PKK : Ankara Massacre Aims to Suppress Kurds and Democracy Forces

PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) Central Committee said the massacre was perpetrated by AKP as part of the war waged against Kurds and Turkey’s democracy forces with an aim to suppress and eliminate them.

October 13, 2015

PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) Central Committee has released a statement about the massacre in Turkish capital Ankara which left a hundred people dead and as many wounded.

PKK said the massacre was perpetrated by AKP as part of the war waged against Kurdish Freedom Movement and Turkey’s democracy forces with an aim to suppress and eliminate them.

Describing the massacre as the last circle of attacks of the Turkish state’s special war system against the Kurdish people and democratic-socialist forces, and the deadliest one in the history of the peoples’ struggle for democracy and freedom. PKK underlined that the actual perpetrator of the massacre was AKP although it made an attempt to put the blame on ISIS to cover up its own involvement.


The statement by PKK underlined that the Turkish state made the decision to start a war against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and Turkey’s democracy forces at the National Security Council on 30 October 2014, after which the methods of 12 September military coup and the dirty war of 90’s have been put into practice once again. Remarking that illegal and undercover teams have been involved in practices that go beyond the present fascist constitution and laws, PKK said this kind of organizations will be committing massacres against the Kurdish people and democracy forces unless Turkey is democratized.


PKK stated that the fascist and reactionary regime of Turkey resorted to this kind of attacks because it regarded the joint democracy struggle of the Kurds and Turkey’s peoples as a danger that would bring it to an end, after it overthrew the AKP from the power on June 7.

According to PKK, this is why the government targets the alliance of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and democracy forces and tries to intimidate them, and the very reason why Suruç and Ankara massacres have been perpetrated.

“It is not possible to understand this massacre without an evaluation of the political environment in Turkey and the attitude of the political forces. Turkey’s democracy forces, intellectuals, authors and journalists became a target especially after the June 7 elections. As democracy forces want to ensure a unity in Turkey, attacks against these forces aim to disjoint the unity they want to establish.”

Noting that a period of dirty war similar to the one in 90’s has started again today, PKK described the Ankara massacre as a continuation of the massacres in Amed and Suruç and the offensive conducted by ISIS and deep state forces with an aim to make Kobanê fall on June 24 by means of a massacre that left hundreds of women and children dead.

PKK also pointed out that the perpetrator of Ankara massacre was the same with those who have massacred civilians in the cities, towns and neighborhoods of Kurdistan for the last two months, demolished cemeteries and dragged humanity behind police vehicles.

Summing up all these developments as a practice of the decision of war made on 30 October 2014, PKK said this war was being waged in not only mountains but everywhere Kurds and democracy forces are present.


PKK said the current situation revealed the fact that the lives of Turkey’s peoples, democracy forces, leftist-socialist forces and intellectuals remained in danger, stressing that nobody should entrust their security to the state and government anymore. “All democracy forces must ensure their own security and take the necessary precautions during this process of dirty war. Self-defense and a permanent struggle must be seen as an aspect of the struggle for democracy and freedom”.


PKK said the huge pain and anger in the face of the attacks aiming to eliminate the democracy forces must be turned into an initiative to form a wider front for a more effective struggle against the attempts to break the joint struggle of Kurdish and democracy forces.

Describing the enhancement of the struggle as essential for the realization of Democratic Turkey, Free Kurdistan and Democratic Middle East, PKK said all the democracy forces, socialist and revolutionist circles bear the responsibility to make the desire of the martyrs real.

PKK vowed to embrace the memory of the Ankara victims and wage a struggle more determined than ever to found the Democratic Turkey and Free Kurdistan desired by them.


Stressing that the current attacks were not permanent and served the objective of establishing a permanent fascist and authoritarian system in Turkey through an elimination of the revolutionist and democrat circles, PKK said the struggle must therefore be turned into one aiming to get rid of this fascist mindset and system.

The statement also emphasized that the spirit of June 7 must progress in the form of a democracy bloc with an objective of achieving democratization of Turkey and liberation of Kurdistan.

“The massacre in Ankara has made clear once again that it is now inevitable to get rid of the AKP ruling and found a new democratic Turkey with all its diversities”, PKK said, and called on all socialist, democratic, ethnic and religious groups to form a front of struggle and enhance it in order to get rid of the AKP ruling.