Syria in the Last 24 Hours : Russian Mission in to Continue Until SAA Eliminates Terrorism

November 3 : Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Russian Air Force operation in Syria is fully consistent with international law, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Anatoly Antonov


Russia says operation to continue as long as Syria army carries out offensive

KUALA LUMPUR, November 4. /TASS/. Russia’s Aerospace Forces will continue the operation as long as the Syrian army carries out its offensive against terrorists, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday.

“The operation is limited by the timeframe of the offensive by the Syrian forces against terrorists,” Antonov said at the meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) defense ministers and dialogue partners.

Antonov reminded that Russia’s strikes with the use of ships of the Caspian flotilla against the targets of gunmen of the banned terrorist groups in Russia, the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, are absolutely in line with the international law. The operation is conducted at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Russia’s military use the aviation and other means only against the targets of terrorist groups in Syria, Antonov stressed. “No strikes are carried out against any other targets linked, for example, to the units of the so-called moderate opposition,” he said.

Russia’s aviation has destroyed dozens of control points, a large amount of military equipment and warehouses with ammunition belonging to gunmen, he said. Hundreds of terrorists have been also killed.

The deputy defense minister stressed that international terrorism poses a serious global threat and “the main frontline of the struggle against this evil is in the Middle East today.”

Russia calls for the creation of an international anti-terrorism coalition that could unite all the countries concerned based on the international law guided by the United Nations Charter.

Russian air operations in Syria limited to the Syrian Army offensive against terrorists, Moscow affirms
4 November، 2015
Kuala Lumpur, SANA

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov reiterated that the Russian air operation in Syria is being carried out at the request of President Bashar al-Assad, adding that “This operation is limited to the offensive conducted by the Syrian Army against the terrorists.”

Antonov, speaking at the third meeting of the ASEAN countries’ defense chiefs and their dialogue partners in Kuala Lumpur, affirmed that the Russian air force is striking only confirmed terrorist targets, and that there are no strikes being conducted at any other targets, connected to, for example, the forces of the so-called “moderate” opposition.

Earlier on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian airstrikes in Syria aim primarily at fighting terrorism.

Antonov asserted that Russia’s operation in Syria is fully legitimate and in line with international law.

The Russian warplanes carried out till Tuesday 1,631 sorties and hit 2,084 terrorist targets since the launch of the Russian counter-terrorism operation in Syria, according to chief of the Main Department for Operations at the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Gen Andrey Kartapolov.

President Putin: Russian airstrikes in Syria aim at fighting terrorism
Moscow, SANA

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian airstrikes in Syria aim primarily at fighting terrorism, adding “no side can intimidate Russia.”

President Putin, meeting representatives from Dagestan’s scientific, cultural and religious organizations in Moscow on Tuesday, President Putin highlighted that no one can intimidate Russia, adding that Moscow is at the same time prepared to cooperate with all sides which have willingness to fight terrorism.

Moscow: Russia’s stance on Syria remains unchanged

In the same context, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that “Russia’s stance on the Syrian settlement remains unchanged “.

Asked about the attempts that have been made by Western media to present things in a way that Russia allegedly changed its stance on Syria, Zakharova asserted in an interview with Echo of Moscow radio station that Russia is going to” curb any attempts by Western media to distort the Russian approach to the Syrian settlement by juggling with quotations.”

Zakharova added “It is fundamentally important for us to preserve the Syrian statehood… All these basic principles have remained unchanged. They are fixed in the Geneva communiqué, the United Nations Security Council documents and the Vienna statement of the Contact Group for Syria adopted on October 30, 2015.”

“Russia, US and Saudi Arabia’s lists of Syrian opposition representatives who could be invited for talks with Damascus partially coincide,” Zakharova clarified.

“The lists partially coincide,” she said, adding that the United States and Saudi Arabia had added some other sides to their lists.

The road to Aleppo via Khanaser is officially safe again.

Syrian Arab Army

Syrian Arab Army's photo.

Military Source: Success achieved by army in Aleppo countryside ended up with a state of collapse in ranks of terrorists
4 November، 2015
Damascus, SANA

The successes achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, in the southern-west countryside of Aleppo ended up with a state of desperation and collapse in the ranks of terrorist groups in the region, a military source told SANA.

Earlier, the army and armed forces units established full control over the road linking Aleppo, Khanaser, Athriya and al- Salamiyeh, after inflicting heavy losses on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in personnel and equipment.

The source added that the army continues its operations in the region, calling on the families to remain at homes and keep away from the places where terrorists exist, and disallow the terrorists to enter their villages or towns.

It affirmed that the army is the sole guarantor for security and stability all over the country.

Army establishes control over road of Aleppo-Khanaser-Athriya-Salamiya
4 November، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The Syrian army and armed forces achieved new successes in combating terrorism in different areas of the country, establishing control over area.


The army and armed forces units established full control over the road linking Aleppo, Khanaser, Athriya and al- Salamiyeh, after inflicting heavy losses on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in personnel and equipment.

A military source told SANA that the road has become completely safe after the army combed it and dismantled explosive devices planted by ISIS terrorists before they were killed or fled due to the army operations.

Meanwhile, field sources told SANA that the road will be open for citizens as of Thursday morning after the maintenance workshops repair the damage affected the road at the hands of members of the extremist organization.

Damascus Countryside

An Army and Armed Forces unit established control over Al-Aman Bellah gas station and buildings near Harasta highway in Damascus Countryside, a military source told SANA.


A unit of the army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established control on the hills of al-Hazm al-Thana in Homs countryside.

Earlier, the Syrian army air force killed scores of ISIS terrorists and destroyed their arms in Maheen and al-Qaryatain and in the surroundings of al-Shaer oil field in the countryside of the central Homs province.


The Syrian Air Force targeted terrorists’ hideouts in Latmin, al-Lihaya, near Morek and in al-Banah in Hama’s northern countryside, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their machinegun-equipped vehicles.


Units of the army and armed forces carried out concentrated strikes against dens and positions of the Takfiri terrorist organizations in the southern Daraa province.

A military source told SANA Wednesday that a unit of the army and armed forces killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and injured others, and destroyed one of their vehicles to southeast of the Post Building in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood.

Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Army Air Force killed and injured a number of ISIS terrorists after targeting their hideouts in al-Jafra, Hweja, al-Mari’ya and al-Tabyyeh in the countryside of Deir Ezzor province.


A military source told SANA that an army unit established control over al-Fark Mountain in the northern countryside of Lattakia after killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arms and equipment.

The army’s engineering units set out to dismantle mines and explosives that terrorists planted.

Trucks loaded with foodstuffs and essential commodities to be sent to Aleppo
4 November، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Upon the directives of Premier Wael al-Halaqi, Jamal Shahin, the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection demanded from the positive intervention institutions to send foodstuffs and essential commodities for citizens in Aleppo.

The minister stressed on the necessity of taking into account that the sent goods must be in good quality and at the same prices in other provinces.

On Wednesday morning, a military source announced that army and armed forces established full control over the road linking Aleppo, Khanaser, Athriya and al- Salamiyeh, after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and equipment on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

Five civilians injured in terrorist attack on Damascus countryside
4 November، 2015
Damascus Countryside, SANA

Five civilians were injured Wednesday morning in mortar shells fired by terrorists organizations against residential suburb of Harasta, Damascus countryside.

On Tuesday, a Syrian Nour al-Sham TV and Damascus Radio Presenter Batoul Moukhles al- Warar was killed in a terrorist attack with a mortar shell on the same suburb.

A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command told SANA Wednesday that terrorists fired a number of mortar shells landed close to Al-Mehdi Mosque and Island C4 in Harasta Suburb injuring five civilians and damaging private and public properties.Terrorists, affiliated to the Turkish regime of Erdogan and that of Takfiri Al-Saud regime, positioned in Eastern Ghota target residential areas and neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside.

Terrorists intentionally destroy UNESCO World Heritage site of al-Bara, northern Syria
4 November، 2015
Damascus Countryside, SANA

The General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums has obtained new photos showing the intentional destruction of the antiquities at the hands of the terrorist organizations at al-Bara site in al-Zawyia Mountain, Idleb Countryside.

Al-Bara site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List within the file of the archeological villages in northern Syria, and it was included in the List of World Heritage in Danger in 2013.

The photos, published on the Department’s website, show the destruction of the stony coffins inside al-Mazouqa pyramidal tomb at al-Bara site, and the destruction of one of the pyramidal and ground tombs which date back to the Byzantine era.

The photos shed light on the huge and continued destruction of the archeological stones at the whole site through using explosives and heavy machinery with the aim of selling them to be reused in the illegal constructions which spread in the perimeter of the archeological site.

Some of the photos show the effect of the terrorist acts on the external stony facades of al-Mazouqa tomb and Deir Soubat, in addition to writings on the archeological walls inside the pyramidal tombs.