PFLP : PA meetings with occupiers are a stab in the side of the Palestinian people

pflp-logoThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the meetings held by Palestinian Authority leaders with Zionist officials as a treacherous act and a stab in the side of the Palestinian people, demanding an immediate end to this absurd and dangerous practice.

The Front noted that these meetings have continued in secret and in public, and are insulting the struggles of our people, the blood of the martyrs and their unceasing sacrifices, and reflect a complete disregard for the national consensus that rejects this path as well as breaching the Palestinian Central Council’s decision to reject such meetings.

These meetings are exploited by the occupation to beautify its image, while the vast majority of our people have rejected this option and demanded its immediate end and stand for a new path on the basis of support for and escalation of the intifada.


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