Syria in the Last 72 Hours : Russian Campaign, Response to Amnesty International, Ground Advances

Syria in the Last 72 Hours

Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces told about the results of operation held by Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria

Since September 30, the Russian air group in Syria has performed 5240 combat sorties including 145 ones of the strategic missile-carrying and long-range bomber aviation. Every day the Russian Aerospace Forces make missile and bomb strikes on main infrastructural facilities, strong points, concentrations of terrorists’ military hardware and manpower.

A multilevel system which provides reliable detection of militants’ targets has been created for these purposes.

Moreover, the Russian Defence Ministry is in constant contact with the Command of the Syrian governmental forces and detachments of patriotic opposition. They regularly provide additional data on newly uncovered objects of terrorists.

After the additional reconnaissance, a decision is made to attack the targets from the air. That significantly increases the effectiveness of militants’ target engagement.

Thus, just on the previous day, 189 strikes were made against facilities of illegal armed groupings, among them – 142 are the scheduled ones, the others are newly detected during duty mission.

Under the conditions of rapidly changing situation, the combat task performance during the duty mission is the most effective one as it does not allow terrorists to escape from the strikes.

Supported by the Russian aviation, the governmental forces as well as detachments of patriotic opposition continue offensive operations against illegal armed groups at all directions. The greatest success has been achieved in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia and in the suburbs of Damascus.

In the Aleppo province, the governmental forces continue extending the security zone around the Kwaires airfield developing offensive in the south-west direction to Idlib.

For the last week, 5 settlements have been liberated.

In Latakia province, assault groups of the Syrian army conducted offensive operations in the northern and eastern directions.

At the Kobani and Sirmania directions, important heights and Kepir settlement were protected from militants.

The key Jebel Noba height is put under control for development of the offensive.

In the suburbs of Damascus, the governmental forces put under control the Marj al-Sultan settlement continuing raids and tightening the encirclement of the illegal armed groups at the directions of Nashabia, Nula, Duma, Zibdin.

At other directions, the Syrian troops carry out activities aimed to stabilize the situation and are getting ready for resumption of the offensive.

Undermining of terrorists’ income sources in Syria remains the main priority of the Russian aviation.

As it can be seen, oil trucks continue crossing the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Defence Ministry analyzed reports of the foreign media, comments of experts and spokesmen, which had been made after disclosure of information concerning routes of trafficking of oil produced by the ISIS.

It is to be mentioned that information about destination and methods of oil trafficking did not become a revelation for most media agencies. Presented photo and video evidence by the defence department just proved suppositions and versions concerning the fact who had been covering up the illegal income of terrorists.

In the course of the last week, 37 oil production and refinery facilities of terrorists as well as 17 columns of oil trucks have been eliminated.

In total, since the beginning of the operation held by the Russian Aerospace Forces, approximately 2,000 such oil trucks have been destroyed in Syria.

It is to be reminded that the Russian aviation is performing military operations on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic according to the invitation of the country’s leadership respecting all the rules of the international law.

Terrorists know it as well. They are changing logistics scheme laying new crude oil trafficking routes in order to escape from strikes of the Russian aviation.

One of the routes is demonstrated on the slide. The route leads from the Deir ez-Zor province, which is controlled by the ISIS, through Guna and Tel Sfuk (Syria) in direction to Mosul and Zakho on the territory of Iraq.

Truck columns move to the Syrian-Iraqi borderline by shortest way and cross it near Tel Sfuk.

However, despite a long way round, Turkey remains the destination point of oil trafficking. The oil is transferred to the Turkish territory through Zakho checkpoint. There scheme shows that this route coincides with the so-called “Eastern” route, which had been demonstrated during previous meeting.

The reconnaissance check of the assigned regions has been conducted.

In accordance to the order of the President of the Russian Federation, which had been made during the annual media conference, the Defence Ministry is demonstrating its results.

Near Zakho, by the time this photograph was made, there had been 11,775 oil trucks and heavy vehicles on both sides of the Turkish-Iraqi borderline. 4,530 of them were in Turkey, 7 245 – in Iraq.

These are enlarged photos of the region.

In area A, there are 3,850 oil trucks and heavy vehicles at the Turkish border side. 200 of them are moving in direction to the Iraqi border. The rest are concentrated in the standby areas.

In area B, in close vicinity to the borderline, 1660 oil trucks are observed. 980 trucks are in the territory of Iraq, 680 ones are on the Turkish side.

There are 4,905 and 1,360 tanker trucks in areas C and D respectively. They are waiting for crossing the borderline.

It is to be mentioned that oil, which has been produced in Iraq and Syria, is transferred through this checkpoint.

“Northern” and “Western” routes, which had been demonstrated earlier, are still being used. In order to avoid losses caused by the Russian aviation, terrorists are moving along the routes mainly at nighttime. Oil tankers are disguised as usual trucks and are moving in small columns.

Previously, the defence department had demonstrated large concentrations of trucks in oil production areas. Now, as it can be seen at the photo, there is a limited number of oil trucks being loaded. The rest of them are dispersed and arrive the oil plants by small batches.

According to space intelligence data, significant decrease in the number of tanker trucks, which are moving along the “Northern” route in direction of oil refinery in Batman, is observed.

The similar situation is observed at the “Western” route at the direction Reyhanli – Iskanderun. The number of oil trucks has been reduced by up to 265.

At the same time increase of the number of oil trucks near the Turkish port Dortyol by up to 920 is observed.

There is no doubt that income from any sort of trafficking is aimed to finance ISIS, and any country, which takes part in this illegal business, is an accomplice of the international terrorism.

The Russian Defence Ministry expects that the representatives of the international coalition would take into account the presented information and take steps aimed to eliminating terrorists’ objects.

The Russian party is ready to present coordinates of the ISIS objects to the partners and is looking forward to getting information from them either.

The Defence Ministry assures that the Russian aviation will continue performing strikes on terrorists.

 Chiefs of Russian and French General Staffs discussed the situation in Syria

According to agreements between the Presidents of Russia and France as well as upon the order of Defence Ministers of both countries, on December 23, 2015 Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces – First Deputy Defence Minister General of the Army Valery Gerasimov had a meeting with his the Chief of the Staff of the French Armed Forces Army General Pierre de Villiers in Moscow.

In the course of the meeting, the parties exchanged their opinions on the situation in Syria, set the future directions of cooperation in fighting against international terrorism creating a working group of military experts from both General Staffs. The parties agreed to organize exchange of operational information for coordination of activities for more effective engagement of command centres, military hardware, depot and supply routes of militants as well as other ISIS infrastructures in Syria.

General of the Army Valery Gerasimov presented information concerning the continuing plunder of natural resources in Syria, which are sold to provide financing of the ISIS as well as the role of Turkey in this process. There were given facts proving projection of militants by the Turkish party to the northern areas of Syria for reinforcement of terrorist groups.

According to the results of the meeting, the parties confirmed the common understanding of the fact that efforts of Russia and France are aimed at keeping Syria as unified, temporal and multiconfessional state.

General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and Army General Pierre de Villiers agreed to continue bilateral contacts.


Russian Defence Ministry commented on briefing of Amnesty International and summed up results of operation carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria on December 18-23

In the course of five days, on December 18-23, aircraft of the Aerospace Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 302 combat sorties engaging 1093 objects in the Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Homs and Deir ez-Zor provinces.

In Homs province, a Su-24 bomber made a strike on a concentration of military hardware of the ISIS terrorists. According to objective monitoring data, 6 off-road vehicles with large-caliber machine guns and 3 militants’ trucks were destroyed.

In Aleppo province, a Su-34 bomber made a strike on a command centre of one of the Ahrar ash-Sham illegal armed groups uncovered by UAVs. Direct hit on the building occupied by terrorists completely destroyed the facility.

The Russian aviation continues making strikes on militants’ illegal oil production facilities.

Near Deir ez-Zor, Su-34 bombers eliminated 2 oil storage facilities and 3 oil extraction installations as well as dozens oil trucks waiting for being loaded just in 24 hours.

Pay attention to the detonation wave of the tankers, which had been filled with not just oil but its refueled products.

In Idlib province, a Su-34 bomber eliminated a training camp belonging to illegal armed groups. There were experienced instructors, who had arrived from neighbouring countries of Syria.

Information concerning the camp, where the significant part of terrorists arriving from Turkey is composed of citizens from CIS states, was received from representatives of the patriotic Syrian opposition about a week ago. This data has been thoroughly checked through all available channels including the Information centre in Baghdad.

The data with coordinates of the terrorists’ camp was confirmed at once by several sources.

As soon as a large number of militants arrived at the camp, a strike was made on it destroying the whole infrastructure with terrorists.

It is to be paid attention that just in several hours the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs blamed the Russian Defence Ministry for alleged killing of exactly 600 civilians, exactly 150 of them – are allegedly children.

Only the Turkish leadership knows where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had got these round numbers without submitting even smallest evidence.

Another declaration published in the Turkish media quoting the spokesman of the Turkish Government Numan Kurtulmus is not less significant.

According to him, only 391 of 4198 operations of the Russian air group in Syria were aimed against ISIS targets.

Attention should be paid to the accuracy in the claimed number of sorties of the Russian aircraft against targets in the Syrian Arab Republic.

This fact shows that all the data transmitted to the American party has been brought to notice of the Turkish General Staff by the US Air Force Command.

So, on November 24, when the Turkish fighter traitorously attacked with a missile the Russian Su-24 bomber, the Turkish General Staff was well-informed about the time and the area of task performance of the pair of Russian bombers.

These words of Numan Kurtulmus can be treated as official confirmation by Turkey of the fact that the operation on shooting down the Russian aircraft in the Syrian sky and killing of the Russian servicemen had been planned beforehand.

The Russian Defence Ministry has repeatedly attracted attention to the fact that all stovepiping, which contains accusations addressed to the Russian aircraft concerning allegedly killing many Syrian civilians by airstrikes or with some prohibited munitions (from cluster to vacuum ones) do not appear for nothing.

When it had happened for the first time, it could be treated as a strange coincidence.

However, it has happened for the third time. It is to be stressed that the same media agencies have spread fake information, and all coincidences turned into regularity.

It is to be reminded that the first blaming wave had appeared right after destruction of thermal power station by the US Air Force aircraft in Aleppo, which left the whole districts without electricity.

The second wave of accusation went on after tragic bombardment of the hospital of the Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz (Afghanistan) carried out by the US Air Force on October 3, which killed 42 people.

By the way, the video with the strike and its consequences appeared in common access at once. The Russian Defence Ministry was not blamed for this tragedy just because there are no Russian troops in Afghanistan.

That is why all the lies are aimed to accuse Russia of bombing Syrian hospitals.

The Russian Defence Ministry refuted this fakes presenting the world public comprehensive photo and video evidence.

This wave of charges appeared right after the strike performed by aircraft of the US Air Force on Iraqi military servicemen near Fallujah having injured and killed more than 50 people.

Absence of any evidences and referring to impersonal eyewitnesses, which are called by the Western Media as “observers for human rights”, are the essential attribute of all accusations.

After getting acquainted with such publications and reports, there is always a question: Do militants of the ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other extremist armed groups active in Syria know how many human rights organizations the hated by them West are working at the under-controlled territories and monitors their activity daily.

Therefore, it is impossible to find any reports concerning violating rights of Syrian people by terrorists but also brutalities in the under-controlled territories. As it can be seen, according to the western human rights organizations, it is all right.

The whole plan is clear and it is easy to check by using archives of the Internet or printed publications.

Just this night, briefing of the Amnesty International (non-governmental organization) tells about casualties among civilians resulted from Russian airstrike.

It is to be emphasized that in the preface of the briefing the agency Amnesty International tells that the facts have been examined distantly receiving information from telephone interrogations of the local human rights activities.

There have not been published anything specific or new. There are the same clichés and fakes, repeatedly refuted before.

Such phrases as “supposedly Russian airstrikes”, “possible violations of international law” etc. are used throughout the briefing.

In the other words, there only admissions without any evidence.

It is very interesting that these reservations varnished in many western media where the briefing of the Amnesty International had been published.

The wide public everything is given as facts.

The method is not new and at the same time very effective one. But it is absolutely deceitful.

Amnesty International states with confidence that there had not any militants in the areas where the “supposed Russian airstrikes” had been made.

But they cannot know it and check it. It is known that Syrian jihadists act within very mobile units using famous pick-ups TOYOTA with large-caliber weaponry on them.

To the notice of the authors of the briefing, even according to the classification of the US Army every such car is a tactical unit and a legal military target.

By the way, some of those cars, as it had been proved before, have arrived in Syria from the territory of the USA.

Moreover, it is known that along with the Russian aviation, the airstrikes on different targets are being conducted by the aviation of the coalition led by the USA, by the Syrian Air Force and apart all – the Turkish aviation.

The level of coordination of those efforts despite the appeals of the Russian party remain very low, what is more frequent – it is at the zero level.

Why than Amnesty International speaks about the Russian actions? Such accusations of Russia are at least proofless.

There is another example.

The briefing tells about attacks on hospitals and medical institutions.

Amnesty International refers to only one supposed “fact” of a hit of some missiles several meters from Sarmin hospital in Idlib.

It is also mentioned that eyewitnesses did not see or hear the aircraft.

It is not the fact that there was any airstrike at all in that area. But they put it simply: aircraft was not seen or heard but, supposedly, that was a Russian warplane.

By the way, two months ago, in the end of October, this topic was raised, but by another organization of human rights. The Russian Defence Ministry gave a detailed refutation.

To the essence.

In the end of October, leading western media quoting the “Syrian-American Medical Society” registered in the USA which is registered in the USA, accused the Russian Ministry of Defence of supposed bombing of hospitals by the Russian aircraft in the inhabited areas of Alays, al-Hader, Khan Tuman, Al Zerba, Sarmin, Latamna.

Traditionally it was done without any factual basis.

As a pseudo-evidence, a video showing the demolition of a hospital in Sarmin settlement (Idlib province) was demonstrated.

Certain western media referring to anonymous sources claimed that in the course of the strikes of the Russian aircraft, 12 people were supposedly killed and about 28 were injured in that medical institution.

Russian Defence MInistry have checked this information. It turns out that there is a hospital only in Sarmin. In Alays, Al-Hader, Khan Tuman, Al Zerba, and Latamna there are no hospitals and medical personnel.

It came that the hospital was only in Sarmin.

There are no hospitals and medical personnel in settlements al-Ais, al-Khader, Khan Tuman, al-Zirba and Latamna

There is nothing to add.

It is to be reminded that since the first day of the operation in Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry holds regular briefings where results of airstrikes of the Russian aviation against terrorists and only terrorists are shown with unprecedented transparency.

All the proofless declarations of anonymous sources, which like to widely use Reuters agency are not trustworthy.

Another one fancy: the briefing of the Amnesty International tells that after the strike of the Turkish Air Force on the Russian aircraft, the Russian Defence Ministry reduced the volume of published data concerning the activities of the Russian aviation in Syria.

Right on the contrary: the Russian Defence Ministry has increased the volume of published information and has started inviting more foreign journalists at the Hmeymim airbase as well as at the Russian ships, which are performing combat duty in the water zone of Syria.

Aerial photographs of “supposed” areas of airstrikes of “supposed Russian aviation” arouse much interest. What is to be said?

Well done Amnesty International. You have a space grouping.

Russian Defence Ministry addressed to the Amnesty International with a suggestion to reveal who and when provided them with this so-called data or it will be done by the Ministry itself.

Concerning the suppositions on cluster bombs.

Russian aviation does not use them.

There are dozens of foreign journalists here who had been at the Hmeymim airbase and filmed the preparations for combat sorties, take-offs and landing for nearly 24 hours a day. No one even asked about this type of munitions.

That is because there are no such munitions at the Russian air base in Syria.

But there is a question to the Amnesty International:

Why were you silent and did not want to notice irrefutable evidence of usage of cluster bombs by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against cities in the east of Ukraine?

Were you busy at that moment?

Did you have a headache all these months?

Or was there anybody who recommended you not to notice that?

The Syrian conflict is running for already five years.

The number of victims has reached 300 000 people.

It is strange that the Amnesty International ignoring the question: who and what military crimes had committed on the territory of Syria before the Russian air group appeared there.

The selectivity of briefings of the Amnesty International attracts attention.

There are still no detailed reports on the activities of the “coalition” of the Saudis on the territory of Yemen and moreover the briefing on the crimes of terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry this energy is better to be aimed at covering these facts.

There is nothing to be added.

Addressing to representatives of respectful mass media it is to be said – do not put at risk your reputation by publishing fakes provided by anonymous sources.

The goal of all these manipulations – to stain others distrcting the attention of the world public from tragedies, which caused deaths and suffering of civilians in Aleppo, Kunduz, Falluji and other cities.

If anybody thinks that the Russian party does not understand this, that is wrong.

Moreover, the Russian Defence Ministry has enough information on the results of actions of so-called anti-ISIS coalition in Syria. These actions are not always correspond to the claimed goal – fighting against the ISIS.

The Russian Defence Ministry is convinced that fighting against terrorism does not involve efforts aimed to discredit partners but involves joint practical actions directed against plague of XXI century – international terrorism.

SyAAF intelligence operatives inside enemy controlled territories filed one of many reports to the high command on a possible meeting location that will include 23 terrorists, most of them were first line commanders of the terrorist organizations in Damascus Countryside.

SyAAF command got its orders from the high command of the Syrian Armed Forces to take out the meeting. Based on that;

A formation of SyAAF Su-24m2 attack bombers was loaded with guided munition in Maryter Riyad Qayasea Airbase (aka T-4 airbase).

Before that, SyAAF dispatched number of drones to confirm the location, and for visual identification.

SyAAF operatives once again confirmed the meeting, and the confirmation was relayed to the Su-24m2 formation.

The primary target was an abandoned military warehouse between the town of Misraba, and Bait Nayem.

As soon as the target was in range; one SyAAF Su-24m2 attack bomber released its cargo, making a confirmed hit to the meeting location; simultaneously, other SyAAF Su-24m2 attack bombers attack bomber took out number of other possible locations even-though the target was confirmed in the first location; but at this point, there is no room for error.

SyAAF intelligence operatives confirmed the death of:
• Zahran Alloush, the commander of Jaish al-Isslam terrorist group.
• Billal al-Ka`lea, the Shariah judge of the terrorists.
• Subhi al-Ojwa, the high battlefield commander of Jaish al-Isslam terrorist group, and Zahran Alloush’s cousin
• Isslam Alloush, the spokesman of the terrorist group and Zahran’s brother.
• Billal al-Masry, a field commander of Jaish al-Isslam terrorist organizaion.

Other than the above listed terrorists, 8 other Jaish al-Isslam commanders, 7 Ahrar al-Sham and al-Rahman Brigade terrorist organization commanders were eliminated.

Zahran Alloush is one of the most wanted terrorists, his terrorist organization used to shell Damascus with mortar fire, the city were ~9 million civilians live; and for the record, these groups are considered “moderates” and are directly supplied, and publicly by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with the blessing of the United States and Europe.

A drone footage will be uploaded in a bit.

A side note: One of this page’s team of admins is an SyAAF Intelligence Officer who works in Ghuta, we voted against the air operation and wanted this scumbag to be captured alive and dragged to face the civilians of Damascus; yet the command is much more aware of its strategic choices.

Syrian Arab Army

5240 Russian sorties against terrorist targets since the beginning of Russian operation in Syria
25 December، 2015
Moscow, SANA

The General Staff of the Russian Army affirmed that around 2,000 oil tankers belonging to ISIS were destroyed in Syria since start of Russian military operation in implementation of the agreement between Syria and the Russian Federation to combat ISIS and confront international terrorism.

Chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department Sergei Rudskoi pointed out in a press conference held on Friday that Russian warplanes in Syria carried out 5240 sorties since September 30, noting that Syrian sources provide the Russian Defense Ministry with extra information about the terrorists’ sites.

Rudskoi said that the Russian Air force focused its airstrikes at facilities of extracting, storing, transporting and processing oil in Syria that are controlled by ISIS, adding that till now 2000 oil tankers were destroyed.

The Russian military official displayed during the press conference a videotape which proves that the trucks were smuggling stolen oil across the Syrian-Turkish border in coordination with Turkish government without any obstacles, noting that Russian warplanes destroyed during the last week 37 oil extraction and processing facilities used by terrorists in addition to targeting 17 oil convoys.

He added that terrorists are changing crude oil smuggling routes and using new paths to avoid Russian air strikes in Syria but Turkey remains their final destination.
The route is running from the areas which are controlled by ISIS in the countryside of Deir Ezzor through the road of Tell-Sfuk Post Control to al-Mosul and Zakho in Iraq, he added.

He noted that photos taken by Russian satellites during the past weeks show a sharp decline in the number of tankers transporting oil from Syria to the Turkish areas.
“One must understand that the profits from the smuggling of any products are used to finance ISIS, and any country participating in this illegal business is involved in international terrorism,” he added.


General Command: Syrian Air Force eliminates terrorist Zahran Alloush and large number of terrorist organizations’ leaders
25 December، 2015
Damascus, SANA

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces confirmed that terrorist Zahran Alloush and a number of leaders of the terrorist organizations “Islam Army,” “al-Rahman Legion,” and “Ahrar al-Cham Islamic Movement” were killed in a special operation conducted by the Syrian Air Force against terrorists’ bases in the Eastern Ghouta area, Damascus Countryside.

In a statement issued on Friday evening, the General Command said that after a series of surveillance and monitoring operations, based on accurate intelligence, and in cooperation with upright citizens, the Syrian Air Force conducted a special operation that targeted bases and concentrations of terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta, which resulted in the death of Zahran Alloush, the leader of Islam Army, along with a large number of leaders of the same terrorist organization and of al-Rahman Legion and Ahrar al-Cham, which are responsible for firing rocket shells at civilians in Damascus and its suburbs.

The statement said that this operation is part of the Syrian Arab Army’s mission to confront terrorism until it is uprooted and until security and stability are restored to the entirety of Syria, voicing determination to continue this mission and calling on all those who bear arms against the state to lay down their weapons, resolve their legal status, and help protect Syria from terrorism.

Islam Army is one of several Takfiri terrorist organizations that embrace the Wahabi mentality. This organization, which is armed and funded by Al Saud, holds thousands of people hostage in the Eastern Ghouta and targets residential areas in Damascus and its suburbs with mortars and rockets, which has the lives of many civilians, many of them women and children.


Terrorist Zahran Alloush, leader of “Islam Army” terrorist organization, killed
25 December، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Multiple sources and media outlets confirmed the death of terrorist Zahran Alloush, the leader of “Islam Army” terrorist organization, in the Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside.

Sources said that Alloush was killed by an airstrike which targeted a hideout for terrorists were a meeting for leaders of terrorist organizations was being held in the depths of the Eastern Ghouta.

The airstrike resulted in destroying the hideout completely along with those inside it, who included leaders of the terrorist organizations Islam Army, “al-Rahman Legion,” and “Ahrar al-Cham Islamic Movement,” the sources stated.

Later, sources said that terrorist Abdelnasser Shemair, the leader of “al-Rahman Legion,” was among the dead, along with 16 other terrorists, some of which were high-ranking leaders in Islam Army and al-Rahman Legion.

Meanwhile, media outlets and social networking pages affiliated with terrorists admitted that Alloush was killed along with other Islam Army leaders.

Islam Army is one of several Takfiri terrorist organizations that embrace the Wahabi mentality. This organization, which is armed and funded by Al Saud, holds thousands of people hostage in the Eastern Ghouta and targets residential areas in Damascus and its suburbs with mortars and rockets, which has the lives of many civilians, many of them women and children.


Authorities seize equipment for using chemical weapons from terrorists’ field hospital
25 December، 2015
Lattakia, SANA

Following a special operation, authorities in Lattakia province seized equipment for using chemical weapons as well as medical supplies and equipment of Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari origins which had been in the possession of terrorist organizations in Lattakia’s northern countryside.

The field commander in charge of the operation told SANA’s correspondent that following careful observation and monitoring in the area of Zahiya mountain and the villages of Utaira and al-Kabir where clashes between the army and terrorist took place, the army saw that terrorists were transporting their injured members to al-Daghdaghan farm in Rabi’a area, so a special operations unit was deployed to carry out a special operation around 1,300 meters into territories where terrorists are active to reach the terrorists’ field hospital.

The commander said that the operation was carried out over the span of two days, beginning with clashes in point 642.2 which is known as Zahiya mountain to secure the area and draw terrorists away from the special operations unit, which managed to break into the farms using their vehicles and seized all the contents and equipment in the hospital.

Another field commander said that the field hospital’s contents implied that terrorists were planning to carry out attacks using chemical or biological weapons to frame the Syrian state of using these weapons.

Meanwhile, a doctor said that the seized equipment indicate that the field hospital was a central hospital for terrorists in the area where all sorts of medical procedures can be carried out, as it contained a full operating theatre complete with anesthesia and sterilization equipment, in addition to monitoring equipment, beds, and large amounts of medicine and painkillers, some of which is very modern and some used by the U.S. army such as drugs used to stop bleeding immediately, which can’t be imported easily, in addition to equipment for using chemical and biological weapons along with a lot of advances protective masks and filters.

The doctor added that most of the seized equipment and supplies are of Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, and U.S. origin.

The army cuts off terrorists’ supply lines between al-Moadamiyeh and Daraya in Damascus countryside

Army units and Air Force kill terrorists and destroy their vehicles and bases in several areas
25 December، 2015
Provinces, SANA

ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations are suffering more losses as the army continues targeting their positions all around the country, leaving many of their members dead and cutting off their supply routes in various areas.


Army units intensified attacks on the ISIS hideouts and concentrations in al-Hadath, Umm Kadoum and near Mahin, killing dozens of terrorists and eliminating the ISIS presence in al-Hadath.

A military source said the army also intensified air strikes on Mahin, killing scores of ISIS terrorists and destroying their weaponry and vehicles.

The army air force destroyed Jabhet al-Nusra hideouts and gatherings in al-Zaafaranyeh al-Sharqyeh, Teir Maala, Alkan Mount, Wadi al-Khanazeir and Talbeseh in Homs northern countryside, killing dozens of terrorists and destroyed a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.


Army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established control over Rwaysat al-Aouda and Rwayasat al-Harami in Lattakia north-eastern countryside.

Hama and Idleb

An Army and Armed Forces unit destroyed a vehicle along with the five terrorists on board in a precision strike in al-Zakat village 35 km north of Hama city, sources on the ground told SANA’s correspondent.

The sources said other army unit carried out intensive operations targeting the bases and fortified sites of Ahrar al-Cham Islamic Movement” terrorist organization in Kafr Zeta town, resulting in the death of 8 terrorists including Ahmad Shafiq al-Asaad and injuring 10 others.

A special operations carried out by an army unit against hideouts and fortified sites of “Al-Izza gathering” terrorist organization in al-Latamneh town south of Kafr Zeta resulted in the destruction of two bases and the death of a number of terrorists including Abdelkarim al-Khaled and Ahmad Abdelkarim al-Wassel.

In the southern countryside of Idleb province, an army unit killed 6 terrorists in strikes on their hideouts and concentrations in Khan Sheikhoun city, while another unit killed 3 terrorists and destroyed their weapons and military equipment in al-Fatira village in Jabal al-Zawiya area.

Deir Ezzor

A military source told SANA that the Syrian Air Force carried out a series of airstrikes targeting hideouts and concentrations of ISIS terrorists in Baqjaji farm in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Airport, which resulted in killing and injuring scores of terrorists and destroying a number of their vehicles, some of which were equipped with heavy machineguns.

The army inflicts more material losses and casualties upon terrorists
24 December، 2015
Provinces, SANA

More of the terrorists’ hideouts and vehicles are getting destroyed as the army units targeted their positions and sites in various areas across the country.


Army units destroyed targeted ISIS positions in the villages of Sharbaa, Rasm al-Kabir and Rasm al-Kama in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province.

A military source told SANA that hideouts and vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns were destroyed in the operations.

More vehicles for ISIS terrorists were destroyed in al-Bab city, 38 km northeast of Aleppo city, and in the surroundings of al-Nairab Airport, 10 km east of the city.

Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorists had some of their centers hit and destroyed by the army units in Orum al-Kubra and al-Zirbeh villages in western and southwestern Aleppo.

In the northwestern countryside, an army unit directly hit gatherings of terrorists in Hreitan town, leaving many of them dead and destroying their weapons and vehicles.

Sites of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were targeted in the neighborhoods of al-Lairamoun, Bani Zaid, al-Sakhour, al-Sheikh Khodr and al-Rashidin in Aleppo city.

Idleb, Hama

Field sources confirmed the death of at least 22 terrorists from so-called Jaish al-Fatah in the army’s operations against their positions in Idleb and Hama countryside.


The Syrian Air Force destroyed ISIS’ positions and dens in al-Hadath, Hawarin and Jabal Mahin al-Kabir in the southeast countryside of Homs.

The army’s air force also raided ISIS positions and destroyed their weapons in the surroundings of al-Bayarat to the west of Palmyra.


An army unit killed a number of terrorists in al-Gharbi neighborhood in Attman town to the north of Daraa city.

Another army unit destroyed a vehicle belonging to Jabhat al-Nusra along with all terrorists inside it to the south of al-Abassyia Cemetery in Daraa al-Balad.

12 persons injured due to terrorist rocket attack in Aleppo
24 December، 2015
Aleppo, SANA

12 persons were injured when terrorists fired a number of rocket shells on al-Tilal neighborhood in Aleppo city.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA that terrorists positioned in al-Nassr neighborhood targeted with rocket shells al-Tilal neighborhood, injuring 12 persons who were rushed to the University Hospital for treatment.

According to the source, the attack also caused material damage to citizens’ properties.

The army repels an ISIS attack on military posts in Deir Ezzor city, kills more terrorists in other areas
23 December، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The army has repelled an ISIS assault on military posts in Deir Ezzor city and its units in other provinces continued operations against terrorists, killing many of them and destroying their hideouts and vehicles.

Damascus countryside

Army units advanced in the surroundings of Marj al-Sultan Military Airport and Harasta farms in operations carried out against Jabhat al-Nusra, Jaish al-Islam, al-Rahman brigades and other terrorist organizations in Eastern Ghouta.

Field sources said told SANA reporter that the army units established control over new farms to the west of Marj al-Sultan military airport in Eastern Ghouta.

Another unit of army carried out intensive operations against positions and dens of Jaish al-Islam terrorists, killing two terrorist leaders in Housh al-Dawahra village to the south of Douma city in addition to destroying dens inside Douma.

The sources added that a depot was destroyed and five terrorists were killed and 15 others were injured in accurate strikes against dens of al-Rahman brigades in Zamalka town.

A unit of army advanced in Harasta farms to the east of Nour al-Sham school towards al-Shukr mosque in Douma farms and killed a number of terrorists.

Meanwhile, three terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra were killed and others were arrested in accurate operation by an army unit in Qara town in al-Qalamoun area.

Deir Ezzor

An army unit thwarted an attempt by ISIS terrorists to attack military posts in al-Sinaa neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city.

Field sources told SANA on Wednesday that the terrorists used car bombs in their attack, but were repelled by the army personnel who fought fierce clashes after they exploded the cars before reaching the military posts.

Many of ISIS terrorists were killed during the clashes, while the rest escaped, according to the sources.


An army unit targeted a hideout for terrorists in al-Mansoura village in the northwestern countryside of Hama province, destroying the hideout completely and killing at least three terrorists.

Four more terrorists were killed and a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition was destroyed in an army operation in Lahaya al-Sharqiyeh village on al-Latamneh-Kafr Zita axis in the northern countryside of Hama.

In the neighboring Idleb province, an army unit carried out an operation in which it targeted a gathering of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Bdama village, 2 km away from the Turkish borders, killing four terrorists and destroying a center containing arms and ammunition.

On the southern outskirts of Idleb city, the sources confirmed that the terrorists Moussa Abdul-Salam, Ahmad al-Amir and Mustafa Abdul-Jalil were killed in army operation against positions for Jaish al-Fateh terrorists.


Hideouts and supply routes for ISIS terrorists were targeted in army airstrikes in Tal al-Hattabat village and al-Bab city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo province.

A military source told SANA in a statement that large amounts of weapons, ammunition and vehicles equipped with machine guns were destroyed in the airstrikes.

Gathering of ISIS terrorists were hit, with vehicles destroyed, in army airstrikes in Ayn al-Bayda village, 125 northeast of Aleppo city.


Army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established control on point 458.5 to the direction of al-Kabir Black Mountain in Lattakia northern countryside


The army’s air force destroyed gatherings of ISIS terrorists in al-Hadath in Homs.

The army’s air force carried out sorties on positions and dens of ISIS, killing a number of them and destroying their vehicles on al-Taiba-al-Sukhna raod to the east of Palmyra in Homs countryside.