BREAKING: Reported Concurrent Attacks In 11 Points Across Turkey And Kurdistan

13th January 2016
Kurdish Question


An attack was carried out on the Çınar Police Headquarters in Amed (Diyarbakir) tonight. The initial attack was reportedly carried out with a car-laden bomb followed by a rocket attack, which left the building burning and in ruins. Clashes ensued for a while following the attack.

Many ambulances went to the scene after clashes had ceased. Reports coming in say there are many dead and wounded, but figures have not been confirmed.


Reports on social media and from reporters on the ground are claiming there have been attacks on police and military buildings and targets in 11 points across Kurdistan and Turkey.

A list of attacks being reported are as follows:

  • A suicide attack was carried out on the Çinar Police Headquarters in Amed (Diyarbakir).
  • A rocket attack on the Police Living Quarters in Çinar.
  • An attack on the Mardin Botas Police Staion.
  • A rocket attack on the Police Living Quarters in Silopi.
  • News of clashes and explosions in Van.
  • News of clashes in Amed’s Sur district and missing special operations team members.
  • A raid on the Izmir Menemem Asirlik Police Station.
  • A bomb attack on the Haci Ahmet police point in Istanbul.
  • A bomb attack on an armoured vehicle on the Batman-Bismil road.

The attacks come following a call by People’s Defence Forces (HPG) Central Command leader Murat Karayilan to PKK guerrillas to “not wait for the spring” in retaliating against Turkish state attacks on Kurdish civilian areas.