PFLP Condemns the Assassination of Resistance Leader Samir Kuntar

samirkuntarThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the assassination of the martyr Samir Kuntar, who was dedicated to the resistance and liberation of Palestine from a young age, and continued to struggle after his freedom from captivity in occupation prisons, for the liberation of the Golan Heights and Palestine.

The Popular Front urged all forces of Arab resistance to unite to confront the Zionist fascist forces that feed on internal division and conflict, and promote destructie schemes against the Arab people.

“This treacherous crime that targeted the struggler, liberated prisoner Samir Kuntar, confirms the extent of the Zionist enemy’s hatred for the role of the great martyr Kuntar,” said Comrade Maher al-Taher, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, denouncing the “act of Zionist terrorism that targeted the leader Samir Kuntar on the land of Syria.”

“Throughout four decades of his life, Samir Kuntar was a guerilla, a prisoner, a steadfast leader and a spearhead of the resistance,” said the Prisoners’ Commission of the PFLP, in a statement on the assassination of Kuntar.

“As we mourn the martyr of the Arab nation and the resistance, we are proud to affirm that the leadership and struggle of Samir Kuntar, who gave so much in steadfastness and in his blood, will remain a beacon for all who fight for liberation in the world, and will remain a symbol of struggle and resistance for generations to come,” said the Commmission.

Further, the Commission said, “we warn of the consequences of continuing to target liberated prisoners, which indicates the hatred of the Zionist war machine for them. This treacherous crime must be confronted and liberated prisoners must be protected from the attacks of the Zionist enemy. The blood of the leader Samir Kuntar will not create anything but more determination to continue on the same path of resistance, of Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab resistance and liberation in the Golan, of the occupied Arab lands in Bekaa, and all of Palestine.”

Sa’adat: Samir Kuntar was committed to resistance in word, thought and deed

The following message in honor of the martyr Samir Kuntar was issued by imprisoned PFLP General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, from Ramon Prison:

On behalf of my Comrades in the Political Bureau and the Central Committee, and the branch of the Front in the occupation prisons, and the cadres and members of the Front, I extend to the Lebanese and Palestinian people, the Arab nation, and the international movements for liberation my deepest condolences, revolutionary anger and solidarity in struggle as we bid farewell to the Arab struggler, the martyr Samir Kuntar, who was always loyal to the cause of Palestine.

He set his compass early to Palestine. Despite decades of imprisonment and physical injury he was for all of his life a solid struggler, armed with will, determination and resolve, believing in resistance in thought, word and deed, and committed to the inevitability of victory, true to the principles of liberation in which he was trained.

The martyr, through his loyalty and sacrifice, took a well-deserved place in the hearts and consciences of the Palestinian and Arab peoples, and his brothers and comrades in all factions, the national and Islamic forces who lived with him inside the prisons of the occupation.

Once again we send our warmest condolences to the family of the martyr, the fighters in the resistance, and the adoptive mother of prisoners, Um Jaber Wishah, on the departure of this leader and revolutionary commando. We renew our confidence in the resistance to avenge this crime, and to proceed on the same line of march.

Glory to the martyrs, victory to our people!

Ahmad Sa’adat
Ramon Prison
20 December 2015

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