The War in Syria, the Kurdish Question, and Saakashvili’s Conspiracy for a New Maidan in Georgia

Eric Draitser of appears on CPR Sunday (November 1, 2015) with security analyst Mark Sleboda and journalist/broadcaster Don DeBar. Eric, Mark and Don discuss the latest developments in the war on Syria, including the news that US Special Forces will be deployed inside the country to provide support to Washington’s “moderate rebels.” The conversation also goes in depth on the issue of Kurdish participation in the war, and how the Kurdish question complicates the conflict. They examine the varied Kurdish interests, how regional and international forces view the Kurds, and what a potential future Kurdistan would mean for the region. Finally, the conversation touches on the leaked phone recordings of former Georgian President, and current Odessa governor, Mikhail Saakashvili, and his attempt to destabilize Georgia with Maidan-style violence. All this and much more in this hour-long weekly conversation.