Syria in the Last 48 Hours : Russian Counter-terrorism Mission is in Syria by Invitation of the Government

Syria in the Last 24 Hours : Russian MoD Exposes Illegal Oil Transit Routes From Syria into Turkey

President Vladimir Putin’s Address to Federal Assembly : National Priorities, Deepening Anti-fascist, Anti-terrorist Resistance

For the last week, on November 26 – December 4, the Russian aircraft have performed 431 combat sorties from the Hmeymim airbase making pinpoint strikes on 1458 terrorist objects in Syria

In the course of the last week, November 26 – December 4, the Russian aircraft have performed 431 combat sorties from the Hmeymim airbase making pinpoint strikes on 1458 terrorist objects in the Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Deir ez-Zor and Raqqah provinces.

It is to be emphasized that during all the flights the Russian bombers and attack aircraft were protected by Su-30SM fighters.

In the course of the combat task performance, command and control centres, training camps, ammunition and weaponry depots, strong points of militants of the terrorist groups active on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic were destroyed.

Near Hnefis (Homs province), a hidden terrorist command centre was uncovered.

The centre had coordinated artillery strikes of illegal armed groups conducted against inhabited areas.

An airstrike completely destroyed the object, the artillery command is disrupted in that area.

Near Morek settlement (Hama province) a large terrorist weaponry and ammunition depot was eliminated. Direct hit of an airbomb destroyed the object completely.

Near Kesab (Latakia province), a large strong point of militants at one of the main tactical heights was eliminated.

Several airstrikes were made on that facility.

The first one caused detonation at the militants’ ammunition depot. The second and the third ones eliminated artillery and mortar positions as well as bunkers of terrorists.

The Russian pinpoint strikes resulted in occupation of that height by the Syrian governmental forces.

In the same province, information about a meeting of field commanders at one of the terrorist training camps was obtained through several intelligence channels. After the information was confirmed, a pair of Su-34 aircraft was aimed at the camp. As a result of the usage of a smart bomb on a fortified bunker, a leader of one of the large illegal armed groups Abu-Abdu and a number of other field commanders were eliminated.

In addition, in the course of the week, several leaders were eliminated near Al-Latamna (Hama province).

Information confirmed through different channels registers more and more frequently that militants suffer heavy losses, they are demoralized and are trying to leave their positions.

Thus, militants have left their positions near Jebel Rmili, Hazm al-Abyad and Wadi al-Sayeh (Homs province).

Last week, the Russian aviation destroyed 12 oil transfer stations and 8 oil fields and oil-and-gas complexes as well as more than 170 oil trucks.

In the course of last day, Su-34 bombers carried out strikes on two automobile columns on the  highways near Aleppo, Raqqah, and Deir-ez-Zor. The strikes resulted in elimination of up to 40 tankers and heavy vehicles re-equipped for oil transportation.

Russian air strike on a terrorists’ dug-out shelter (Latakia province)

Airstrike on a militants’ transfer point (Raqqah province)

Airstrike on a training base of the Jabhat al-Nusra militants (Aleppo province)

Strike of the Russian aviation against a large ISIS depot (Idlib province)

Airstrike on an automobile column transporting oil products (Aleppo province)

Russian air defence radars, which are located at the Hmeymim airbase, are controlling the airspace day and night.

The Russian Defence Ministry is observing air missions carried out by the international coalition over the Syrian territories.

In the recent days, triple increase in the number of strategic UAVs has been registered.

During some periods of time, there are more than 50 UAV’s in the sky over Syria simultaneously.

It is worth mentioning, that most UAV’s of so-called coalition are conducting intelligence operations over oil production regions and the ones, which are located along the Syrian-Turkish borderline. These are the regions, where the main oil trafficking is observed.

There is no need to explain that the colleagues are able to share the information on situation at the Syrian-Turkish border and concerning the volumes and directions of the oil trafficking, if, of course, they wish.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Information Minister: UK airstrikes against ISIS “all noise of bombing and propaganda”
4 December، 2015
London, SANA

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi described the UK airstrikes against ISIS’ sites in Syria as “a noise of bombing and propaganda”.

Al-Zoubi told BBC channel that Syria welcomes the efforts of any country that aim at fighting terrorism “But it should follow the example of Russia and work with the Syrian government if it is serious in the fight against ISIS.”

He pointed out that any country which fails to co-ordinate with the Syrian army and government is not fighting ISIS but just pretending to do so to improve its image in front of their parliaments and people.

“They might bomb and they might carry out air strikes, but it won’t win the fight against terrorism. It’s all noise and bombing and propaganda, with no results on the ground,” he added.

British Defense Ministry announced that its warplanes launched on Thursday morning their first airstrikes against supposed positions of ISIS in Syria without clarifying the results of those strikes.

The strikes came hours after the British Parliament approved the involvement of UK in the US-led Coalition against ISIS.

Terrorists’ positions and equipment destroyed in several provinces
4 December، 2015
Provinces, SANA

More hideouts and positions for the terrorist organizations are being targeted by the army units and the Syrian Air Force, with many terrorists getting killed and their weapons and equipment destroyed.


Army units destroyed vehicles, equipment and weapons for ISIS terrorist organization in Um Zalila and Tal Ayoub, 40 km east of Aleppo, a military source told SANA on Friday.

Other army units killed and injured all members of a terrorist group and destroyed their arms in Khalsa village in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo province.

An army unit targeted hideouts and movements of terrorists in Hreitan town, 10 km northwest of Aleppo city, on the road leading to Turkey, destroying a number of vehicles, some of which equipped with heavy machineguns.

The Syrian army’s air force carried out sorties against the sites and movements of ISIS in Deir Hafir and the villages of Shoirikh, Rasm al-Harmal, Jorouf and north of Rasm al-Koroum in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Oil tankers belonging to ISIS were destroyed during the sorties in addition to many vehicles and dens along with all weapons and ammunition inside them.

The army carried out intensive operations on hideouts and positions for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the neighborhoods of al-Rashidin, al-Lairamoun, al-Zahraa and Bani Zaid in Aleppo city, killing many terrorists and destroying a number of their mortar launchers, arms and ammunition.

Army units also killed more than 70 terrorists after targeting their hideouts and concentrations in al-Sheikh Lutfi, al-Mansoura, al-Lairamon, Deir hafer, Izaz, al-Bab and Khan al-Assal in Aleppo.

Army units established control over Nasrallah village, north-east of the air force academy in Aleppo’s eastern countryside.


The army established control over Rawbasa al-Hamida and Katf al-Zyara in Kanabsa in Lattakia’s north-eastern countryside.

Scores of terrorists were killed in the process and their weaponry and vehicles were destroyed.


In southern Syria, an army unit clashed with members of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations and destroyed a hideout, arms and weapons near Busra Square in Daraa al-Mahatta area in Daraa city.

A gathering of terrorists was targeted and their ammunition and arms were destroyed in an army operation in al-Nazihin Camp in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in the city.

Army units targeted dens for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in Tal Shhab, 17 southwest of Daraa city.

The army’s air force destroyed positions for terrorist organizations in Samlin, Inkhel and Zamrin in the countryside of Daraa province.


The army’s air force destroyed positions and gatherings of ISIS terrorists in al-Sukhneh, the area surrounding Palmyra, al-Sawaneh and Khneifis in the countryside of Homs province.

The army also destroyed hideouts for the ISIS terrorists in al-Qaryatin and al-Hayal Mount and killed and injured scores of terrorists.

The army also destroyed a rigged vehicle for the ISISI in al-Bayarat.

In Homs northern countryside, the army destroyed hideouts for Jabhet a-Nusra terrorists in al-Amryeh, Tairmala and Talbeseh, north of Homs city and killed scores of terrorists.


The Syrian Air Force launched airstrikes against terrorist’s gatherings and fortified positions in Mourek town to the north of Hama city.

The dens and positions of “Jabhat al-Nusra” were destroyed during the airstrikes.

The Army’s airstrikes also targeted the supply routes and movements of the so called “Jaish al-Fateh” in Skiek town, destroying their vehicles along with all terrorists and weapons inside them.

Army units carried out operations against the positions of “Jund al-Aqsa” in Latmin and al-Latamina in Hama.

During the operations, 13 terrorists were killed, including Ali Mansour, Ahmad Abdul-Karim al-Najib and Khaled al-Awz.

11 terrorists were during army’s airstrikes in Morik, including the Turkish terrorist Abdul-Kader Abu Yousef in addition to destroying 7 of their vehicles.


An Army unit targeted a site of the so called “Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union” near al-Salam checkpoint in the southern countryside of Idleb, killing 6 terrorists.

Another army unit destroyed a bulldozer and a terrorists’ position with 7 of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, who were inside it, to the southwest of Ihsim.

The Army destroyed a weapons cache in Saraqib city and killed more than 10 terrorists.

Mortar attacks kill one citizen in Damascus
4 December، 2015
Damascus, SANA

A citizen was killed due to terrorist mortar attacks on Rukneddin and al-Qassaa neighborhoods in Damascus.

A source at Police Command told SANA reporter that two mortar shells fired by the terrorists of the so called “Jaish al-Islam” hit Rukneddin neighborhood, killing a citizen and causing material damage to two houses.

The source added that material damage was caused to a residential building in al-Qassaa neighborhood.

Russia fights terrorism in Syria upon official request by the legitimate ‪Syrian‬ authorities, ‪Putin‬ asserts

The Kremlin said it welcomed any extra help in the fight against terrorist group Islamic State after Britain started combat sorties in Syria. Moscow observed, however, that it is the only foreign party acting in Syria legitimately.

“We continue to welcome any effort aimed at fighting terrorism and Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] in particular. We believe that if such efforts are coordinated as part of a single coalition, they would become more effective,” said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on British bombings on militants in Syria.

Earlier on Wednesday the British parliament voted to allow RAF launch combat missions targeting terrorist forces in Syria. British warplanes conducted the first strikes hours later, although the Ministry of Defence would not reveal details of the operation.

The UK acts as part of the US-led coalition fighting against IS, which has occupied parts of Iraq and Syria.

Earlier British troops engaged the jihadists in Iraq on an invitation from Baghdad, but not in Syria, which issued no such request.

Russia is fighting against terrorists in Syria, but not in Iraq, and is doing so outside of the US-led effort.

Moscow and Washington are at a conflict over how political transition in Syria should happen. The US and its allies say that no transition may happen unless Syrian President Bashar Assad steps down, claiming that he is no longer a legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

Moscow sees the Syrian Army as the force most capable of destroying terrorist groups in the country and that the government in Damascus speaks for a large portion of the Syrian population.

The Russian campaign in Syria was launched on a request from that country’s government.

The Russian campaign in Syria was launched on a request from that country’s government, much like the US-led coalition effort in Iraq. Moscow does not engage targets in Iraq since it has neither a UN Security Council mandate nor an invitation from Baghdad to use force in Iraq. Nor has Russia expressed a desire to do so.

The US-led coalition attacks targets in Syria without a formal request from Damascus and no UNSC mandate, acting in violation of the international law.

The US-led coalition attacks targets in Syria without a formal request from Damascus and no UNSC mandate, acting in violation of the international law, a point that Peskov reiterated in his comments.


Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces discussed issues concerning cooperation against ISIS in Syria with his French colleague

On December 2, upon the initiative of the French party a telephone conversation between the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces – the First Deputy Defence Minister General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and Chief of the Defence Staff General Pierre de Villiers.

In the course of the conversation, the parties shared their opinions concerning situation and prospects of interaction aimed to fight ISIS in Syria.

General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and General Pierre de Villiers agreed to continue bilateral contacts.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Syrian Arab Army’s BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launcher in action in al-Ghab plains against al-Nusra terrorist group.
Syrian Arab Army

Dozens of terrorists killed in a number of provinces
3 December، 2015
Provinces, SANA

Army units continued their operations in a number of provinces on Thursday, killing dozens of terrorists and obliterating their hideouts and concentrations.


In Aleppo’s southern countryside, the army killed more than 14 terrorists in a series of operations in which terrorists’ hideouts and fortifications were destroyed.

Army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, established full control over Tal al-Ja’eiri, south of Tal Dadin in the southern countryside of Aleppo after eliminating the last terrorist hideouts in the area and killing more than 15 of the Jabhet al-Nusra terrorist organization.

Deir Ezzor

The army destroyed dens and vehicles of ISIS terrorists in al-Hweikah, Hamidya, Old Airport and worker’ neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor.


The army’s air force raided sites of so-called Jaish al-Fatah terrorist organization in Hama northern countryside.

The army bombarded gatherings of the terrorists in Morek and al-Latamneh, destroying a number of vehicles and ammunitions.

The military operations ended up with the killing of 29 terrorists of Ahrar al-Sham in Kafr Zeita and Korek.


In Lattakia, the army continued its operations in the province’s northern countryside and killed a number of terrorists, including a group’s leader.

The army’s air force carried out raids on dens of Jabhat al-Nusra and other affiliated organizations in Bouz al-Kherbeh, Akko and Kabani in Lattakia north-eastern countryside.


Army units destroyed a rigged BMP vehicle for ISIS terrorists before reaching a military checkpoint near al-Qaryatin, which is located in the south eastern countryside of Homs.

The army also targeted ISIS hideouts and concentrations in a number of areas near al- Qaryatin, destroying over 15 vehicles and killing scores of terrorists.

Army units destroyed gatherings of ISIS in al- Qaryatayn Mountains and the area surrounding al-Madina al-Tamthylia in the eastern countryside of Homs.

Army establishes control over Rasem al-Abed village in Aleppo countryside
3 December، 2015
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UK launches its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria
3 December، 2015
London, SANA

British Defense Ministry announced that its warplanes launched on Thursday morning their first airstrikes against supposed positions of ISIS in Syria without clarifying the results of those strikes.

The strikes came hours after the British Parliament approved the involvement of UK in the US-led Coalition against ISIS.

“Tornado jets have carried out their first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, targeting an oil field and returned to Akrotiri air base in Cyprus,” AFP quoted the speaker of the UK Ministry of Defense as saying.

The speaker added that 2 Tornado jets and 6 Typhoon attack jets will be sent in the coming hours to beef up the squadron located in Cyprus.
In turn, British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that the ministry will evaluate the results of the British airstrikes later, claiming that the airstrikes aim at degrading the oil revenues of ISIS.

A number of Western analysts believe that the UK involvement in the US-led coalition will not be effective.

Army Intensifies Clashes with Terrorists in 5 Provinces
3 December، 2015

TEHRAN (FNA)- Clashes resumed between the Syrian army and the terrorists in several regions across the country on Thursday as government forces are determined to purge their homeland of the foreign-backed Takfiri militants.

According to the Arabic-language al-Alam news channel, the army engaged in heavy clashes with the terrorists in the provinces of Damascus, Quneitra, Aleppo, Homs and Lattakia.

Reports said a large group of terrorists have been killed and injured in the clashes so far.

There are no more details available.

On Wednesday, vast areas to the North of Marj al-Sultan village in Damascus countryside were liberated from the control of the terrorists after the army destroyed militants’ positions.

Field sources said on Wednesday that the army directed heavy blow at terrorists from the so-called Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union and al-Nusra Front, and regained control of more farms to the North of Marj al-Sultan village.

The sources added that the Syrian troops advanced towards Harasta al-Qantara and Noulah in the South of the Eastern Ghouta.

A large group of terrorists, including senior commander, were killed during the military operations.

Izz Eddin Barkhash, Ala Wafa, Ahmad Ghazal and Mahmoud Sarhan, a senior commander of a terrorist group, were identified among the dead terrorists.

Terrorists in Hama Pinned Down under Army’s Massive Artillery Fire

The Syrian army has been pounding terrorists since Wednesday to cut off their line of supply in Hama, sources said, adding that several trucks loaded with arms supplies were targeted during the shelling.

The source said one of the trucks that was targeted and destroyed during the shelling was carrying large amounts of weapons and ammunition on the road between Doir al-Akrad and Jub al-Za’arour in Hama countryside on Wednesday.

All the terrorists on board were killed in the blast.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces killed and wounded a group of Jeish al-Fateh members as they stormed the terrorists’ positions near Morek in Hama province.

At least 18 terrorists of Jeish al-Fateh terrorists were killed and injured near Morek in Hama, informed sources said.

Militants’ tank and weapons were also seized by the Syrian forces, the sources added.

To be continued…