The Presidency Answers Inquiries About Early Parliamentary and Presidential Elections

27 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

The Presidency responded on Tuesday to inquiries about statements made by some members of the Russian delegation who met President Bashar al-Assad last Sunday which spoke of the President’s readiness for holding early parliamentary and presidential elections.

The Presidency explained in its website on Telegram channel that

“within the frame of the general principles of the Syrian state, any political solution decided by the Syrian people that preserves the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and spares the Syrian people’s blood and meets their interests is to be welcomed and adopted by the state.”

“As for the ideas and initiatives brought up recently and the talk about what the Syrians might come to agree on in the future, the President has repeatedly stressed in his speeches and interviews that no initiative or ideas can succeed or be implemented unless terrorism is eliminated and security and stability are restored to the country,”

the Presidency added.

H. Said