PFLP : Zionist Murders of Palestinian Youth Will Only Inspire Greater Resistance

3youthmartyrsThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the frenzy for cold-blooded murder sweeping the occupation soldiers will not bring any security or safety to the occupation state but will only inspire greater resistance, and will not break the resolve of Palestinian youth to confront the occupation.

The occupying soldiers opened fire on Palestinian youth on January 12 in Al-Khalil and Bethlehem, killing three youth, the martyrs Mohammed Ahmad Kawazbeh, 23; Adnan Hamid Halaiqa, 17; and Srour Ahmad Abu Srour, 17, in an attack of Zionist terror against our people, which comes in the framework of an overall war against the Palestinian people by the occupation and an attempt to eliminate the intifada.

The occupation soldiers are utilizing a war machine and heavy weaponry against youth armed with will and determination, indicating the failure of the arrogance and systematic criminal policy of the occupation and its inability to stop the intifada.

The Front demanded international action to hold the occupier accountable for its ongoing war crimes and collective punishment against the Palestinian people.


Barakat at Amsterdam event: Intifada is part of continuous 100-year Palestinian revolutionary struggle

amster3Students for Justice in Palestine at the Free University of Amsterdam organized an event and political discussion on January 14, focusing on “The Third Intifada.” Palestinian leftist writer Comrade Khaled Barakat spoke at the event, attended by students, academics, and Palestinian, Arab, Filipino and Dutch organizers.

The event began with a poem in support of the Palestinian people read by a student Palestine solidarity activists, as well as a discussion of the work of SJP on campus to build solidarity with Palestine and the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, particularly the academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

Barakat reviewed the history of uprisings in Palestine over the past 100 years, throughout the time of British colonialism and then Zionist settler colonialism as a continuous revolutionary and anti-colonial process that continues to the present day. Throughout this history, the Palestinian revolution has involved mass struggle, organizing of the Palestinian workers and popular classes, and armed struggle to confront colonialism as consistent elements in one ongoing history, despite changes in political slogans, leadership and organized forces.

He noted that the Zionist movement was engaged in a conscious project to dispossess the Palestinian people, expel them and uproot them from the land, forcing them into becoming refugees in 1947-48, an ongoing process that continues today and that Palestinians continue to resist. He noted that revolution and uprising is an inevitable response to the settler colonial project and its failure to destroy Palestinian identity, organizing, and connection of the land and the people. Despite all attempts to redefine the meaning of the Palestinian cause, its nature remains that of “national and social liberation, the restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people and the liberation of the occupied land of Palestine, building a democratic Palestine on the entire land of Palestine.”

“All forms of Palestinian resistance, armed and popular, are a new proof of the mass rejection of the Palestinian people of the Oslo agreement and the absurd and dangerous policies of the Palestinian Authority, under the control of the occupation, and lacking in any form of revolutionary or popular legitimacy,” said Barakat.

He concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of the struggle of student and workers’ movements in Europe, especially in universities, labor unions and other major social institutions, in building the boycott movement against the occupation and supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle against occupation, apartheid, colonialism and racism.