Syria in the Last 24 Hours

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic continued airstrikes against ISIS infrastructures

In the course of the last 24 hours, the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic continued airstrikes against ‎ISIS infrastructures.

Su-30 fighters provide permanent coverage of the Russian strike groups.

Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25SM performed 64 combat sorties from the Hmeymim airbase engaging 63 ISIS objects located in Hamah, Latakia, Idlib and Raqqah provinces.

All the aircraft of the Russian air group successfully came back to the Hmeymim airbase after performing combat tasks in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Means of air reconnaissance registered the ISIS artillery battery located near Saraqib, Idlib province. The unit conducted repeated strikes against the nearest inhabited areas.

The Russian bombers destroyed this target.

Su-24M eliminated ISIS coordinating center located in Salma area. The HQ coordinated terrorists in Latakia province.

The direct hit of a KAB-500 air bomb caused complete destruction of the building sheltering leaders of the militants. Five off-road vehicles equipped with ZU-23 AA systems were destroyed as well.

Su-24M stroke a well-camouflaged position of off-road vehicles equipped with mortars located in the area of Kafr Delba (Latakia province). As a result of the strike, the mobile mortar battery, including 6 vehicles, was eliminated.

Su-25SM attackers hit the strong point of the ISIS terrorists, which was detected by means of air reconnaissance in vicinity of Achan (Hamah province). Fortifications, ammunition and materiel storages of the terrorists were liquidated by the direct hit.

Training camp of the ISIS unit was registered by means of reconnaissance in mountain-woody area of Khirbat al-Arus (Idlib province).

Su-25SM attackers hit the target with high-explosive bombs. The terrorists’ base was destroyed.

The attacks of the Russian air group carried out within the last 24 hours resulted in complete destruction of the following objects:

  • 53 fortified areas and strong points with armament and military hardware;
  • 1 command center;
  • 4 field camps of terrorists;
  • 7 ammunition depots;
  • artillery and mortar batteries.

The radio interception data is the evidence of panic increase among the ISIS armed groups.

Leaders of the armed groups are requesting immediate replenishment of armament and munitions, which were destroyed by the Russian aviation, and reinforcement projecting from Raqqah province in order to keep the positions.

Footage of strikes against strong points of the ISIS militants in different areas of the Syrian Arab Republic in the course of last 24 hours.

The fortifications were equipped in accordance with all the rules of military science.

The installations and created positioning area system are the evidence of some proper professional training level of the militants: they are not civilians, who are handling the weapon since previous day, but they are well-trained professional terrorists, and the war is the main source of profit for them.

Air strike against strong point equipped by the ISIS terrorists in captured building in the area of Salma (Latakia province). As a result of direct hit the command and coordination center of the militants was destroyed.

Strike against fire positions of the ISIS detachment near Achan (Hama province). Air bomb direct hit at fortifications and shelters of terrorists caused position destruction and inflamed the vehicles and patrol storages. .

Jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit positions of terrorists’ detachment in Latakia province. The ammunition detonated at the underground ammunition depot. The ISIS terrorists lost their opportunity to conduct active warfare.

Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated strong point of the “Islamic State” terrorists located near Dokmak. Direct hit of the air bombs caused large-scale fire. Armament, hardware and materiel of the militants, which were on the positions, were destroyed.

Putin: Operation in Syria would be limited by the Syrian army’s offensive
11 October، 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Sunday that the time frame of the Russian military operation in Syria would be limited by the Syrian army’s offensive.

Putin added in an interview with Russia 1 TV channel that the Russian military mission in Syria aims at working to secure stability and create the conditions for a political solution to the crisis.

Answering a question about whether Russia would take part in ground operation in Syria, “This is out of question,” Putin told Russia TV channel, adding “Whatever happens, we’re not going to do this, and our Syrian friends know about it.”

“We have absolutely no desire to recreate the empire,” or interfere in any sectarian conflicts, said Putin.

The Russian President made it clear that Syria operation was well-planned beforehead, it was not some spontaneous action.

“We have continuously carried out aerial and space reconnaissance, comparing the data we obtained from different sources, and the specialists from the General Staff… in coordination with their partners established, as you know, the Information Center in Baghdad,” Putin explained.

He renewed stress that Russia informed its “partners in the United States, many other partners, especially in the region of the Middle East about our intentions and our plans,” noting that Moscow is not losing hope that other countries will join its operation in Syria.

Putin emphasized that the simplest way to fight terrorists is that foreign partners join Russia in its efforts to combat terrorism since Russia had gotten the approval of the official authorities in Syria to conduct air strikes, noting that many leaders in the Middle East countries are well aware of the threat of terrorism and ready to participate in combating terrorism.

The Russian President pointed out that the United States planned to train 12000 militant within the training program of the so-called Free Army. Later, they reduced the number to 6000 but at the end they trained 60 militants, only four or five of them fought ISIS terrorists.
“They spent 500 million dollars for that .. It would have been better if the United States gave us these millions and we would have used them in a better way in combating terrorism,” Putin added.

The threat of terrorism exists in many countries but Islamic countries and Russia can be the victims in the first place, Putin said.

“The terrorist threat looms over many countries in the region… It is us, the countries of the region, the Islamic countries, who are the first victims of terrorism, and are willing to fight them,” the Russian president said.

The risk of terrorists’ involvement in terrorist operations in Russia has been there even before conducting military operations in Syria, he added.

Putin pointed out that supplying the Russian troops with the most developed weapons is not related to what is happening in Syria, but it is a decision taken ten years ago when necessary plans and tasks were laid out.

The Syrian army and air force continue fighting terrorists in different areas
11 October، 2015

The Syrian army and air force continued their fighting against terrorist organizations in different areas of the country, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their hideouts.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday the Russian Air Force bombed 63 ISIS positions during the last 24 hours in Hama, Lattakia, Idleb and Raqqa.


Syrian army air force targeted in intensive strikes ISIS terrorists’ dens and supply routes in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province.

A military source told SANA on Sunday that the strikes resulted in destroying positions and movements axes of ISIS terrorists in the villages and towns of Qseir al-Ward, al-Baqjiyeh, south of al-Nasriyeh, Jeb al-Safa, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Tal al-Ne’am, Tal Istabl, al-Salhiyeh, al-Hwaijeeneh, al-Jaboul and Tal Sab’een.


In the central province of Homs, the Syrian army air force morning conducted a number of airstrikes targeting dens and positions of the ISIS terrorist organization in the eastern countryside.

The air force carried out a number of airstrikes based on accurate intelligence information about the movements and positions of ISIS terrorists in al-Qaryatain village, 85 km to the east of Homs City.

A number of machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed in the strikes with all the arms and ammunition inside them.

The army air force also carried out airstrikes against dens and hotbeds of the ISIS terrorists in Jibab Hamad village, 70 km to the east of Homs city, destroying a number of varied machinegun- equipped vehicles and an amount of arms and

Meanwhile, heavy losses were inflicted upon the ISIS extremist organization in personnel and equipment in airstrikes carried out by the army air force against their dens and vehicles in al- Tafha village, 70 km to the east of Homs City.

A unit of army carried out special operations against dens and gatherings of ISIS terrorists which resulted in killing a number of terrorists in Rahoum village, the largest gathering of the organization in the far eastern countryside of Homs near al-Raqqa.

A vehicle for ISIS terrorists with all arms and ammunition on board was destroyed between Hawareen and al-Hadath villages in the south eastern countryside of Homs.

In the northern countryside of Homs, continued army operations against dens of terrorists under the leadership of Jabhat al-Nusra in Abu al-Sanabel hill and the area surrounding al-Rastan and Talbeeseh left a number of terrorists dead and a bulldozer, arms and ammunition were destroyed for them.

An army unit killed 3 terrorists and injured 5 others in Kafr Laha village in al-Houla area in Homs countryside.


The army’s air force killed terrorists in Latmin, Lahaya, al-Latamneh and Kafr Naboudah in Hama countryside.

A military source affirmed that the terrorist organizations have been inflicted heavy losses in personnel and equipment in the wide land military operation carried out by the Army under a support of the Russian air force and in cooperation with the Syrian air force in Hama northern countryside.

The destroyed 20 vehicles loaded with ammunition in Tal Skik in the northern countryside of Hama.

The source added that a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed in the surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, field sources told SANA that the army units also inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in its artillery on their dens in Tal Wasit and al-Zyarah villages in addition to al-Mansoura town in which the army have achieved great progress.


The army’s air force conducted airstrikes against terrorists’ positions in Kitf al-Ghadr, al-Mallouha, al-Ghuneima and Rweiset Khandaq Khamou in the northeastern countryside of Lattakia province.

Numbers of the terrorists were killed and several of their vehicles and equipment were destroyed in the airstrikes.

Army units also destroyed 7 of the terrorists’ vehicles in Rabiaa area, that were heading to al-Khadra village, killing a number of Chechen terrorists.


The army’s air force destroyed dens for terrorist organizations in al-Tamana’a, Khan Sheikhoun and al-Habeit in Idleb countryside.


An army unit targeted terrorists’ movements and positions in Tal al-Sheikh Hussien and Tuloul Khleif area in the eastern countryside of the southern Daraa province.

All members of a terrorist group were killed or injured, and their vehicle was destroyed.

Six vehicles were damaged in a precise army operation against terrorists positioned in Daraa al- Balad neighborhood in Daraa city.

Later on Sunday afternoon, an army unit killed and injured all the members of a terrorist group in al-Abazid neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad.

Another Army unit killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their weapons to the south of Syriatel Building in al-Manshia neighborhood.

2 civilians killed by terrorists’ gunfire in Sweida countryside
11 October، 2015
Sweida, SANA

Two civilians were killed on Saturday by the gunfire of a terrorist group north of Najran village in the northwestern countryside of the southern Sweida province.

A Police Command source in Sweida said a group of terrorists intercepted two cars between Najran and Ariqa town in al-Lajat area and opened fire on them, leaving the two drivers dead.

Last August, a man and a woman were killed in terrorist attacks by explosive devices on Ariqa road while they were heading to their farm in a tractor.

H. Zain/ H. Said

Tunisia’s Defense Minister: 250 Tunisians returned from fight in Syria after Russian airstrikes
11 October، 2015
Tripoli, SANA

Tunisian Defense Minister Farhat Horchani said at least 250 Tunisian terrorists who fought alongside ISIS terrorist organization in Syria have fled to Libya after Russian air strikes
started in Syria.

Russia started an air operation against ISIS positions in Syria on September 30, where it its Air Force has since then conducted dozens of sorties against many ISIS targets, destroying field camps,
command and control centers and ammunition depots.

In a statement to the Libyan Bawabat al-Wasat website, the Tunisian Defense Minister said terrorism is on top of the challenges facing his country.

Tunisian officials estimated that thousands of Tunisians have joined the terrorist organizations in Syria. Some of those were arrested upon their return to Tunisia, while scores of others were killed in Syria.

R.J/H. Said