Turkish Gladio Continue Attacks on Kurdish Resistance Fighters

Karayılan: We will maintain the position of inaction as the will of martyrs

People’s Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan said they would maintain the position of inaction as the will of the people who were massacred in Ankara while demanding peace.

October 12, 2015

People’s Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan addressed to the guerrilla forces of in Kurdistan and Medya Defense Zones on occasion of the inaction declared by the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council on October 10.

Karayılan said they would maintain the position of inaction as the will of the people who were massacred in Ankara while demanding peace.

The Kurdish commander underlined that People’s Defense Forces (HPG) must avoid conducting any actions unless they themselves or the Kurdish people are targeted by attacks during the course of the inaction process. Karayılan also called upon guerrillas to end the road controls and retreat to their positions in guerrilla areas.

HSM Commander stressed that Ankara massacre was perpetrated as part of the total warfare concept implemented in Kurdistan, and on the very same day when the Kurdish movement made a historic declaration of inaction. He said the reason for this was that AKP wanted to remain in power by holding the elections in a conflict environment.

“This attack targeted us, peace and fraternity. It targeted all those siding with democracy, peace and fraternity” he said, and pledged that the perpetrators will definitely be brought to account.

Emphasizing that Ankara massacre was a continuation of the bomb attacks conducted in Adana and Mersin before the elections, in Amed on June 5 and in Suruç on July 20, all of which were perpetrated by some deep state forces and AKP’s Gladio gangs against the Kurdish people and movement in an alliance with ISIS. He underlined that it was not possible for two suicide bombers to carry out such an attack in the Turkish capital, the most protected city of the country, unless police and MİT (Turkish intelligence organization) closed their eyes to it.
According to Karayılan, these massacres have been committed on the basis of a concept to guarantee the AKP’s ruling by suppressing and intimidating the Kurdish people and leftist-socialist-democratic movement of Turkey, and thus getting the votes of all the chauvinist and racist circles in the country.

Pointing to AKP officials’ remarks vowing to keep the conflict going on the eve of the declaration of inaction by the Kurdish movement, Karayılan said this truth revealed that this inaction decision would clearly spoil AKP’s plans ahead of the elections.

HSM Commander said the primary goal of the Ankara massacre was to ruin the process of inaction in the same way the government started a total war on July 24 in the wake of the massacre in Suruç.

“We have to answer the perpetrators by maintaining the position of action as what exactly is required by the will of the valuable people massacred in Ankara. This is an attitude necessary to keep their memory alive and to ensure a more comprehensive response to this massacre on the basis of our commitment to freedom, democracy and fraternity of peoples.”

Karayılan said it is evident that the AKP will not comply with this process of inaction because it desires to make its ruling permanent by making a fait accompli at November 1 elections in the manner of a kind of coup based on chaos and conflict. “Everyone should therefore know that this process of inaction will be an unilateral attitude that will avoid military activities and actions unless Turkish forces attack our guerrilla forces and people. Still, we will use our legitimate right to self-defense and retaliation in the event of facing an attack.”

Karayılan said guerrillas should remain in their positions and act in line with the spirit of the inaction position without making any attempts to gain further positions. He noted that guerrillas will, however, use their right to retaliate in the event of an attack targeting their bases and positions in mountainous terrains where their control will remain. He noted that guerrillas should also end their control over roads in various parts of the Kurdistan territory and retreat to their bases.

Pointing to the situation in some Kurdish areas where people have recently declared self-rule, Karayılan said these areas were mainly controlled by the people and youths that have established their system in these areas, adding that this situation has become a reality of Kurdistan by now.

He underlined that police forces should also stop conducting raids and operations in these areas to avoid clashes and conflicts, as the people and youths will otherwise use their right to defend themselves and their areas in the event of being subject to any kind of attack by police. In short-he said-both sides should abide by the position of inaction and make no attempts against the other side.

Karayılan stated that guerrilla forces didn’t suffer a very high number of losses during the most recent process of conflict but every single loss was of great value and importance as they all fell a martyr in actions and attacks conducted with a strong spirit of self-sacrifice.

“We owe these developments to the efforts of our Leader, the self-sacrifice of our people and the bravery of our martyrs. In this regard, we remain committed to our promise to follow in their footsteps as their brave and epic resistance serves as an instruction to us. The resistance of our people in cities and the resistance of guerrilla forces on all grounds for the past two and a half months have one single conclusion which has revealed the way leading to success. Especially the message given to us by Ankara martyrs is to lead a march for the fraternity of peoples by making no concessions to fascism. Only such a march can realize peace and fraternity, which was their ideal.”

Turkey responds to KCK’s inaction by bombing cemeteries of guerrillas

Turkish Armed Forces have shelled the cemeteries of Kurdish freedom fighters in Amed’s Lice district, on Mount Cudi and Mount Herekol.

October 12, 2015

Turkish Armed Forces have shelled the cemeteries of Kurdish freedom fighters in Lice, on Mount Cudi and Mount Herekol.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has two days ago declared inaction on condition that no attacks are carried out against the Kurdish movement, people and guerrilla forces. KCK said that; “During this process, our guerrilla forces will avoid conducting planned actions, will be engaged in no activities apart from maintaining its current position, and make no attempts to hinder or harm the exercise of a fair and equal election.”

The Kurdish movement’s step as an answer to the peoples’ demand for peace, was responded by the Turkish state with the massacre in Ankara, and then bombardmenta against three cemeteries of guerrillas in the Kurdish region.

The ‘Martyr Amed and Martyr Hevidar Cemetery’ in Sîsê (Yolçatı) neighborhood of Amed’s Lice district was targeted by an intense bombardment by Turkish forces for hours late Saturday evening, the very same day when KCK declared suspension of actions and over a hundred demonstrators for peace were massacred in twin blasts in the Turkish capital.

A group of local people who explored the area of the bombardment on Sunday have found 8 dead bodies reportedly belonging to HPG guerrillas. The bodies were laid to rest in the cemetery.

On the other hand, the ‘Martyr Cuma and Martyr Binefş Cemetery’ on Mount Cudi was also targeted by attacks of the Turkish army. Following a bombardment and heavy wave of mortar attacks, soldiers blockaded the cemetery with dozens of armored vehicles and hindered access to the area where construction equipment were also deployed.

HDP Şırnak deputy Aycan İrmez, who was also denied access to the region, said the military operation was going on. İrmez stated that the operation manifested the truth that the inaction and suspension of actions meant nothing to the Turkish state.

The ‘Martyr Resul and Martyr Azime Cemetery’ on Mount Herekol in Siirt’s Pervari district was also shelled by Turkish jets late yesterday evening.

While no news is being received from the human shields in the cemetery area, mobilization of Turkish aircraft continues in the mentioned region.

HPG reports ongoing attacks by Turkish army against guerrilla areas

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office has reported in a written statement that bombardments and operations by the Turkish army continue primarily in Çarçela and Herekol areas as well as in Amed and many other guerrilla-held areas.

October 12, 2015

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office has reported in a written statement that bombardments and operations by the Turkish army continue primarily in Çarçela and Herekol areas as well as in Amed and many other guerrilla-held areas.

HPG Press Office stressed in its statement that People’s Defense Forces Headquarters Command has instructed all the guerrilla forces to ensure a successful and healthy continuation of the process of inaction declared by KCK on October 10.

“In the scope of this instruction conveyed by the HPG to all the commanders and the combatants in all the fields, areas, states, provinces and regions, our guerrilla forces have halted all their actions as of yesterday. Despite this, Turkish state forces have continued their bombardments and operations primarily in Çarçella and Herekol areas (at 02:00 on Oct. 12) as well as in Erzurum, Amed and many other areas”.

HPG then reported that the Turkish army is making an attempt to extend the ongoing operation launched in Mergêzere, Binbir and Geliyê Dostki areas of Hakkari’s Yüksekova district on September 27.

While Turkish troops attempted to infiltrate into Hill Martyr Fikret in Binbir area at 02:00 on October 12, the area was furthermore targeted by bombardments by warplanes, tanks and mortar fires.

These land and aerial operations against the main guerrilla bases resulted in clashes in the area, which left 11 Turkish soldiers dead. The operation of Turkish forces continues.


The area of Martyr Navdar in Lice district of Amed and the guerrilla cemetery of Martyr Amed and Martyr Hevidar were shelled by Turkish jets at between 18:00-20:00 on October 10.

While eight guerrillas on duty lost their lives in the bombardments, HPG has started an investigation into the causes of the losses. The names of the fallen guerrillas are; İsyan Koçgiri, Ruken Bismil, Serdar Farqin, Felat Amed, Sekvan Malazgirt, Tolhıldan Amed, Çekdar Şırnak and Şervan Farqin.The detailed ID information of the guerrillas will be announced later.

Turkish jets further shelled the Martyr Azime and Martyr Resul cemetery of guerrillas in Herekol terrain of Besta area at between 18:00-18:30 on October 11. The human shield action in the area continues.


In memory of recently martyred Hacı Lokman Birlik, guerrillas responded to the Turkish troops from Şırnak’s Çakır Söğüt Regiment that are running an operation in the area at 08:45 on October 11.

Five soldiers were killed and two others were wounded during the clashes in this area, after which the Turkish army shelled the scene with tanks, mortars and howitzers as well as bombardments by helicopters. One Cobra type helicopter was hit by guerrillas during the bombardment and forced to retreat from the area.

The Turkish army airdropped troops and deployed armoured vehicles in the areas of Martyr Sidar, Tilki strait, Tabela strait, Köroğlu, Uzunçayır, Pindik Upland and foothills, where troops started an operation in addition to laying ambushes. A group of guerrillas noticed the attacks but left the area without being engaged in clashes. The operation continues with the participation of disguised troops remaining in the area.


HPG went on reporting the ongoing aerial activities by Turkish aircraft over guerrilla areas, primarily over Zap, Gare, Metina and Avashin areas of PKK-held Medya Defense Zones.

HPG gave the following information regarding the reconnaissance flights carried out by Turkish unmanned vehicles over the following guerrilla areas,:

-Qandil region at between 13.00 – 21.00 on October 11,

-Zap region at between 07.00 – 10.30 and 21.00 – 00.00 on October 11,

-Garê area at between 20.00 – 00.00 on October 11 and at between 02.30 – 06.00 on October 12,

-Metina area at between 21:00 on October 11 and 03:00 on October 12,

-Avashin area from evening hours of October 11 till 11:00 of October 12.

HPG reported the following activities of Turkish jets over the following guerrilla areas;

-Qandil region at between 12.00 – 17.00 on October 11,

-Xakurkê area at between 12.00 – 14.00 on October 11,

-Garê area at between 13.30 – 14.30 on October 11,

-Metina area at between 12.00 – 13.00 on October 11,

-Zap region at between 09.00 – 14.30 on October 11 and at between 05.00 – 06.00 on October 12,

-Avashin area at between 04.30 – 11.00 on October 12.

Regarding the bombardments launched by Turkish troops from military posts at the border of Medya Defense Zones, HPG provided the following details:

-Military posts at Heftanin border shelled Deriyê Davetiya area at between 07.00 – 16.00 on October 11.

-Serêsevê and Hill Ortê military posts at Zap border shelled Gundê Nirva and Latê Kewa areas at between 22.00 – 23.00 on October 10.

-Oremar military post in Yüksekova district of Hakkari shelled Martyr Gafur area at Avashin border at between 20.30 – 21.00 on October 11.

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