PFLP : Palestinian youth are leading the intifada, exposing Zionist falsehoods

mizherComrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, saluted the spirit of the heroic martyr of al-Khalil, Ibrahim Skafi, who carried out a heroic operation which injured several Israeli soldiers, causing panic among the occupying forces in the area. Mizher noted that the operation only re-confirms that the intifada and resistance of our people cannot be stopped by the attacks of the occupier.

Mizher also saluted the masses of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza Strip, occupied Palestine 48, the camps and everywhere in diaspora, who continue to struggle and engage in the uprising despite the enormous sacrifices given by our people.

In an interview on Al-Aqsa TV, Mizher said that the most important achievement to date of the current uprising is the emergence of a strong young generation that is leading in the midst of the battle, noting that the intifada has proven once again the falsehood of the Zionist statement that “the old will die and the young will soon forget.” Instead, this generation has shown its commitment and dedication to the resistance of our people until achieving our goals: return, liberation and self-determination.

Mizher said that this uprising is also striking blows against the Zionist insistence on considering occupied Jerusalem to be “the eternal capital of the Israeli state,” as the people of Jerusalem and its youth are fighting the occupation for their city. The uprising has also come in contrast to the predictions made at last year’s Herzliya conference, which sought to remove the Palestinian situation from the table as the occupier bet on calm in occupied Palestine. The uprising of Palestinian youth has surprised and disoriented the occupier.

Furthermore, Mizher noted, the uprising unites the Palestinian masses throughout the occupied homeland, where the Palestinian people and their blood in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and occupied Palestine 48 are standing together, reflecting popular unity and determination. He urged the need to build on this basis to continue and escalate the intifada and provide all elements of steadfastness and protection for its continuation until the ousting of the occupier.

This uprising did not come from a vacuum, but erupted following a series of accumulating and ongoing crimes against our people, including the ongoing Judaization and ethnic clansing of Jerusalem, the ongoing killings, the land confiscation, home demolition and attempts to change the “facts on the ground,” the storming of Al-Aqsa and attempted division of it, said Mizher. He noted also that this uprising follows ongoing Palestinian responses and resistance actions to these crimes, including the operation by the hero and martyr Moataz Hijazi, as well as the martyrs of the Front, Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal. These operations and the new daily operations are being carried out by the children of the Palestinian factions, raised in the national struggle, even if each operation is carried out on a spontaneous or individual basis in the fire of the intifada, said Mizher.

He denounced those who are attempting to bet on a break, calm, or downturn in the intifada or the surrender of the Palestinian people, saying that the reality is that Oslo and the occupation will fall before our people and that our people will esclate the uprising to confront the occupier.

He also urged the immediate implementation of the recommendations of the Political Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, including putting a final end to the Oslo agreement, ending security coordination and economic, political and security agreements with the occupier. The declaration of the Executive Committee of the PLO to end this coordination is a positive step but must be implemented in practice rather than simply using it as a rhetorical device while coordination continues on the ground, said Mizher.

He also urged the formation of a united national strategy with a common vision for the continuation of the uprising, and the need to confront all attempts to return to the futile and harmful negotiations or rely on the US government, which is a full partner in the aggression against the Palestinian people, said Mizher.

Mizher stated the necessity of providing political protection for the uprising by enhancing the steadfastness of our people and compensating families whose homes have been demolished or displaced, as well as the promotion of social solidarity to the people under difficult circumstances.

Furthermore, Mizher said, the most important threat to the continuity of the uprising is the absence of a unified national leadership. He urged the necessity of working in a national framework to strengthen the political, organizational and economic pillars of continuity of the intifada, and to convert the occupation into a losing project on security and economic levels, raising the cost to the occupier.

Mizher also emphasized the need to have no illusions about the Arab regimes that are backed by the United States as part of the program to destroy the Arab liberation project and support the Zionist project, stating that we must rely on the Palestinian people first, alongside the Arab people and the popular, democratic forces of the world, where the current intifada has brought the issue of Palestine back to the forefront after years of marginalization.

The crimes of the occupation will not stop the Intifada

intifadaaThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the escalating crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people, especially the recent actions taken by the Zionist state and its army against our Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem, will not break the will of our people or stop the valiant uprising, nor will they put an end to the heroic resistance actions of Palestinian youth.

The Zionist escalation has entered a new phase within the framework of an ongoing war against the Palestinian people, including the Zionist law imposing a minimum prison sentence of three years on stone throwers or the throwing of Molotov cocktails or any other actions against the settlers and soldiers, as well as the imposition of large fines. This also includes the delivery of notifications of home demolitions to Palestinians because they are close to settlements in the West Bank, and the serious crime of the escalation against Palestinian children, including targeting school children with tear gas; the Front also notes the targeting of health workers and hospitals, media and press crews, and the threat of gassing and killing the Palestinian refugees in Aida refugee camp by occupation forces, documented on video.

The Front said that the occupation’s claims that its escalating crimes have led to the reduction of the rate of operations against it in Jerusalem and the West Bank are false and illusionary meant to deceive their audience. The Palestinian youth have not been stopped by the the occupier and all of its crimes and actions have proven unsuccessful in defeating the Palestinian resistance, only increasing the determination of our people to confront the occupier and continue the Intifada.

PSLF and Islamic Bloc hold joint student rally in Gaza to support intifada

azhar-gazaThe Progressive Student Labor Front and the Islamic Bloc at Al-Azhar University in Gaza organized a solidarity demonstration in support of the popular uprising and intifada on November 4, marching through the university’s squares chanting in support of the continuation of the intifada.

In a joint statement of the two organizations, delivered by Comrade Maher Mizher of the Progressive Student Action Front, they saluted the resistance actions and popular demonstrations of the intifada, saying that the intifada by every tool and means is the road to the liberation of Palestine and its holy sites, and stopping the onslaught of the settlers who are killing and burning Palestinian children and families. He urged the continuation of confrontation and operations in the checkpoints and streets,urging that student and youth organizations’ leadership and Palestinian factions must work to form a unified leadership and dedicate serious efforts to sustaining the intifada and to move and mobilize the youth of the Arab and Muslim world to act for Palestine.

The student statement also denounced the Palestinian Authority’s security forces in the West Bank ongoing security coordination with the occupation, demanding that they instead join the resistance and stop participating in the suppression of the uprising.

PSLF: Palestinian youth will settle for no less than the liberation of their land

tananiComrade Ahmad Tanani, general secretary of the Progressive Student Labor Front in the Gaza Strip, said that this generation of Palestinian youth that is coming out to participate in the uprising is a generation that refuses to surrender, refuses to die, and refuses humiliation, and will settle for no less than the liberation of their land, to live in freedom and dignity.

“This generation understands that their rights and their occupied land cannot be recovered except through resistance and confrontation of the occupation. Youth in the Gaza Strip are proving that they are not isolated from the youth in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and occupied Palestine 48 and will continue in the confrontations everywhere against the occupation,” said Tanani.

Further, Tanani said, the PSLF will remain in the forefront of these confrontations in all areas and points of contact with the occipation, noting that the PSLF is participating in the actions and mass marches throughout Palestine, organizing many events to support the intifada.

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