Kobane Canton Declares Women’s Laws

Kurdish Question News Desk

The Kobane Canton Women’s Assembly has declared it’s Women’s Laws. Child marriage, the simultaneous arranged marriage of more than one child between families (berdel) and polygamy have been banned.

According to the report by Zêrîn Kurtay and Rabîa Eto for JINHA, the laws in the Kobane canton in Rojava (Western Kurdistan-Northern Syria) will be spread with education and through neighbourhood assemblies.

Emine Bekir from the Canton Administration said they were continuing to build the democratic autonomous society based on the principle of women’s laws. Ruken Ehmet, also from the Canton Administration said: “We need to give more education for the laws to be comprehended well. It is only through education that we can change a society created with 5,000 years of male-dominated, patriarchal mentality. Migration due to the war has affected our work. But this doesn’t mean our work has stopped. According to the decisions we have made we will continue education in all sections of society. Through neighbourhood assemblies we are going to reach every person. Neighbourhood assemblies must resolve the issues of women. Women and the people elected all administrations, so they must take strength from this and actively participate in this work.

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