Al-Jaafari : Governments Involved in Looting Antiquities in Syria Should be Brought to Justice

9 December، 2015
New York, SANA

Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari called for confronting threats which target the cultural possessions in Syria and Iraq through punishing the governments that are directly involved in acts of looting and marketing the historical findings.

“The governments, which were the reason behind bringing terrorists to Syria and Iraq to loot the cultural possessions, particularly the Turkish regime, should be brought to justice,”

al-Jaafari said at a UN General Assembly session to discuss “term 10” titled “returning cultural possessions to their original countries.”

He affirmed that the regime of Erdogan and the Turkish gangs linked to him are the main traffickers and marketers for the acts of looting the Syrian ruins and exchanging them with weapons and money for the terrorists.

Al-Jaafari was regretful because the crimes of the Islamic State (ISIS) which destroyed the historic Arc de Triumph and Temple of Baalshamin, in addition to other heinous acts against hundreds of historic sites, are being carried out in light of an international shameful silence.

He expressed concern over the international failure to stop the Turkish gangs from marketing artifacts illegally at international exhibitions and on websites, museums and auctions, affirming that this is clear proof on the recklessness of some sides to fulfill their commitments and apply the context of UN security Council resolution 2199.

“All had the knowledge about the Turkish regime involvement in the acts of looting the Syrian factories and transporting them to Turkey… this regime is considered as the first marketer for ISIS petroleum, stolen from the Syrian and Iraqi wells through Turkish gangs that are protected and controlled by Erdogan’s son,”

al-Jaafari said.

He expressed the Syrian delegation’s support to the context of the draft resolution which reminds of the need for respecting and implementing UN Security Council resolution No.2199, affirming that carrying out this resolution will guarantee cutting off the funding sources of terrorists and their criminal acts against the Syrians, their civilization and cultural possessions.