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In the course of the last three days, the aircraft of the Russian air group have performed 163 combat sorties engaging 285 terrorist objects

Since the last briefing, the Russian air group in Syria continued strikes against objects of the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groupings.

In the course of the last three days, the aircraft of the Russian air group have performed 164 combat sorties engaging 285 terrorist objects.

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group carried out 59 sorties engaging 94 terrorist objects in the Hama, Idlib, Lattakia, Damascus, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor provinces.

Near Salma (Lattakia province), Su-25 attack aircraft eliminated 3 ISIS fortified points with bunkers, mortar emplacements and permanent fire positions. Objective monitoring data confirmed the destruction of the engineer facilities of the terrorists.

In the Eastern Ghuta district (Damascus province), a strike was made on a large ammunition depot of the Jabhat al-Nusra grouping, situated in two metal hangars. Direct hits and further detonation of munitions destroyed the both objects.

Near Khibrat al-Amia (Aleppo province), unmanned aerial vehicles uncovered a base of a large ISIS illegal armed group with many off-road vehicles equipped with large-caliber machine guns, AA artillery systems ZU-23 and mortars in a mountain-woody area. After additional data check through other channels, two Su-24M bombers made strikes eliminating the base and all the automobile vehicles of terrorists.

Near Zaytan (Aleppo province), a Su-34 bomber made a pinpoint strike on an uncovered by air reconnaissance command centre of the local ISIS group, which coordinated combat actions against the Syrian army near the Kwaires airfield. As a result of a direct hit, the facility was completely destroyed.

In the suburbs of Deir ez-Zor, a Su-24M bomber carried out a strike on an ISIS strong point, which was destroyed after the detonation of the munitions.

Near Kifr Sajna (Hama province), a plant, which equipped off-road vehicles with large-caliber machine guns, mortars and AA artillery systems ZU-23, was destroyed. The workshops used by militants for re-equipment of military hardware were completely destroyed. UAVs confirmed 7 terrorist off-road vehicles to be on fire.

Movement of mobile automobile caravans, which deliver armament and ammunition to the militants in the eastern and central provinces, are being detected, especially at night.

The Russian air group pays particular attention to disruption of the terrorist logistic routes. These actions are carried out first of all in the Raqqah and Deir ez-Zor provinces.

To that end, the main roads adjacent to the areas of active battles were put under surveillance. Thus, in the al-Ghab plain (Idlib province), movement of a militants’ automobile column was uncovered. Resulting from an airstrike made by Su-25 attack aircraft, 3 trucks, a petrol tank vehicle and 2 escorting vehicles were destroyed. Explosion character shows that the trucks were carrying artillery munitions.

Near Tadmur (Homs province), Su-25 attack aircraft made an airstrike on a militants’ column. Direct hits destroyed 3 SUVs with large-caliber machine guns and 2 trucks with munitions.

Airstrike against terrorists’ fortified area in Latakia province

Strike on position area of militants (Hama province)

Airstrike at temporary base of militants’ receiption and training in Damascus province

Russian Ministry of Defence comments on publications appeared in a number of anglophone media quoting some “doctors” of the “Syrian American Medical Society” concerning Syrian civilians who had been killed by air strikes of the Russian aircraft carried out against a “hospital” in Sarmin settlement on October 20.

Russian Ministry of Defence is carefully monitoring and analyzing such stovepiping.

First, it is necessary to tell about the Syrian American Medical Society.  This organization, which is registered in Illinois American state has as much do with both medicine and doctors as ISIS has to do with the International Scout Movement.

It is to be added that starting from its foundation in 2012, the organization was mainly used for publishing so-called “evidence” of using chemical weapons against the Syrian opposition. Therefore, the “agency” laid low after everybody learnt that all the “evidence” was a lie.

The real intended aim of such institutions is providing anonymous stovepiping for further coverage by the assigned media.

Pay attention to the fact that such agencies, which are famous for accusing the Russian aviation group of bombing of civilians just a week before the start of the operation in Syria, are working according to the same rules.

It is to be stressed that before eliminating terrorists’ objects, the information is being checked for more than one day and through several intelligence channels.

Only after having checked all the information and got a hundred percent certainty concerning the targets, the aviation performs a strike against the ISIS infrastructure using precision munitions.

The Russian Defence Ministry receives many requests from the foreign media concerning the Russian air group in Syria.

The Defence Ministry constantly presents the materials and provides explanations to the colleagues concerning different issues of the activities of the Russian aviation in the region.

There is a number of applications with requests for visiting the Hmeymim airbase, where the Russian aviation group is deployed.

The Defence Ministry is to continue cooperating with the media colleagues and organizing media tours like the one happened last week.

However, there are some unique applications, for instance, the one from the chief of the Moscow bureau of one of famous western media agencies.

Quoted: “The analysis of the informational messages of the Russian Ministry of Defence shows that nearly 80 per cent of objects engaged by the aviation are not under the ISIS control.”

There are only two things to do: first, to grant a piece of advice concerning being tactful and correct in such matters.

Secondly, there is an opportunity to provide the Russian Ministry of Defence with precise coordinates of the ISIS objects.

Especially as it turns out that the data is kept not somewhere in the Pentagon, but here in Moscow, in the bureau of one of western media agencies.

Kremlin.. Accusing Russian air force of targeting civilian areas in Syria “false rumors”
Moscow, SANA

Russia said that the allegations of its military operations in Syria led to damage in civilian areas are mere false rumors, emphasizing that the Russian pilots choose targets carefully.

Spokesman for the Russian presidency Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow on Monday that.. over the past few days, Russia monitored many false fabricated news that aimed at harming the military operation which is carried out by Russia’s air force in Syria since 30 September and this is one of these lies.

“When targets are chosen by using the necessary data obtained by the Russian military personnel, they are checked by the Syrian colleagues and colleagues in the information coordination center in Baghdad in the first place to ensure avoiding damage among
civilians” Peskov added.

“The Russian army has repeatedly pointed out that terrorists often hide in residential areas, but Russian Air force doesn’t direct strikes to civilian areas” Kremlin spokesman affirmed.

On September 30th, Russia, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, began directing strikes to terrorists’ positions in several provinces, the matter that led to a wave of escape by terrorists towards Turkey and Jordan and that led parties that support terrorism to accuse Russia of targeting civilians.

Qabas/ Barry

Syrian Arab Army’s units captured the 4th battalion HQ of the 90th Brigade in the south.

The battalion is now called Sha’ban Abboud Battalion in memory of Honor Major Sha`ban Abboud the former commander of the battalion; a hero who stood tall for over four years against Zionist-backed terrorists, defending his point. After retreating for the 90th brigade, Major Sha`ban Abboud led the attack to retake the battalion, and the brigade, and gave his life to keep his military honor, more importantly, to protect his people and his homeland.
Archived picture of Commander Major Sha`ban Abboud dated August 1st, in an interview on Syrian Arab Army’s Day, where he stressed that he, his unit, and every soldier will fight until the last breath to defeat the foreign backed terrorists, and clean our homeland from their filth.

Commander Major Sha`ban Abboud is a credit to every military uniform in the world, he served his country with loyalty, and honor.

Syrian Arab Army

Russian airstrikes target 285 terrorist sites in Syria
26 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

The Russian Air Force, in cooperation with Syrian Air Force, carried out 164 sorties, 60 of them during the night, targeting 285 terrorist targets in Hama, Idleb, Lattakia countryside, Damascus countryside, Aleppo, and Deir Ezzor on Friday Saturday.

A military source said the sorties resulted in destroying of 24 command centers for terrorists, 3 workshops for manufacturing explosive devices and rockets, 21 ammo and fuel depots, 233 fortified positions, bases, and camps.

The source went on to say that in the past 24 hours, 59 sorties targeting 94 terrorist targets were carried out, resulting in destroying 8 command centers for terrorists, 5 ammo depots, 3 convoys of vehicles loaded with weapons and munitions, 6 artillery positions, 38 training camps and bases, and 43 fortified sites.

According to the source, the airstrikes aim to cut off terrorists’ supply lines and destroy their weapons and munitions depots, adding that reconnaissance confirms that terrorists are refusing to carry out their leaders’ orders to head into military operations areas as their morale has deteriorated greatly due to the concentrated airstrikes and the massive losses their suffered.

Intelligence reports indicate that terrorist organizations in several areas are in a state of panic and fear due to the airstrikes, and that hundreds of them have fled, leaving their weapons and munitions behind.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

General Command: Syrian Army continues targeting terrorists across Syria
26 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

The spokesman of the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army reestablished control over 50 villages and farms in the southern countryside of Aleppo and a number of strategic hills in Lattakia countryside, expanding control area in Damascus Countryside.

In a statement on Monday, the spokesman said that units of the Army and Armed Forces continued their operations in Harasta and Nouleh farms in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside, and expanded their control over the areas, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arms and munitions in the process.

An army unit killed all members of a terrorist group belonging to the so called the “Islamic Union for Cham Soldiers” in Daraya area in Western Ghouta.

Another army unit in cooperation with popular defense groups restored control over Dahrit al-Kasara in the northern countryside of Quneitra.

In Daraa, the army foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from al-Gharia al-Gharbia towards the Electricity Station northeast of Daraa and launched concentrated strikes against terrorists’ gatherings in Attman town, Makas al-Hajar and the crossing between al-Mantra and al-Yadoda.

In the central region, the spokesman said that army units in cooperation with popular defense groups continued to progress in the northern and northwest countryside of Homs, reestablishing control over Snisil village, al-Mahta village, Jawalik Housing and number of blocks of buildings in Tirmaala.

The Army also targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Howsh al-Zabadi, Ezz Eddin, al-Quneitrat villages while army units thwarted a terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from al-Smaalil, Talbeisa, Ayn al-Dananir and al-Saan al-Aswad.

Terrorists’ headquarters and a rocket launcher were destroyed during army’s operations against terrorists’ gatherings in al-Rastan, the area surrounding al-Amiria and Ayn al-Hussein al-Janoubia.

The army’s airstrikes destroyed ammo depots in Tirmaala, al-Ghanto, al-Qaryatin and a command center in Talbeisa, killing a number of terrorists’ leaders.
In Hama countryside, the army’s air force destroyed terrorists’ dens and dozens of their vehicles, some of them equipped with machineguns in Rasm al-Tina, Kafr Zita, south of Athrya, Eykirbat, al-Latamina and Latmin, killing many terrorists.

Army units continued their operations in the southern countryside of Aleppo province and established control over 50 villages and farms and strategic hills, the spokesman said, adding that that they are currently continuing to hunt down fleeing terrorists in the operations areas, announcing that al- Wadihi and al-Haddadeen are safe areas and asking locals to return.

The Army launched airstrikes against terrorists’ positions in al-Miflsa, al-Halabia, Um Arkila, Tal Ahmar, Qbassin, al-Bab, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Deir Hafir, Khan Toman, the area surrounding the Air Force Academy, east of al-Sfeira and the area surrounding al-Nayrab in Aleppo countryside.

Meanwhile in Idleb, the army’s airstrikes destroyed terrorists’ vehicles and killed a number of terrorists.

He stated that other army units continued their operations in the direction of Jub al- Ahmar and Salma areas in the northern countryside of Lattakia province, and established control over a number of hills and strategic areas in the area.

The spokesman said that the army air force carried out concentrated airstrikes against terrorists’ sites and gatherings in Salma area, al-Moghiria, Tartiah and Ako, destroying ammo caches and command centers.

He went on to confirm that the Armed Forces thwarted repeated infiltration attempts by ISIS terrorists and destroyed three car bombs they had deployed before any of them reached military posts in al-Jafra in Deir Ezzor province, inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon the terrorists.

The spokesman asserted that the Army and Armed Forces will continue fighting terrorist organizations and hunting down their remnants wherever they are found across the country until the army fulfills its national duty of eliminating terrorism and restoring safety and stability to the entirety of the country.

Army kills terrorists in Daraa, Hama, Idleb
26 October، 2015
Provinces, SANA

Army operations continued in different provinces, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists and destroying their hideouts and gatherings


An army unit conducted precise strikes against dens of terrorist organization of Jabhat al-Nusra and affiliated Takfiri terrorists in the southern province of Daraa.

A military source told SANA Monday that the strikes, against dens in the two neighborhoods of Mahata and al-Balad, resulted in heavy losses upon terrorists in personnel and destroying a number of their vehicles, some armored with heavy machineguns.


The Syrian Arab Army’s Air Force destroyed dens and gatherings of Jaish al -Fateh and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the countryside of Hama and Idleb provicnes.

In the eastern countryside of Hama, the Syrian Air Force’s airstrikes destroyed ISIS gatherings and vehicles to the northeast of Athraya, Jana al-Ilbawi, Rasm al-Tina, Rasm Amon, al-Rahraha and Tanahij.

The army targeted terrorists’ hideouts near Atshan village and killed 11 terrorists.

In Idleb, the airstrikes targeted gatherings of Jaish al-Fatah in Khan Sheikhon city south of Idleb city, killing many of its members and destroying their munitions and weaponry.

Later on the day, army units targeted and destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in Sanjar and Sheikh Barakeh, killing 17 terrorists and destroying two pick-up trucks along with the terrorists riding in them.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social networking pages that a number of their members were killed, including Abass al-Turkstani, Mohamed Ahmad Dibo Khatab, Abid Mohamed Hasido, and a Saudi terrorist known as Abu Osama al-Jazrawi.

Terrorists attack RT news team with mortars in Harasta
26 October، 2015
Damascus Countryside, SANA

Terrorist organizations located in Harasta area in the Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, targeted the news team RT channel with mortar shells.

Sources on the ground in Harasta said that Jaish al-Islam terrorists fired mortar shells at the RT news team at the outskirts of Harasta, and that no-one was injured in the attack.

Meanwhile, RT said that its correspondent Lizzie Phelan and the cameramen accompanying her were targeted with mortars while they were observing the developments in the field in Harasta, affirming that no-one was hurt.

Terrorist organizations deliberately target media staffs during the coverage of events in Syria in a bid to prevent them from conveying the truth about the destruction, vandalism, and crimes committed by terrorists against Syrians and their properties.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Win Back over 150 Square Kilometers of Land in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces backed by the Russian air force have seized back over 150 square kilometers of territories in two weeks of operations in the Southwestern parts of Aleppo province.

The army and the resistance forces have won back Qala’at Al-Najam village, Hadadin village, Al-Shahid hilltops, Zeytouna Farms, Al-Kabdar Garrison, Mleiha Village, Abtayn Village, Al-Vazihi village, Kodar village, Al-Sabeqiya village, Shaqidla town, Tanks Battalion, Tal al-Naa’am, Al-Naa’am town, Al-Nasseriya town, Heijeneh, Howeija town, Boqja town, al-Barijieh, Kafr Tuna and al-Harra.

The army and resistance forces are now engaged in heavy clashes with the militants to take control of the Khanasser-Ithriyah road which links Hama province to the Northern parts of the country, specially the city of Aleppo.

Informed military sources said that the Syrian army has conducted five helibrone operations in the surrounding areas of the town of Ithriyah.

The Syrian Army announced on Sunday that its forces have killed over 130 militants alongside Khanasser- Ithriyah road.

The sources said that the terrorists were killed in the Army’s cleansing operation of the Khanasser-Ithriyah road.

A field source said that most of the casualties of the ISIL were in Ithriyah area and over 40 dead bodies of the ISIL were seen in Aqrabiyat, East of Hama.

The source further added that over 30 members of al-Nusra Front were killed in clashes with the Syrian army in Ithriyah.

The sources said that the Syrian Army’s 4th Mechanized Division, in coordination with Hezbollah, Harakat Al-Nujaba from Iraq, the National Defense Forces (NDF) of Aleppo city, and Kataebat Al-Ba’ath (Al-Ba’ath Battalions), have advanced deep into the heart of the Aleppo Southern countryside after spending over two weeks combatting the militants from the Free Syrian Army, Harakat Nour Al-Deen Al-Zinki, Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, and Liwaa Suqour Al-Sham.

Large ISIL Weapons Depot near Aleppo’s Air Force Academy Destroyed

TEHRAN (FNA)- A large depot of ammunition, weapons and military equipment of ISIL terrorists deployed near the Air Force Academy on the international Aleppo-Raqqa highway was targeted and completely destroyed by the Syrian Army.

The ISIL military site near Aleppo came under assault by the Syrian Army earlier today, in which all the military equipment, vehicles and munitions were set ablaze.

Some sources said that the militant groups’ suffered a heavy death toll in the blast that resulted from the army attack.

The Syrian Army announced on Sunday that its forces have killed over 130 militants alongside Khanasser- Ithriyah road in the Southern parts of the Northern city of Aleppo in the last 24 hours.

The sources said that the terrorists were killed in the Army’s cleansing operation of the Khanasser-Ithriyah road.

The Army has promised to restore security to the above-mentioned road on Sunday or finally on Monday.

A field source said that most of the casualties of the ISIL were in Ithriyah area and over 40 killed bodies of the ISIL were seen in Aqrabiyat East of Hama.

The source further added that over 30 members of al-Nusra Front were killed in clashes with the Syrian army in Ithriyah.

The Syrian army thus far has gained full control over 22 kilometers of this road.

Uyghur Terrorist from Northwest China Killed by Syrian Army in Northwest Hama

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army said on Monday that an Uyghur (Turkic ethnic group in Northwest China) terrorist from China’s Xinjiang Province, recruited by the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, has been killed in clashes with the government forces in Hama province.

Al-Nusra Front confirmed the death of the terrorist, and provided his identity and photo.

The Uyghur terrorist fighting alongside the Nusra militants was identified as Abbas al-Turkistani, who was believed to be fighting with an all Uyghur militant group that was operating inside the al-Ghaab Plains of the Hama province’s Northwestern side, massdar new said in a report.

Abbas al-Turkistani is not the first Uyghur terrorist killed by the Syrian army in Northern Syria; however, he is part of a group that has recently suffered casualties inside the al-Ghaab Plains.

Intelligence sources disclosed on Monday that Saudi-born Abu Usama al-Jazrawi, a senior field commander of the ISIL terrorist group in Hama province, has been killed in a Syrian Army operation.

Al-Jazrawi as well as a large number of other ISIL terrorists were killed in the Syrian army operations near Ithriyah town in the Eastern parts of Hama province, the sources said.