2000 oil tankers moving towards the Turkish border have been destroyed by the Russian Air Force since Russia’s aerial operation in Syria started in September 30.

The sorties over the northern countryside of Lattakia resulted in the death of 20 terrorists and the destruction of fortified positions for ISIS and 4 armored vehicles with heavy machine guns mounted on them.

Six convoys of armored vehicle for ISIS, that were moving from the Turkish border towards Aleppo, were destroyed near Tal Rifaat city, in addition to the destruction of an ammunition and weapons depot.

In the southern countryside of Hama province, 5 vehicles equipped with machine guns were destroyed in Hor Binafso area as a result of the sorties.

In Deir Ezzor province, more than 80 ISIS terrorists were killed and a training camp, 3 vehicles loaded with ammunition and 2 armored vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns were destroyed.

The total number of sorties conducted by the Russian Air Force since the start of the operation in support of the Syrian army in Syria has reached 5662. 217 villages and towns have been taken control of as a result.

The army seizes a net of tunnels in Damascus Countryside
19 January، 2016

The army destroys terrorists’ vehicles and hideouts in different provinces
19 January، 2016
Provinces, SANA

The Syrian army and armed forces, backed by the Syrian air force, targeted different sites and locations of terrorists organizations in several provinces of the country, killing scores of them and destroying their vehicles and fortresses.

Deir Ezzor

The army’s air force hit positions and movements of ISIS terrorists in Ayash village, 12 km west of Deir Ezzor city, a military source told SANA on Tuesday.

A number of ISIS terrorists were killed or injured and many of their vehicles, which were equipped with medium and heavy machineguns, were destroyed in the air strikes.

In the meantime, army units targeted movements of ISIS terrorists in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor airport, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on social media pages the death of at least 70 ISIS terrorists in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor during the past three days.


The army’s air force targeted positions for Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups in Talaf village and Hor Binafso town, 40 m to the south of Hama city.

A number of centers were destroyed in the airstrikes, which also left several Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists dead, a military source confirmed.

Meanwhile, a source on the ground told SANA that terrorists confirmed in phone conversations between them monitored by the army that many of their fellows were killed in Hor Binafso town.

A leader named Abdullah Fitrawi was said to be among the dead.

In the same context, an army unit intensively fired rockets and artillery shells at sites for “Jaish al-Fateh” terrorists in Morek town and Atshan and Skeik villages, 30 km north of Hama city.

The operations resulted in destroying a vehicle equipped with a 23 mm machine gun and two other vehicles carrying weapons and ammunition.

Army airstrikes on Jaish al-Fateh positions in Kafr Nabboudeh and al-Latamneh towns in the northwestern countryside of Hama left terrorists dead and a number of their hideouts destroyed.

In the neighboring Idleb province, a source on the ground said an army unit carried out a special operation targeting a gathering of terrorists in Saraqeb area in the southern countryside of the province.

Eight terrorists were killed in the operation, including Ayham al-Abd and Ahmad Zreiq.

In al-Hamediyeh village, at least 7 terrorists from “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement” were killed as a result of an army operation against their gathering.

Bilal al-Abed and Talal al-Abed were identified among the dead.


The army’s air force carried out sorties targeting hideouts and movements of ISIS terrorists east of Mhein town and in al-Qaryatain village, 85 km to the southeast of Homs city.

The air strikes resulted in destroying arms, weapons and vehicles, some of which equipped with heavy machineguns.

More hideouts and positions for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were destroyed in Teir Maala, west of Talbiseh and in Um Sharshouh, 18 km north of Homs city.


The army’s air force launched a series of airstrikes against ISIS dens and fortified positions in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

ISIS targets were hit in Arran, Abu Tatal, al-Madioune and Tal Maksour villages in al-Bab area, 38 km to the northeast of Aleppo city, where many vehicles and hideouts were destroyed.

Army airstrikes also resulted in destroying supply routes for ISIS from Raqqa through the villages of al-Jaberiyeh, Afash and Abu Danneh in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.


In southern Syria, an army unit destroyed a vehicle for terrorists as it targeted their movements to the southeast of al-Abassiyeh Bakery in Daraa al-Mahatta area in Daraa city.

Another army unit killed a number of terrorists, injured others and destroyed their weapons and ammunition during operations against their gatherings in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in the city.

In Dael city 14 km to the north, the army targeted terrorists, killing numbers of them.

The army re-establishes control over areas, kills terrorists in several provinces
18 January، 2016
Provinces, SANA

The Army and Armed forces continued its mission in fighting terrorism in several provinces of the country, re-establishing control over areas, eliminating terrorists and destroying their hideouts and weaponry.

Deir Ezzor

An army unit carried out intensive operation on gatherings for ISIS terrorists in al-Bghailiye village in Deir Ezzor western countryside, re-establishing control over al-Ruwad association houses, which constitute the highest point in the village, a field source told SANA on Monday.

On Saturday, ISIS terrorists infiltrated to al-Bghailiye village and committed a massacre, claiming the lives of around 300 civilians, most of them women, children, and elderly people.

The army combed the houses and removed explosive devices and bombs planted by ISIS terrorists before being killed and their arms and weaponry destroyed.

Meanwhile, other army units destroyed positions for ISIS terrorists in the villages of al-Hissan and al-Gneineh and in the surrounding of Ayash village in Deir Ezzor western countryside and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and weaponry.

In Deir Ezzor city, an army unit clashed with ISIS terrorists who infiltrated the vicinity of al-Rashediyeh neighborhood, killing and injuring many of them and forcing others to flee.

Damascus countryside

The army advanced in eastern al-Ghouta in Damascus countryside, having control on a number of buildings and farms to the east of Harasta highway.

Army units also seized a net of tunnels used by terrorists, killing and injuring a number of them.


An Army and Armed Forces unit carried out a special operation which resulted in destroying a tunnel which was used by terrorists for infiltration and transporting munitions along with all the terrorists and munitions inside it in Salah-Eddin neighborhood in Aleppo city, a military source told SANA.

The source said that army operations against gatherings of terrorist organizations in al-Layramoun, Bustan al-Basha, the Old City, al-Jaberiyeh and al-Sheikh Saed neighborhoods in Aleppo city resulted in killing a number of terrorists and injuring others, in addition to destroying their fortified sites and dens.

In Aleppo countryside, an army unit carried out an operation in al-Mansoura village 10 kilometers west of Aleppo city, which resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles, arms, and munitions.

Meanwhile, sources on the ground said that popular defense committees in Nubol and al-Zaharaa towns destroyed a tank used by terrorists with a guided missile on the road between Mayer and Kfen villages in the northern countryside of the province.


The army ambushed a terrorist group in Talf village in Hama south-western countryside, killing 25 terrorists.


In the southern province of Daraa, army units destroyed 4 vehicles and two mortar launchers for terrorist organizations in al-Nuaimeh townand Daraa al-Balad neighborhoods in the province.

Three civilians including children killed in rocket terrorist attack on Aleppo
18 January، 2016
Aleppo, SANA

Three civilians were killed and 11 others were injured when rocket shells fired by terrorists fell on al-Ramouseh neighborhood in Aleppo on Monday.

A source at Aleppo police command said that terrorists fired a number of rocket shells on al-Ramouseh residential neighborhood, killing three civilians including two girl children and injuring 11 others including five children who were taken to al-Jamiya hospital for treatment.

The shells also caused material damage.

On Sunday, five civilians were injured in rocket terrorist attacks on al-Ashrafieh and al-Syrian neighborhoods in Aleppo.

The army honors a number of Martyrs’ families in Damascus

Terrorists Retreating from Northern Lattakia

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army and popular forces continued to push the militant groups back from more territories in the Northern parts of Lattakia province and won back two more villages after hours of fierce clashes, the army announced Monday.

“The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces stormed the militant concentration centers near the villages of Ra’as al-Qazal and Ra’as al-Kabir and drove them back from the battlefield after inflicting a heavy death toll on the terrorists,” the army said.
The Syrian army and its allies have had very good records of rapid victories against the militant groups in Lattakia province in the recent weeks.

On Sunday, the Syrian forces pushed back the militants from more villages and heights following hours of heavy clashes.

“The militant groups withdrew forces from the villages of al-Skriyeh and al-Kandisiyeh and Jabal al-Khanadiq after their defense lines came under massive attacks of the Syrian army,” the army said.

“The militants sustained a heavy death toll in the attacks,” the army added.

Al-Nusra Sustains Scores of Casualties in Syrian Army Missile Attacks East of Damascus

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army announced a few minutes ago that tens of al-Nusra Front members have been killed or wounded in the army’s missile and rocket attacks on their concentration centers in Eastern Ghouta.

“The gathering centers of the al-Nusra Front in Hawash al-Ash’ari region and the town of al-Nashabiyeh in Eastern Ghouta were massively targeted by the Syrian army’s missile units, which claimed the lives of many terrorists,” the army said.
“A number of the militant group’s ambulances rushed to the targeted positions to take the wounded and dead bodies away,” the army added.

On Saturday, the Syrian army troops and the county’s fighter jets continued to hit the militant groups’ concentration centers in Eastern and Western Ghouta, killing or wounding tens of the terrorists.

“Gathering centers of the militant groups in Jobar in Eastern Ghouta were massively attacked by the Syrian soldiers,” the sources said, adding, “Several militants were killed or wounded in the attacks.”

“In the meantime, at least two militants were killed and several more were wounded in the Syrian government forces’ offensives in Darayya in Western Ghouta,” the sources added.

“The Syrian fighter jets, for their part, bombed the militant groups bases and gatherings in Jobar, which claimed the lives on several militants,” they went on to say.

Several Foreign Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Attack in Idlib

TEHRAN (FNA)- Scores of militants, including several foreign nationals, were killed in the Syrian Army’s offensive in Arba’een mountains in the Southern part of Idlib province, FNA dispatches said Monday.

An officer of the Syrian army in the Northwestern battlefields of the country told FNA that the Syrian soldiers’ offensive against Jeish al-Fatah terrorists group’s defense lines near the village of Kafr Sijneh in Arba’een mountains inflicted large casualties on the terrorists, including Seven foreign ones.
“Abu Samara from Turkestan, Abu Ayoub al-Ansari from Turkey, Abu al-Walid from Chechnya, Abu Muslim from Tunisia, Abu al-Ward from Iraq and the Saudis Wael al-Hamad and Ghaleb al-Hosseini were among the killed terrorists,” the army officer added.

The foreign fighters have since the escalation of militancy in Syria been a main part of the terrorist groups’ members in fight against the government forces.

On Sunday, the Southern battlefields of Idlib province were the scenes of fierce battles between the militant groups and the Syrian Army and its popular allies.

“The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces stormed gathering centers of the Jeish al-Nasr terrorist group in Tal Hawash and the village of al-Hbeit, which not only claimed the lives of many terrorists, but also destroyed their military hardware.”

Syrian Army Continues to Crush ISIL Militants in Deir Ezzur

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army continued to hunt the ISIL terrorists in at least three neighborhoods of the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur on Monday.
The Syrian army troops stormed the ISIL gatherings in the neighborhoods of al-Roshdiyeh, al-Jabileh and al-Mowadhefin, killed or wounded many of the terrorists and destroyed their weapons and military equipment.

“The ISIL left behind scores of the dead and injured members and fled the battlefields to evade more casualties,” a source in the city said.

“The army also continued to advance against the ISIL in the village of al-Baqaliyeh and pushed the militant back from al-Ruwad residential units,” he added.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian army alongside popular forces have pushed back the ISIL from more territories in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur and retook full control over more strategic heights after a heavy battle.

“The ISIL withdrew forces from its positions near al-Ruwad heights after the army and the National Defense Forces stormed them and killed many of the terrorists,” the army said.

“Al-Ruwad heights and its surroundings are now under full control of the Syrian government forces,” the army added.

The Syria armed forces have been heavily pounding the ISIL positions across the province in recent weeks.