UNSC : Al-Jaafari Condemns Desperate Attempts of Some Countries to Conceal Israeli Crimes

23 October، 2015
New York, SANA

Syria’s Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari vehemently denounced the desperate attempts of some countries such as the US and Britain to defend Israel and cover up its crimes.

Al-Jaafari’s denunciation came in a statement on Thursday addressing the UN Security Council session about “The Situation in the Middle East”.

He slammed those countries’ attempts to always open new fronts against Syria at the Council whenever Israel steps up its aggression against the Palestinian people in a bid to distract attention from the Israeli crimes and mitigate the international pressure on it.

Al-Jaafari refrained from responding to some countries’ “hollow allegations” against Syria, asserting that those allegations could be refuted by plenty of evidence that show the involvement of these very same countries in supporting, harboring and arming the terrorists fighting in Syria.

He regretted that the 70th foundation anniversary of the United Nations is being celebrated in the coming two days at a time when the UN founders’ aspirations and dreams for peace, security and development are blown away due to some countries’ policies.

“How could we celebrate this occasion while Israel has not stopped turning Palestine into a mass prison?” al-Jaafari wondered.

“Are we going to celebrate the racial apartheid policies practiced by Israel against the Palestinians who are the legitimate owners of the land in Jerusalem and other occupied areas…Are we going to celebrate the rising brutality and violence of the foreign settlers under the protection and support of the Israeli government…or are we going to celebrate the cancerous settlement expansion that undermines any possibility of establishing the desired Palestinian state?” he asked.

The Syrian Ambassador went on saying “What could the UN say on this occasion to the Syrian citizens languishing under the Israeli occupation in the Golan for nearly half a century after it has failed to take any real procedures that compel Israel to implement its relevant resolutions.”

The Syrian citizens in Golan, he added, have the right to question the UN’s credibility and effectiveness with regard to solving their just cause as they have not seen any international effort to the effect of halting the Israeli settlement campaigns in their land and putting an end to the Israeli policies of oppression and racial discrimination against them, while they witness Israel’s support to the terrorist organizations in the disengagement zone in Golan.