Russian and US Military Experts Held a Video-conference on Flight Safety in Syria

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Today, Russian and US military experts held a video-conference on flight safety of the Russian aviation and aircraft of the coalition led by the USA in Syria.

The parties converged in key provisions of the document and agreed in future steps.

The discussion discussions were held in a constructive and business atmosphere as well as the previous ones.

Implementing the agreements achieved in the course of the video conference, which took place on October 10, the Russian Ministry of Defence has prepared suggestions for enrichment of the possible Russian-American arrangement concerning the flight safety during the operations in the air space of Syria.

Russian experts have treated the American ideas in a constructive way. The objective is to finish the work on the document in the coming days.

On October 13, the draft document will be sent to the American party through military diplomatic channels.

Russian specialists are ready to hold another video conference on October 14.

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