Medvedev : Turkey’s Actions Undermine Relations with Russia

On arriving in Yekaterinburg from Southeast Asia, Dmitry Medvedev comments on events related to the Russian Su-24 aircraft

25 November 2015

The recklessly criminal actions by the Turkish authorities that shot down a Russian aircraft have led to three consequences. The first is a dangerous aggravation of Russian-NATO relations, which cannot be justified by any rationale, including state border protection. Second, Turkey has demonstrated by its actions that it is, in effect, defending the ISIS terrorists, which is not surprising, given the available information that certain Turkish officials have direct financial interest in deliveries of oil products from ISIS-owned facilities. And third, long-standing friendly relations between Russia and Turkey, including economic and cultural relations, have been undermined. This damage will be difficult to repair. The direct consequences are likely to be the renunciation of a number of important joint projects and the loss by Turkish companies of their positions in the Russian market.

Turkey’s Actions Undermine Relations with Russia
25 November، 2015
Moscow, SANA

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev described on Wednesday Turkey’s actions to down the Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 plane in Syria as “criminal”, saying they unveiled that Turkey is protecting ISIS terrorists.

“Turkey has demonstrated by its actions, in fact, the protection of the ISIS terrorist group. That is not surprising, taking into account the available information about the direct financial interest of some Turkish officials linked with the supply of petroleum products produced at enterprises held by ISIS,” Russian Sputnik news agency quoted Medvedev as saying to reporters.

The Prime Minister warned that one of the consequences of the “recklessly criminal actions” of Turkey is “the dangerous worsening of relations between Russia and NATO, which cannot be justified by any interests.”

He also warned that the Russian-Turkish relations, including in the economy and humanitarian spheres, have been undermined.

“This damage will be difficult to repair-its direct consequence may be the cessation of a number of important joint projects and the loss by Turkish companies of their positions on the Russian market,” added Medvedev.

Russia lodges strong protest to Turkish Ambassador in Moscow

In a relevant context, Russian Foreign Ministry lodged a strong protest to the Turkish Ambassador in Moscow over the Su-24 jet downing by Turkey over the Syrian territories.

The Russian Su-24 aircraft was downed yesterday by an air-to-air missile launched from a Turkish F-16 fighter jet when it was returning from an anti-terrorist mission in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that attack on the Russian warplane would have “grave consequences” for the Russian-Turkish relations.

The Russian Armed Forces General Staff announced that “All military contacts with Turkey will be suspended.”

Peskov: Russia to continue operations in Syria

Meanwhile, Spokesman for the Russian Presidency Dmitry Peskov said Russia will continue its counter-terrorism operations in Syria in all areas, including those near the Syrian-Turkish borders.

He told TAS News Agency on Wednesday that the operations are carried out in accordance with international law and were initiated upon a formal request by the legal leadership of Syria.

Earlier on Tuesday, Peskov said shooting the Russian plane over the Syrian soil is “Very dangerous” issue, saying the act of Turkey was aggressive and unexplainable.