Turkish State Knew Sarin Gas was Delivered to Al-Nusra from Turkey

CHP Deputies Eren Erdem (left) and Ali Seker (right) at a press conference they gave about the delivery of Sarin gas

Sarin Gas Used Against Civilians in Syria, Delivered to Al-Nusra from Turkey

22nd October 2015
ANF – Istanbul

It has emerged that the raw materials used to produce Sarin gas, the use of which caused the death of thousands in Syria, was transported to Ahrar Al-Sham and Al-Nusra Front under the supervision of the Turkish state and with the knowledge of police and intelligence departments.

The main opposition People’s Republican Party (CHP) Istanbul deputies Eren Erdem and Ali Şeker shared the details of a lawsuit brought forward by Adana High Criminal Court against 13 Al-Nusra members in 2013. While the lawsuit was then rapidly concluded with a decision of non-prosecution, the CHP deputies said the indictment prepared in the scope of the case constituted proof that a war crime was committed within the boundaries of the Turkish Republic.

Despite the propaganda produced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that the chemical attacks in Syria were carried out by the Asad regime, it has come to light that the chemical materials used for the production of sarin gas were transferred to the gang groups in Syria from Turkey with the knowledge of the Turkish state.

The truth emerged with the exposure by CHP deputies of the indictment prepared by Adana Republic Prosecutor Mehmet Arıkan against Ahrar Al-Sham and Al-Nusra Front in the scope of a lawsuit on the issue in 2013.

CHP deputies Eren Erdem and Ali Şimşek found the indictment and shared detailed information at a press conference they held at the CHP Istanbul Office.

The records of phone conversations by Al-Nusra members, which were included in the indictment, reveal that the delivery of chemical raw materials from Turkey to Syria was carried out with the knowledge of police and intelligence units and under the supervision of the Turkish state.

One other point that attracts attention in the indictment is the release of Syrian citizen Hytham Qaasap, who was accused of procuring the raw materials used in the production of chemical weapons to Ahrar Al-Sham and Al-Nusra, and five Turkish citizens who assisted him.

Speaking at the press conference, CHP Istanbul deputy Ali Şeker said the technical assessments carried out in the scope of the lawsuit revealed that the chemical materials used in the production of sarin gas were delivered to Syria from Turkey.

The indictment involved the records of phone conversations between Hytham Qassap, members of the Al-Nusra Front affiliated to Al-Qaeda, which revealed how the chemical materials were procured and how the rockets to carry these materials were produced.

Remarking that the Geneva Agreement which bans the use of chemical gas in wars could not prevent the production of chemical weapons, Şeker recalled that the production of Nerve Gas started in 1936 and Sarin gas in 1938.

Şeker pointed out that Sarin gas is five hundred times more effective than Cyanide, the use of which caused the death of over 5 thousand people in Aleppo.

Şeker said the indictment also mentions a procurement of white phosphorus, which is also classified as very dangerous chemical material, which –when used somewhere- burns the human body to bones while the clothes remain intact.

The CHP deputy noted that these chemical weapons were last used in Syria on 7 June and August of 2013, and stressed that the case was dropped and all the suspects were released although the lawsuit by Adana Public Prosecutor’s Office openly revealed the production in Turkey of these chemical weapons and rockets to transport them.

“In the first instance 13 suspects had been detained. Out of them, 7 were immediately released, and the investigation continued for 6 of them, who were also released a while later”, reported Şeker, stressing that the release of all the suspects in such a probe is thought-provoking. Calling attention to the AKP government’s claims that all necessary investigations are being conducted against “terrorist organisations”, the CHP deputy said the situation remains extremely dangerous for not only Turkey but also the neighboring countries.

Speaking after Seker, CHP Deputy Eren Erdem said the indictment is proof of the war crime committed in the territory of the Turkish Republic, and documents the background of the Sarin gas attack carried out in Syria, the blame of which was then put on the Assad regime by the mainstream media.

Erdem said Turkey’s Machine and Chemistry Institute was also involved in the matter, saying that the indictment also demonstrates that the people who procured materials to the Machine and Chemistry Institute had no problems with passport control at the customs. He said this revealed the fact that Turkish police and intelligence units had all been informed about these preparations.

Erdem also drew attention to the fact that all the suspects detained in the scope of the investigation were released and cited allegations that these persons were later sent abroad. The CHP deputy added that then Minister of Interior and the Prime Minister have to give accounts on the issue and shed light on it before the public.

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