PFLP : Palestinian Authority Security Forces Attack Popular Demonstration

ramalalh2The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the Palestinian Authority security apparatus for its attack on and suppression of the popular Palestinian march in Ramallah organized by the National and Islamic Forces on Friday, December 25, marching toward Beit El.

The Front emphasized that the security forces attacked the participants in the march, beating marchers, journalists, and media workers, causing injuries and attempting to prevent coverage of the attack, including confiscating journalists’ cameras. This is serious evidence of the role of the Palestinian Authority in working against and suppressing the aspirations of our Palestinian people to escalate the intifada and continue confrontation.

The Front confirmed that these attacks violate all national principles, called for an immediate end to security cooperation between the PA and the Occupation, and emphasized the need to end once and for all the burden of the Oslo project on the Palestinian people on the political, security and economic levels, saying that these security agencies must be converted to provide defense of the Palestinian people and confront the attacks of the occupation and settlers, rather than to work hand in hand with the occupation to suppress Palestinian resistance while attacking Palestinian civilians.

The PFLP emphasizes that the Palestinian people choose the Intifada and confronting the occupier’s and settlers’ crimes despite the most brutal repression and the batons and bullets of the occupation, nd attempts to stop the uprising through the iron fist policy. If any force cannot support the movement of the Palestinian people and join the uprising of our people toward victory for the martyrs, that force must step aside.