Syria in the Last 24 Hours – Turkish Air force Shoots Down Russian Bomber Over Syria

Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Russian aircraft Su-24 crashed in Syria

Today an aircraft from the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic crashed on the territory of Syria supposedly shot down from the ground.

The aircraft was flying at the altitude of 6 000 metres. The status of the Russian pilots is being defined.

According to the preliminary data, the pilots managed to eject from the warplane.

The circumstances of the crash are being defined.

During all the flight time, the aircraft was flying only within the borders of the Syrian territory. That was registered by objective monitoring data.

Russian Su-24 aircraft shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter on its way to the Hmeymim airbase

The Russian Su-24 aircraft was shot down on its way to the Hmeymim airbase in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic by a Turkish F-16 fighter.

Analysis of the objective monitoring data definitely showed that there had not been any violation of the Turkish air space.

Defence Attache at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Russia was urgently summoned to the Russian Ministry of Defence where he was presented an official protest concerning the actions of the Turkish Air Force

Defence Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Russia was urgently summoned to the Russian Ministry of Defence where he was presented an official protest concerning the actions of the Turkish Air Force containing following statements:

“Today at 9:30 the Russian aircraft, which performed combat counterterrorist missions was shot down by an aircraft of the Turkish Air Force.

The Russian aircraft did not cross the Turkish border and acted only against objects on the territory of Syria.

Combat actions of the Russian aviation were conducted against illegal terrorist formations, which consist of a large number of militants from the Russian North Caucasus.

Efforts of the Russian Defence Ministry specialists to organize cooperation with the Turkish party by emergency communication link were not successful.

The Defence Ministry considers actions of the Turkish Air Force as an unfriendly act.

At present, the Russian Defence Ministry is designing a complex of measures directed to respond such incidents.

Combat missions against terrorists in Syria will be continued.”

Three Russian journalists injured in Syria

On November 23, a group of Russian journalists heading on their cars to the front line of the Syrian governmental army near Al-Dagmashliya at the strategic point Zuayek, was attacked with an AT guided missile system Tow. Three Russian journalists were slightly injured, one of them was contused.

At the present time the whole group has returned to the Hmeymim airbase where the journalists are being rendered qualified medical assistance.

Speech of the Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Lt.Gen. Sergei Rudskoy on provocative actions of the Turkish Air Force

Today, at 10:24 (MSK) an F-16 fighter of the Turkish Air Force shot down Su-24M tactical bomber of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which was performing a combat sortie over the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The fighter supposedly performed the strike with IR homing headed short-range missile.

The objective monitoring data confirmed that the Turkish warplane did not make any attempt to establish a communication or visual contact with the Russian bomber.

The missile hit the Su-24M aircraft over the territory of Syria. The bomber crash place is on the territory of Syria four kilometres far from the borderline. The Su-24M crew managed to eject. According to the preliminary data, fire from the ground killed one of the pilots.

The objective monitoring data shows that the Russian aircraft did not cross the Turkish borderline.

Data received from the Syrian Air Defence Forces confirmed this fact as well.

Moreover, radar reconnaissance data, which was received from the Hmeymim airbase, registered Syrian airspace violation by the attacking aircraft of the Turkish Air Force.

This fact is assessed as a flagrant violation of international law with extremely grave consequences and the direct breach of Memorandum on air incident prevention and flight safety over the Syrian Arab Republic, which had been signed by the USA and relevant for all countries of the coalition, including Turkey.

That is why the Turkish party started urgent consultations with the NATO instead of immediate contacting with the Russian Defence Ministry.

Defence Attaché of Turkey in the Russian Federation was presented a decisive protest against the actions of the Turkish Air Force, which had led to the loss of the Russian aircraft.

It is to be mentioned that from the beginning of the operation, the Russian Defence Ministry had established a direct telephone line between the National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of National Defence of Turkey. But it has no practical use due to the fault of the Turkish party.

In order to evacuate the Russian pilots from the landing point, a search-and-rescue operation was conducted by two Mi-8 helicopters. In the course of the operation, one of helicopters was damaged by small arms fire and performed an emergency landing in the neutral area. One contract serviceman – member of Marine Troops – was killed.

The personnel of the search-and-rescue team and the helicopter crew were evacuated and are now at the Hmeymim airbase. The helicopter was destroyed by mortar fire conducted from the territory controlled by illegal armed groups.

The operation on searching and rescuing the crew of the Russian bomber is continued.

It is to be emphasized that in the action area of the Russia aviation the Syrian governmental troops are conducting operation on elimination of illegal armed groups, which include over 1000 militants from the North Caucasus according to the Russian data sources.

It is to be stressed that none of the Russian partners and none of the states, which are fighting against ISIS, has mentioned that there are units of so-called “moderate opposition” in that they do not recommend to make strikes in this area. On the contrary, these territories are known as the ones controlled by the most radical illegal armed groups.

Now the General Staff is elaborating additional security measures for the Russian airbase.

First: All the activities of the attack aviation will be carried out only under cover of fighter aircraft.

Second: Air defence will be reinforced. For that purpose, the Moskva cruiser equipped with air defence system Fort analogous to the S-300 one will go to the shore zone of Latakia. Russian Defence Ministry warns that all the potentially dangerous targets will be destroyed.

Third: Contacts with Turkey will be terminated at the military level.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Al-Zoubi : Downing Russian Plane Violates Syria’s Sovereignty, Unmasks Turkey’s Support for Terrorists
24 November، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said that shooting the Russian plane over the Syrian soil violates the Syrian sovereignty and reveals the Turkish role in supporting the armed terrorist groups in Syria, on top of which the ISIS “Daesh”.

In an interview with Sputnik News Agency on Tuesday, al-Zoubi confirmed the Russian warplane was over the Syrian soil and never violated the Turkish airspace, adding that the incident unmasks the active Turkish role in supporting the armed terrorist organizations in Syria.

The Turkish government, said the Syrian official, should justify and explain its relation with the ISIS, whom it allowed its fighters to enter the Syrian territories and supported them with weapons and money.

He stressed that the Turkish regime was deeply worried over the defeats of the terrorist groups and their withdrawal from the Syrian lands into Turkey, especially from Lattakia’s northern countryside.

M. Nassr

Russian jet downed over Syria, Putin: This is a stab in the back by terrorism backers… Lavrov cancels Turkey visit
24 November، 2015
Sochi, SANA

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the downing of the Russian aircraft over Syria is a stab in the back delivered by the forces backing terrorism.

“This incident stands out against the usual fight against terrorism,” said Putin during a meeting with King of Jordan Abdullah II in the Russian city of Sochi.

“Our troops are fighting heroically against terrorists, risking their lives. But the loss we suffered today came from a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,” he added.

Putin said the plane was hit by an air-to-air missile launched by a Turkish jet and crashed in the Syrian territory four kilometers from the border with Turkey, stressing that the Russian plane was flying at an altitude of 6000 meters about a kilometer from the Turkish border.

He stressed that the plane and pilots posed no threat to Turkey as they were carrying out a mission against ISIS in mountainous areas targeting terrorists, most of whom came from Russia.

“ISIS has big money, hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, from selling oil. In addition they are protected by the military of an entire nation. One can understand why they are acting so boldly and blatantly. Why they kill people in such atrocious ways. Why they commit terrorist acts across the world, including in the heart of Europe,” the Russian President said.

The downing of the Russian warplane happened despite Russia signing an agreement with the US to prevent such incidents in Syria, Putin stressed. Turkey claims to be part of the US-led coalition fighting against ISIS in Syria, he added.

The incident will have grave consequences for Russia’s relations with Turkey, Putin warned.

“We have always treated Turkey as not only a close neighbor, but also as a friendly nation,” he said. “I don’t know who has an interest in what happened today, but we certainly don’t.”

Putin said Russia respects the regional interests of other nations, but warned the atrocity committed by Turkey would not go without an answer.

Before Putin’s statements came out, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov had said Turkish army’s downing of the Russian plane over Syria is “a very serious incident.”

Peskov told reporters in a statement that Russia has confirmed information showing that the aircraft was all the time flying within the borders of Syria, adding that this was registered by electronic monitoring means

Asked about any possible consequences the incident might have on the Russian-Turkish relations, Peskov said it was too early to draw conclusions until the whole situation is clear.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it has summoned the Turkish military attaché in Moscow over the incident.

Earlier, the Ministry said a Russian Su-24 fighter jet had been shot down in Lattakia province.

The Ministry confirmed that the plane hadn’t violated Turkish airspace and was flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters.

The pilots managed to eject from the downed jet, the ministry said, adding that their fate is still unknown.

Lavrov cancels Turkey visit over downing of Russian military jet

In a relevant context, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov canceled his visit to Turkey, due on Wednesday, after a Russian Su-24 jet was downed within the Syrian airspaces by a Turkish air force.

“It’s necessary to emphasize that the terror threats have been aggravated and that’s true even if we don’t take into account what happened today,” Lavrov said, adding “We estimate the threats to be no less than in Egypt.

The minister also pointed out the increasing level of the terror threat in Turkey which is “not lower than in Egypt, recommending Russians to refrain from visiting Turkey.

H. Said/Reem/Mazen

Russian Su-24 pilots shot dead while parachuting over Syria

© DHA news agency video

Both of the pilots were dead on retrieval. Our comrades opened fire into the air and they died in the air,” Alpaslan Celik, a deputy commander of a Syrian Turkmen brigade said.

He was speaking near the Syrian village of Yamadi, according to Reuters. Celik held what he said was a piece of a pilot’s parachute.

However, reports have emerged the two pilots may be still alive. Ankara is working to secure their release from Syrian rebels, a Turkish government official told Reuters.

“Our units, who received the information that the two pilots were alive, are working to get them from opposition rebels safely,” the official said.

The Russian General Staff said that, according to preliminary data, one of the Su-24 pilots has died after being fired at from the ground.

The search and rescue operation for the second pilot of the downed Russian aircraft is underway in Syria, it added.

A graphic video posted earlier on social media purported to show a Russian pilot lying on the ground surrounded by a group of men praising Allah.

The men reportedly regretted they hadn’t burned him on the spot.

The video was sent by a rebel group operating in the northwestern area of Syria, where groups including the Free Syrian Army are active but Islamic State has no known presence.

Jahed Ahmad, a representative of the 10th Brigade in the Coast, the rebel group that attacked the pilots, told AP that at least one of the Russian pilots was dead upon landing.

An additional protocol to the Geneva Convention strictly bans attacks on persons parachuting from an aircraft in distress.

According to the protocol, if the person in distress is not acting in a hostile manner, he is to be given the chance to surrender after reaching the ground.

A Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday.

Turkey said it was rightfully acting to defend its sovereignty as the warplane had violated its airspace and hadn’t responded to warnings.

Moscow has denied Turkey’s claims, saying its plane was downed in Syrian airspace, where Russia is conducting an air operation against Islamic State and other terrorists.

Vladimir Putin called Ankara’s actions “a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,” adding that it will have severe consequences for relations between Russia and Turkey.

Army establishes control over areas in Lattakia and Aleppo
24 November، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The army advanced on more areas in the northern and northeastern countryside of Lattakia province during operations on Tuesday and continued targeting terrorists’ positions in other provinces.


Army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established control on al-Sheik Mohammad hill, the Height 1281.5 north east of Ketf al-Ghader hill in the northeastern countryside of Lattakia province after killing large numbers of terrorists, some of them non Syrians, a military source told SANA on Tuesday.

Other army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups established control on Por Abdullah region, Ketf al-Hareek ,the fifth and sixth hills and Ketf al-Safeh.

The army killed a number of terrorists in those areas and seized their arms and ammunition.

Earlier, the army units established control over the strategic Kitf al-Ghadr, al-Malouheh, al-Sheikh Mohammad hills, Height 1281.5 and al-Mirkashliyeh village in the northeastern countryside of Lattakia province, a military source announced on Tuesday.


The army’s air force launched intensive strikes against positions and gatherings of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the eastern and northern countryside of the central Homs province.

Gathering of ISIS terrorists were targeted to the southwest of Tadmur (Palmyra) and to the west al-Qaryatain city in the southeastern countryside of Homs.

Other ISIS positions and hideouts were destroyed by the air force to the northeast of Jub al-Jarrah in the eastern countryside of the province where terrorists were killed and their arms and ammunition were destroyed.

In the northern countryside of Homs, the army air strikes inflicted heavy losses upon Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Jawalak and al-Ameriyeh villages.


In southern Syria, the army units destroyed terrorists’ vehicles and hideouts with all weapons and ammunition inside them in al-Abbasiyeh neighborhood, south al-Awqaf building and at south side of the electricity company in Daraa al-Mahatta in Daraa province.

An army unit damaged a terrorists’ car, killing and injuring all terrorists onboard north of al-Ghezlan farm in the northwestern countryside of the province.


Army units established control over all villages and farms surrounding Air force Academy and Kweires Military Airport, 40 kilometers to the east of Aleppo after establishing control over the highway near the airport and cutting off ISIS supplies coming from al-Raqqa.

Field sources said in statements to SANA that army units completely cut off Aleppo- al- Raqqa international road, two kilometers far from the mills in the surroundings of Kweires Airport.

The Sources asserted that by cutting the international road, army units have established control over all villages surrounding the Air Force Academy and Kweires Airport and completely securing their surroundings in addition to cutting off ISIS supplies with al-Raqqa.

Meanwhile, army units carried out intensive operations against gatherings and sites of ISIS terrorists in Ayoub hill, Tal Ahmar and Deir Hafer in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Army units destroyed a depot for terrorist organization to the west of al-Nairab Airport and eliminated terrorist hotbeds in Bani Zeid and al-Layramoun neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

Taher al-Umar and the leader Abu Hamza al-Bianouni from the so called” Ahrar al-Sham” terrorist group were among the killed terrorists in Aleppo countryside, according to the sources.

The army’s air force targeted positions for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the villages and towns of al-Barqoum, Zetian, Kafr Hamra and Hayan in the southwestern and northwestern countryside of Aleppo province.

Several headquarters and fortified positions were destroyed in the airstrikes, along with vehicles equipped with various types of machine guns.


The army’s air force launched airstrikes against dens and movements of ISIS terrorists in Hasso al-Elbawi and al-Rahjan villages in the eastern countryside of the central Hama province.

Several sites, fortified positions and vehicles, some of them equipped with heavy machineguns and some loaded with weapons, were destroyed in the airstrikes.

Vehicles and hideouts for “Jaish al-Fatah”, with ammo and weapons inside, were also destroyed in Morek city and Skeik town in the northern countryside of the province.

Meanwhile, sources on the ground told SANA that an army unit targeted gatherings of terrorists from “Jund al-Aqsa” in Morek city, killing many of them, including the leader Ahmad Khaled Abd al-Jalil.

A mortar launching bad and a pickup car for terrorists were destroyed in the operations, the sources added.


Terrorists from the so called “Jaish al-Fatah” were killed as an army unit fired two guided missiles that hit a vehicle and a den in al-Tamaniaa town in southern Idleb on the border with Hama.

An army unit targeted a gathering of vehicles in the area surrounding Binin village in Jabal al-Zawieh, destroying and damaging number of the vehicles.

Local sources said booms were heard in Idleb city as a BMP vehicle, an armored vehicle and three cars for terrorists were destroyed and amounts of ammunition exploded.

A boy killed, 6 civilians injured in a terrorist attack in Damascus Countryside
24 November، 2015
Damascus, SANA

A boy was killed and 6 civilians were injured on Tuesday when an explosive device went off in al-Kiswa city in Damascus Countryside.

A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command told SANA that terrorists detonated an explosive device planted near the Reserve Bakery in al-Kiswa City, killing a 15- year-old boy and injuring 6 other civilians, including two women, the injuries of some of them are severe.

On Monday, a civilian was killed and 20 others were injured in mortar shells fired by terrorists from the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” on residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its Countryside.

R.J/ Barry