Civilians Killed in Da’esh, Al-Nusra Unceasing Attacks on Kobani, Aleppo

Immediate Release for the Media and Public Opinion

KOBANI, Rojava
December 5, 2015

On the night of December 2 in the region between western Kobani and the Euphrates River, elements of the terrorist group known as Daesh (ISIS), utilizing a variety of heavy weapons, launched an attack on the village Qereqozax from their occupied positions south of the town Jarabulus. The attacks came in row with constant assaults from western Euphrates which have so far killed and injured tens of civilian settled in southwestern Kobani.

In the midday of Thursday, December 3, a unit of enemy forces linked to the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front carried out a major attack on the Jandol Sq. and the Castello Road using heavy artillery fire. Directly targeting areas inhabited by civilian population, the attack killed one civilian and injured ten others. Combined forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) who were deployed to intervene in the region were engaged in a close confrontation with the assailants. As a result of the battle there, Al-Nusra terrorists’ attack was effectively repelled, during several quick counterattacks, the Defense Units managed to destroy 6 military vehicles of the attackers, killing and wounding a significant number of occupants. The enemy forces’ dead or wounded could not be immediately confirmed.

On the night of December 3, another terrorist attack was encountered in the location around the village Qereqozax. The attempt which was also carried out by the Daesh terrorists from positions in southern Jarabulus, continued to target civilians and their properties in the area.

Yesterday, December 4, the Al-Nusra terrorists attempted a new wave of mortar attacks on the Jandol Square, the Castello Road and the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in northern Aleppo.

At 3 pm Friday, December 4, members of the Daesh terror group desperately tried to complete an attack on the village Mirveh in south of town Sarrin, Kobani region. A short-term conflict was experienced in the location after the Defense Units became involved in the tense circumstances. The fighting there forced the Daesh attack elements to flee the district after suffering an unconfirmed number of casualties in their ranks.

People’s Defense Units YPG
Press Office

The People’s and Women’s Protection Units YPG/YPJ, are only 40KM away from the self proclaimed ISIS capital Raqqa.

ISIS has tried to break through the YPG/YPJ frontlines several times, but all attempts have failed so far.

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