The Final Resolution of the Democratic Syria Congress Released

10th December 2015
ANF – Derik

The final resolution of the Democratic Syria Congress (Conference) seeking a resolution to the crisis in Syria has been released.

The congress was held on 8-9 December in Rojava’s Derîk city with the slogan “Towards the building of a free and democratic Syria.” 103 delegates representing Syrian political, military and societal opposition organisations attended the event.

Following the decision to establish a Democratic Syrian Assembly to serve as the political representative in Syria of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), participants have determined that the Assembly will be comprised of 42 people.

The final resolution of the Democratic Syria Congress was made public at a press conference and read by Wheat Wave Movement (Teyar Al-Qemih) member Salih Al-Labwani.

The final resolution read; “The Democratic Syria Congress was organised and successfully finalised with the participation of Syrian opposition groups and representatives of all social circles under extraordinary conditions. Syria has been turned into a blood-bath of violence, and become the main location for international and regional forces’ struggle for domination, in the face of which terrorist forces have engaged in various bargains over this tragedy.

The political and societal circles participating in the conference have achieved a consensus on forming a political power called the Democratic Syria Assembly (MSD) with an aim to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in the current historic period, leading the Syrian revolutionary democratic movement on the right course, and ending the present fragmentation, bloodshed and the darkness the country is being dragged into.

All the forces that have merged under the roof of the Congress have united their will in order to form a democratic constitution to enable solutions to the Syrian crisis through democratic peaceful discussion, dialogue and talks; to fight terror; to hold free and democratic elections required by the current process in Syria; to secure the faith, culture and identities of all Syrian peoples; and to achieve social consensus on the basis of their democratic will.

Participants declare through the political consensus approved by the Congress that the present despotic mindset has first degree responsibility for the current situation in the country; that this mindset goes against the multicultural, multi-faith, multi-ethnic and pluralist reality of Syrian society; and that this despotic mindset will be hindered through the development of a pluralist society based on a common land and free life recognising all peoples and their cultures.

Congress participants have announced that they will represent, in the political arena, the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) comprised of youths from all Syrian peoples. The QSD has defeated terrorist forces and cleared a large part of Syrian lands from gang groups due to their resistance and courage and given many martyrs.

The Congress also called attention to the issue of migration and has decided to find a solution to stop this and ensure the return of those who have fled. With its fertile geography and rich economy, our country Syria has the infrastructure to attain a dignified life for all the components in Syria. Determination has been manifested to develop this structure on the basis of equal and fair sharing.

As the Democratic Syria Assembly, our working principle has a moral character which is not grounded on the reflexes and methods of any political party in Syria.

The Democratic Syria Assembly will treat relations between Syria and neighboring countries on the basis of respect, work for peace, a calm and common life, and continue its struggle in accordance with international conventions.

The Democratic Syria Assembly announces that its establishment is a moral responsibility and is no counter reflex against any political circle or method in Syria.

The Democratic Syria Assembly will give its struggle in line with international laws.

The MSD is a political, national and democratic project for all social and political structures that are fighting to recover the country from the current situation and are in efforts to build an alternative democratic system aiming at change.

The Democratic Syria Assembly will therefore wage a political struggle to recover the country from the spiral of violence by means of its civilian and political power and with the participation of national individuals.

Within the scope of international conventions, the Assembly will be in dialogue with international institutions and engage in methods to enable the transformation of Syria and develop a pluralist and centralist system.”

The congress was attended by 103 delegates representing Syrian political, military and societal opposition organisations including representatives from Democratic Autonomy Administration (TEV-DEM), Rojava Political Consultation Party Group, Syrian Democratic Community, Honor and Rights Agreement Community, Wheat Wave Movement (Teyar El-Qemih), and Syrian National Democratic Consensus Committee.

The congress was organised as an alternative to the Riyadh conference in Saudi Arabia, which the Kurdish organisations and Syrian Democratic Forces were not invited to. Jihadist groups like Ahrar Al-Sham attended the Riyadh conference, which is being spearheaded by the Saudis, Turkey and international forces.


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