Al-Moallem : Syria-Russia Relations Enter Strategic, Multiple-dimension Alliance

26 November، 2015
Moscow, SANA

Bilateral relations between Syria and Russia have stepped into an unprecedented strategic phase of the multiple-dimension alliance with economic and cultural sides along with the military and political ones, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said on Thursday.

Al-Moallem’s remarks came during a meeting with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is chairing the Russian side to the Syrian-Russian government committee for economic and technical-scientific cooperation that is meeting in Moscow.

Stressing that the economy is an essential part of Syria’s steadfastness, al-Moallem voiced readiness for holding a new round of the committee as soon as possible.

He noted that the Russian companies, among companies of other friendly countries, have been given priority in the post-crisis reconstruction stage in Syria.

Rogozin, for his part, reaffirmed Russia’s support for Syria in all issues, saying Russia is participating in fighting terrorism in deeds not just in words and is supporting the Syrian army in its war against the terrorists.

The recent days, Rogozin said, have revealed those who are really fighting terrorism and those who are backing ISIS and other terrorist organizations, stressing that Russia is practicing its presence in Syria legally as it is aimed at fighting the “common evil”.

He referred to countries that talk about standing against terrorism in words, whereas they are actually sponsoring terrorism directly and providing the terrorists with all forms of support.

Rogozin cited Turkey’s recent downing of the Russian jet fighting terrorists in Syria as an example of those countries backing terrorism.

The objective of this Turkish “crime”, he said, is to keep things as they are on the ground and support ISIS control over territories in Syria, especially in the oil-rich areas.

Ankara, he elaborated, is gaining millions of dollars from the oil that is stolen from Syria and flows on a large scale into Turkey.

The Russian official warned that those who seek to “intimidate us” will have counter results, because “we are committed to achieving all the goals we have set in front of us, and I mean primarily the Russian air operation in Syria to fight terrorism.”

Moscow, he noted, will thoroughly assess the international reactions to Turkey’s downing of the Russian aircraft “especially after all masks have been dropped and it has now become clear who to work with to achieve the political solution in Syria.”

Rogozin pointed out that a new round of the Syrian-Russian joint committee is due to be held in Damascus soon where it will focus on discussing joint projects and the Russian companies’ contribution in Syria’s reconstruction process.

H. Said