800 Colombian Forces Will Participate in Saudi Aggression Against Yemen

Courtesy of FARC-EP
Translated from Hispantv

At least 800 former members of the Colombian Armed Forces will enter Yemen to support the offensive of the Saudi regime and its allies, according to military sources.

Under a contract, 800 retired soldiers of the Colombian Army’s Special Forces will be deployed later this month in Yemeni territory to fight in the ranks of the troops of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen.

“Despite the heat, it is not the same to fight with unrestricted air support, a set working day, equipment and new weapons, plus the certainty that if I don’t return, the future of my family is assured,” says a retired commander of the Colombian Army who didn’t hesitate to go to Yemen, which lies at more than 13,000 kilometers away from his country.

As reported this week by the local newspaper El Tiempo, this seasoned captain is part of the first company of Colombian forces, about 92 men who, wearing Saudi uniforms, have arrived this week in the port city of Aden in southern Yemen.

The Saudi regime will pay an additional salary of $ 1,000 a week to the Colombian troops who are sent to Yemen – with a maximum of three months in the area and three daily shifts -, regardless of the pay they receive from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a strong ally of Riad in its offensive against Yemen. “(…) Each device we will take there is high-technology. It is not the same as fighting against the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), but living conditions are optimal”, says the official.

According to the source, these former military after arriving to Aden, together with Saudi and UAE troops and soldiers of other nationalities, will have the task of taking the city of Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, which is currently under control of the army and fighters of the Yemeni people’s movement Ansarolá.

The engagement of Colombian troops in Yemen came after countries like Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, among others, have sent hundreds of soldiers as part of the military offensive led by Riyadh against Yemen. The foreign soldiers who do not return are assured that their children and wives will receive citizenship and education will be ensured until college.

The engagement of foreign troops in Yemen came after an attack by the Yemeni army against a weapons depot in the central province of Marib last September, in which 300 Saudi soldiers, UAE and bareiníes were killed.

On March 26, Saudi Arabia launched a military offensive against Yemen, without the authorization of the UN, in an attempt to eliminate Ansarolá and restore power to the fugitive president Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

According to the latest figures announced by the Yemeni Civil Coalition, at least  6090 Yemenis – among them, 1698 children and 1038 women – have lost their lives as a result of the Saudi aggression, and about 13,552 have been injured.