PFLP : Abbas’s Speech Full of Contradictions and Obsolete Policies

President Abbas’ Speech : ‘Peace, security and stability will not be achieved unless the occupation ends’

barakatIn response to the speech of Mahmoud Abbas on October 14, Comrade Khaled Barakat said that he “evaded all of the key points that the Palestinian people expect today amid the escalation of the popular uprising, in particular putting a final and complete end to the failed era of Oslo and negotiations, and announcing his commitment to our full national rights, and the launch of a new phase of internal relations to restore national unity and determine the date and place for an urgent meeting of the provisional leadership framework of the PLO, including all Palestinian national and Islamic forces.”

Barakat said, in a statement to Al-Hadaf News, that Abbas’s speech contained “some phrases which are superficially well-positioned in some aspects, such as referring to a refusal to remain hostage to agreements with Israel; but his reality is mired in contradiction to these phrases. Abbas continues to rely on the option and approach of the absurd negotiations, which have proved troublesome, dangerous and a complete failure over the past years and decades.”

“It would have been possible for Abbas to take this speech as an opportunity to compensate for the deficiencies which characterized his recent speech at the United Nations; however, this did not happen. Once again, it was a lackluster speech, returning over and over again to an obsolete political framework,” said Barakat.

“That which defines the meaning and goal of any such speech is the interest of the Palestinian Authority, and not, unfortunately, the higher interests of the Palestinian people or the principled positions held on a unified, national basis by the Palestinian people everywhere all over the world, in diaspora and in all of the Palestinian territory occupied since 1948,” said Barakat.

He emphasized the position of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, urging the formation of a unified national leadership for the uprising and ending the multiplicity of Palestinian Authorities, and to take the intifada and the resistance as the strategic choice and path for the Palestinian people, ” and not merely a bargaining chip to improve one’s position in negotiations with the enemy.”

The Palestinian youth of Gaza are ready to enter the battle of confrontation with the occupier

tananiComrade Ahmad Tanani, member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and secretary of the Progressive Student Labor Front in Gaza, sent his salutes to the young Palestinian men and women carrying out resistance operations shaking the occupation state, its soldiers and settlers, denouncing the curfew and closure imposed on Jerusalem.

“The Zionist occupation believes that they can escalate, kill Palestinians, remove them from the city of Jerusalem and the holy sites, arrest them, and that this will suceed in stpping the uprising. However, the masses of our people are moving toward a massive popular uprising and the occupation will not be able to stop them.” He urged the formation of a unified national leadership of the uprising and the organization of joint work among all national and Islamic forces in all aspects of struggle.

“From Gaza, we went on marches toward the points of contact to confront the Zionist occupation, and were hit with bullets and tear gas, and suffered many injuries and martyrs in the confrontations. Gaza will remain a thorn in the throat of the occupation. No matter how they try to separate us from the rest of our people or stifle us through siege and closure, we remain linked to the rest of occupied Palestine, by blood, spirit and identity, and these clashes with the occupation forces are a message that the youth of the Gaza Strip and its resistance fighters are ready to enter the battle with the occupation and affirm the unity of our land, and embody the unity of our struggle,” said Tanani.

PFLP marches in Gaza in united Palestinian resistance and confrontation of occupation

jabalya1The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Gaza organized a series of events to stand with their fellow Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Occupied Palestine ’48, united in confronting Zionist colonialism.

jabalya5On Wednesday, October 14, the PFLP in northern Gaza organized a march, saluting the resistance and pledging to struggle, through Jabalya refugee camp. Participants carried Palestinian flags and PFLP banners, chanting slogans for the Intifada and the heroic resistance operations, saluting the comrades who have fallen in the path of resistance, including those who carried out the most recent operation in Jerusalem, the martyrs Comrades Alaa Abu Jammal and Bahaa Alayan, and the martyred son of Dheisheh refugee camp, Comrade Moataz Zawahreh.

“We are here, in the heart of Jabalya camp, the cradle of the first Intifada, who have given so much heroism, and sacrifice, and so many martyrs, gathering today to express the support of all of our people in the Gaza Strip for our people in Jerusalem, in the West Bank, in Occupied Palestine’ 48, and for the heroic operations carried out by Zionist youth, which are shaking the Zionist entity, its soldiers and settlers,” said Comrade Hussein Mansour. “The Gaza Strip, its cities, its villages and its camps will continue to fuel the revolution with anger and resistance…We are always bound to our people in Jerusalem, in the West Bank, and in Occupied Palestine ’48.”

beithanoun3Mansour demanded an end to Palestinian Authority security cooperation with the occupation killers taking the lives of the Palestinian people and to cut off all relations with the occupier, and for the PA’s security forces to instead join the people in fighting the occupation and the settlers. He urged the widest Arab and international support for the Palestinian people, and the exposure of the crimes of the racist, fascist, occupation. “Our people will not back down and will continue resistance, struggle, and uprising against the Zionist enemy, the invader, by all forms and methods of confrontation.”

In Beit Hanoun, on October 13, the Palestinian Progressive Youth Union marched from Hamouda Station to the Beit Hanoun Crossing in the far north of Gaza, which marched to the border fence, clashing with Israeli soldiers with stones from zero distance with hundreds of comrades from the Progressive Student Labor Front, being shot at with live bullets, tear gas and rubber-coated bullets, wounding a number of comrades. Comrade Ashraf Sultan said that youth are marching to reach their occupied lands stolen from them in 1948, and that the Gaza Strip is an integral part of the one nation of Palestine. He said that Palestinian youth will continue to confront occupation forces at the borders of Gaza and escalate the confrontation and uprising against occupation forces.

81 Palestinian civilians were wounded in the clashes near Beit Hanoun by occupation forces, by rubber-coated and live bullets and by tear gas inhalation.

PFLP mourns the revolutionary martyr, Comrade Moataz Zawahreh

moataz-zawahrehThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine mourns with deepest pride, its comrade, the revolutionary struggler, Moataz Zawahreh, 27 years old, a Palestinian refugee from Dheisheh camp, targeted by Zionist soldiers while engaging in a demonstration confronting the occupation forces with stones and Molotov cocktails.

The PFLP sent its deepest condolences to the Zawahreh family, a family of strugglers, and to its imprisoned comrade, Ghassan Zawahreh, Moataz’s brother, pledging to him and to all of the martyrs to continue the path of resistance to occupation and escalating the confrontation with the occupier until the liberation of Palestine.

Thousands of Palestinins lined the streets of Dheisheh refugee camp and Bethlehem, from all sectors of society, student and women’s organizations, labor unions and professional associations and all political parties, to join in the funeral for the martyr Comrade Moataz Zawahreh, shot and killed by the Zionist forces as he demonstrated for freedom and liberation for his homeland on October 13. He bravely confronted occupation forces and was targeted directly for assassination in the demonstration.

The funeral procession stretched from Beit Jala Hospital, where the martyr Zawahreh’s body was carried by his comrades of the PFLP, draped in the flag of Palestine and the banner of the PFLP. Palestinians filled the streets of the funeral procession, to his father’s home in Dheisheh refugee camp, chanting for liberation for Palestine. After a procession winding through the camp, Comrade Zawahreh was buried in the martyrs cemetery of the camp, amid speeches and cries for the victory for Palestine, saluting the courage, bravery and commitment of the martyr.

A general strike was called in Bethlehem on October 14, in Bethlehem City, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour and the refugee camps of Bethlehem area, by the coordinating committee of the factions.The streets were free of cars and schools and universities were closed.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine expressed its deepest pride in its comrade Moataz Zawahreh, and expressed its deepest condolences to the Zawahreh family and his imprisoned brother, Comrade Ghassan Zawahreh, saluting all of the martyrs who have fallen and pledging to remain on their path of resistance and struggle until the full liberation of Palestine.

PFLP salutes resistance operations and the martyrs Bahaa Alayan and Alaa Abu Jamal

comradesThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine commends the heroic resistance operations and great sacrifices carried out by our people throughout the occupied land of Palestine. These resistance actions are being carried out by the great Palestinian rebellious youth of all affiliations, emphasizing the unity of the struggle against the Zionist enemy.

In this context, the Front mourns the martyrs of our people whose blood was shed to liberate our dearest Palestine, led by the struggling comrade Bahaa Alayan of Jabal al-Mukabber, one of the resistance fighters who engaged in an operation at a Zionist bus station in Jerusalem, and also mourns our comrade Alaa Abu Jamal, also of Jabal al-Mukabber, who carried out an operation which dealt serious blows to the settlers.

The Front confirms that the Palestinian resistance operations will continue, and these will not be the last, pledging to the masses of the Palestinian people and those who died for their liberation to engage in constant resistance until return and liberation.

Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine