Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Syrian Arab Army units captured the towns of “Kafar Nabodea, al-Mogheer, Tal Orthman and Tal al-Shakher” in Hama northern countryside.

The battlefield in constantly changing; and, the Syrian Arab Army’s units are still advancing.

الجيش العربي السوري يحرز مزيدا من التقدم على محور آخر في ريف حماه الشمالي، ويسيطر على بلدة كفرنبودة وقرية المغير شرق قلعة_المضيق، و تل_الصخر شمال شرق المغير، و تل_عثمان غرب بلدة كفرنبودة وعطشان في ريف حماه الشمالي، اثر اشتباكات عنيفة مع المجموعات المسلحة اسفرت عن وقوع عدد كبير من القتلى والجرحى وتدمير اليات للمسلحين.

Syrian Arab Army

SyAAF and RuAF are conducting heavy airstrikes against terrorist locations in Kafar Nabodea, and Atshan; at the same time, SAA’s 47th brigade of the 11th armored division’s heavy multiple rocket launchers are firing at terrorist gatherings and positions.

Syrian Arab Army

• Syrian Arab Army and Allied Syrian National Forces launched a land-based military operation in Hama countryside; while SyAAF and RuAF provided air support.

• The operation was initiated from number of axes such as “Latmeen, Kafar Naboda, Tal Hosh, and al-Taman`a” and aims to secure the route between Hama Countryside, and Idlib Countryside to secure the way toward Jabal al-Zawyea.

• SyAaF and RuAF destroyed most of terrorists-Used buildings at the beginning of the land operation.

Further updates when available.

Syrian Arab Army

RuAF and SyAAF launched number of airstrikes against ISIS locations in Palmyra earlier tonight.

Syrian Arab Army

SAA’s military intelligence operatives confirmed that ISIS command issued orders that banns its terrorists and media from releasing any information regarding their losses due to the SyAAF and RuAF mutual airstrikes, whether in the human or the equipment; failure to comply is punished by death.

SAA’s military intelligence operatives also stated that the huge losses in ISIS buildings used as command centers and munition storage, and ISIS’ loss in human lives and equipment brought their terrorists’ morals to the ground; and large number of their commands and fighters fled the Syrian territories toward Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.

With no channels of information open between the Syrian/Russian intelligence and the NATO’s due to the EU and US position from the Syrian crisis, the Western intelligence are completely blind when it comes to those escaping Syria.

Syrian Arab Army

Syrian Armed Forces celebrate 42nd anniversary of October Liberation War
7 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

The Syrian Armed Forces celebrated the 42nd anniversary of October Liberation War on Tuesday through performing military shows and exercises at a number of military units and facilities.

Military commanders and leaders, who attended the celebrations, stressed that October War was a turning point and a brilliant page in the history of Syria and the Arab Nation “as it restored dignity to the Arabs…and shattered the myth of the invincible Zionist army.”

October War refers to the Arab-Israeli War that was fought by the coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against the Israeli occupation enemy from October 6 to 25, 1973. Back then, the Syrian armed forces managed to take an area back from the Israeli forces that had advanced on the Golan.

The army commanders said the heroism shown during October War is also strongly present today, with the Syrian army making great achievements in the
battlefield fighting the terrorists.

H. Zain/ H. Said

Russian Defence Ministry published a video featuring a massive precision weapon strike at ISIS infrastructural facilities on Syrian territory

This night the ship strike group of the Russian Navy launched cruise missiles against ISIS infrastructural facilities in Syria from the assigned district of the Caspian Sea.

The cruise missiles hit all the assigned targets. The deviation from aims during the long-range engagement did not exceed 3 meters.

Plants producing ammunition and explosives, command centres, storages of munitions, armament and POL as well as a training camp of terrorists on the territory of the Raqqah, Idlib and Aleppo provinces were engaged.

The missile ship Dagestan (project 11661) was the flag ship of the ship strike group. Its displacement constitutes about 2 000 tons, its length is about 200 meters. The ship is equipped with a modern high-accuracy missile system Kalibr NK capable of engaging targets by cruise missiles located on all the territory of Syria with the accuracy of up to 3 meters. The cruise missiles fly at the altitudes of up to 50 meters following the terrain.

The missile ship Dagestan is capable of task performance at the distance of 4 000 km from the permanent base.

The displacement of small-sized missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich, Veliky Ustyug (project 21631) is 1 000 tons, their length is over 70 meters. The main strike weapon of the ships of this type is the Kalibr NK high-precision ship missile system, which allows to engage targets day and night in bad hydrometeorological conditions.

Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Andrei Kartapolov told about the results of usage of cruise missiles against militants in Syria

Cruise missile strikes held from the south-west part of the Caspian Sea against militants in Syria have been agreed on by Russia and its partners beforehand. This was stated today by the Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov.

Andrei Kartapolov told that on October 5-6, the Russian reconnaissance had discovered a number of important objects of militants, which were to be destroyed immediately and explained that their engagement had been decided to be carried out with the use of long-range cruise missiles.

He emphasized that the cruise missile strikes had been agreed on with the Russian partners beforehand.

Andrei Kartapolov also reminded that the Russian party had already announced its “plans to build-up the intensiveness of strikes against the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra objects”.

Andrei Kartapolov mentioned that in order to provide security for civil population, the flight corridor for cruise missiles had been planned over uninhabited areas. The strikes engaged plants producing ammunition and explosives, command centres, storages of munitions, armament and POL as well as a training camp of terrorists on the territory of the Raqqah, Idlib and Aleppo.

According to him, engagement of these facilities reduces the mobility of militants and deprives them of the ability to perform heinous terrorist attacks.

Missile ships Dagestan, Grad Sviyazhsk, Veliky Ustyug and Uglich performed the launches.

All the assigned targets have been engaged.

During his meeting with journalists, Andrei Kartapolov stressed that all the targets had been properly analyzed using the data received from space and radio reconnaissance, communications interception, and photos made by UAVs. Data collected by intelligence of Syria, Iran and Iraq, including human intelligence, was also used.

He also explained that the strikes were carried out only against verified targets. Each strike is preceded by a long and thorough preparation.

The special file on each facility is prepared before the strike.

Andrei Kartopolov said that the final decision on elimination of targets was made only after the analysis of all the data and computer simulation of the strikes. Aviation targeting was made according to the same algorithm.

He stressed that modern high-accuracy munitions were used in Syria. High-accuracy engagement is reached by complex use of such munitions with hi-tech armament systems.

Andrei Kartopolov stated that the maximum deviation did not exceed 5 metres.

He also noted that Russia had repeatedly cancelled strikes against the terrorists “just because they left their bases and camps and sheltered as a rule in inhabited areas and in close proximity to religious institutions”.

Andrei Kartapolov mentioned that nevertheless, the Russian Armed Forces were being accused of hitting civilian facilities and mosques.

He stressed with full responsibility that objects situated in inhabited areas were not considered as targets.

According to Andrei Kartapolov, Russia suggested its partners to share locations of the “Islamic State” objects but there was still no answer.

Andrei Kartapolov stated that it shows that either the partners did not have the coordinates or they did not want us to make strikes against ISIS; the reason remained unclear.

Terrorist mortar attacks claim the lives of 3 civilians in Quneitra
7 October، 2015
Quneitra, SANA

Three civilians were killed on Tuesday in terrorist mortar attacks on Haddar village and Khan Arnaba town in the southern Quneitra province.

The mortars were fired by terrorists positioned in Jbata al-Khashab and Trinja village, according to a source at Sweida Governorate.

The attacks, the source added, caused material damage to the citizens’ properties.

A mortar shell causes material damage to a house in Damascus

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations targeted al-Abbassyein residential area with a mortar shell, causing material damages to a house, but no casualties.

A police source told SANA that a mortar shell fell on a house in Aleppo Street in al-Abbassyein area, causing only material damages.

Manar al-Frieh/H. Said/ Mazen

Terrorist organizations destroy Shansharah archaeological site in Idleb countryside
7 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Takfiri terrorist organizations destroyed on Wednesday Shansharah archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is located 13 kilometers to the west of Ma’aret al-Nouman city in the southern countryside of Idleb.

Local sources told SANA that large parts of Shansharah archaeological site were destroyed or sabotaged by terrorist organizations.

The sources confirmed that members of terrorist organizations robbed many of the artifacts at the site and smuggled them out of the village.

Director General of Antiquities and Museums Maamoun Abdul-Kareem said that Shansharah is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011, explaining that it goes back to the Roman and Byzantine eras.

It is distinguished for the wideness and density of various residential buildings and its frontispieces which are rich in architectural decorations that highlight the urban development that the area witnessed in the fifth and sixth centuries AD, Abdul-Kareem added.

Abdul Kareem pointed out that the site contains ground tombs which are considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in addition to a bathroom and a church.
Abdul Kareem said that Shansharah village constitutes along with a number of other ancient villages in the same area as al-Bara, Tal Louzeh, sarjalla, Boudeh,Bashla, Btarsa, Rabea and Mourtahoun an archaeological reserve which is located within an archaeological park.

Terrorist organizations have been targeting Syrian ruins especially the Dead Cities in Aleppo and Idleb.

Archaeological villages which number 40 are one of the most important archaeological sites listed on the World Heritage list in addition to Old Damascus, Old City of Aleppo, Krak des Chevaliers and Salaheddin Citadels and the cities of Palmyra and Busra.


Russian and Syrian airstrikes continue, more casualties and losses among terrorist organizations’ ranks
7 October، 2015
Provinces, SANA

The army operations going on in various areas and provinces are resulting in more deaths within the terrorist organization’s ranks, with the army units striking hard on terrorists’ positions, destroying also their heavy armaments and equipment, as Russia ramped up the military campaign against ISIS positions in the country.

A military source confirmed that ISIS had suffered heavy losses in missile strikes launched by Russia’s naval fleet in the Caspian Sea against 11 of its positions in Syria.

The Russian navy fired a total of 26 Caliber missiles against 11 positions for ISIS in al-Raqqa, Aleppo and Idleb provinces.

According to the source, the raids resulted in the destruction of a workshop for making explosive devices, command centers, arms and ammunition depots, fuel storehouses and training centers.

The source said the Russian Air Force, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, conducted strikes against ISIS targets in Deir Hafer and al-Bab in the countryside of the northern Aleppo province, leaving many terrorists dead.


40 Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were killed and 65 others were injured as an army unit targeted one of their hideouts in al-Shaqif area on the northern outskirts of Aleppo city.

A rocket launcher and a cannon were destroyed in the operation.

In the meantime, the army’s air force destroyed 8 vehicles carrying terrorists, weapons and ammunition on Hareitan-al-Lairamoun road and 3 other vehicles at al-Castello-Youth Housing axis.

The source added that army units targeted terrorists’ positions in the neighborhoods of Salah-Eddin, Bani zaid, Bustan al-Basha, al-Rashidin4, al-Sheikh Khodr, Karm al-Trab in Aleppo city, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

Another army unit carried out precise operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the surroundings of the scientific Research Center and al-Mansoura village in the northern countryside of the province, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons, ammunition and vehicles equipped with machine guns.

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations’ vehicles and supply routes across Turkey were targeted in Andan and Hareitan towns and al-Naseriyeh village in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

In the eastern countryside, the army units targeted ISIS terrorists’ positions in the villages and towns of Kweiris Gharbi, Deir Hafer, Jib al-Safa, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Erbid, al-Jadideh, al-Jabboul, Tal Establ, Tal al-Naam, al-Tibeh and in the surroundings of the Air Force Academy.

Amounts of munitions and several vehicles equipped with machine guns were destroyed in the course of operations.

A number of terrorists were killed and injured and their weapons and ammunition were destroyed in an army operation against their hideouts in the village of al-Ameriyeh in the southern countryside.

Damascus Countryside

Army units killed terrorists of the so-called “Islam Army”, “Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union” and “Al-Rahman Legion” in the farms and villages of Eastern Ghouta.

Field sources told SANA on Tuesday that an army unit destroyed three vehicles, one equipped with a heavy machine-gun, for Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union” in Zibdin village, killing many of terrorists.

The Saudi terrorist Jazza al-Shommari and the terrorists Zuhair al-Durra, Mohammad Diqmaq, Aziz al-Dalati, Nidal Dabbas and Ahmad Obeido were identified among the dead.

The sources pointed out that three pickups were destroyed and the terrorists Jihad Shashit, Marwan Sokkariyeh, Nader Taha, Jamil al-Naasan, Fouad Kouka and Naeem al-Makari were killed during army operations against “Islam Army” positions in Saqba town.

Other terrorists from the same group were killed in operations in Erbin town, including the terrorist Abdul-Yassin Tab.

In Mesraba village to the south of Douma city, sources said that an army unit destroyed dens of “Al-Rahman Legion” terrorist organization, killing many of its members, including the Iraqi Moustafa Nouri al-Saadoun, Ghassan al-Mofti, Faissal al-Shaar, Ayman al-Rawasi and Abdul-Jalil Kharouf.

The sources confirmed the death of the terrorists Ayman Dibbane, Mostafa Zabadne, Ali al-Doumani, Asaad al-Semadi and Adib Mayyaseh from the so-called “Liwa Fajer al-Ummah” organization in a hit on one of their hideouts to the south of al-Hassan Mosque in Harasta.

On the western outskirts of Douma city, army units intensified strikes against dens of “Islam Army” terrorists, killing many of them including the terrorists Samer al-Gharbi, Ibrahim Jarada and Abdul-Razzaq al-Dali. Vehicles were also destroyed in the operations.


An army unit destroyed 10 SUV vehicles transporting terrorists, weapons and ammunition in Khirbet al-Ambashi area in Badiya (desert) in Sweida province after they crossed in coming from the Jordanian borders, SANA reporter said.


An army unit destroyed a mortar launcher, weapons and ammunition during operations against terrorists’ gatherings in Busra al-Sham city to the southeast of Daraa city.

The Army killed many terrorists and injured many others during accurate operations against their dens and gatherings southeast of Kaddah Building in Daraa al-Mahatta.

Army units also launched concentrated strikes against hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations to the southeast of Syriatel Building in Daraa al-Balad, causing the destruction of a den for terrorists.

A number of terrorists were killed, others were injured and their weapons and ammo were destroyed during an army unit’s operations against their dens in al-Gharia al-Gharbia village and the area surrounding Kherbit Ghazala in the northeast countryside of Daraa.


Army units in cooperation with popular defense groups destroyed vehicles for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, some of which were equipped with machine guns in the northern countryside of Quneitra.

Field sources told SANA correspondent that a unit of army destroyed 14.5 mm machine gun and killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists who had infiltrated to the area surrounding Harfa village and Mashati Hadar.

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists targeted Harfa village with more than 20 rocket and mortar shells that caused material damage to civilians’ properties and houses.

A unit of army in cooperation with popular defense groups destroyed vehicle, some of them equipped with machine guns for terrorist organizations and left scores of terrorists dead or injured during concentrated operations against their gatherings in the surrounding of Khan Arnabeh town, Jubata al-Khashab , Tranjeh and Ofania.

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations acknowledged that nine of their members were killed in the northern countryside of Quneitra including the the military commander of Ahmad al-Omar Brigade and the leader of Saif al-Islam battalion.


The army’s air force destroyed vehicles for ISIS terrorists and killed a number of them in air strikes on their positions in the surroundings of al-Shaer oil field and in northern al-Qaryatain village in Homs province.

Units of the army also destroyed dens for ISIS terrorists and killed many of them in Um Sahrij and al-Msherfeh in Job al-Jarah in Homs eastern countryside.


Army units directed intensive strikes against gatherings and dens of ISIS terrorists in Hasaka countryside.

A source in the province told SANA correspondent that an army unit clashed with ISIS terrorists who attempted to attack a military post in Tal Mabt 17 kilometers to the east of Hasaka city.

A vehicle was damaged, three terrorists were killed, and three others were injured, while the rest fled away during the clashes.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon ISIS terrorists during strikes against their gatherings in Tal Baroud village to the south of Abdul-Aziz Mountain west of Hasaka city, according to the source.

Russia ready to work for unifying efforts of Syrian army and so-called “free army” against ISIS
7 October، 2015
Moscow, SANA

Official Spokesperson of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that in light of the stance announced by President Vladimir Putin, the Russian side affirms willingness to work, through Defense Ministry, to unify efforts of the Syrian army and those of the so-called “Free Army” to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry, authorized by President Putin, informs our partners in the countries which have contacts with the Free army about Russia’s readiness to hold contacts with leaders of this structure to discuss possibility of engaging it the work to prepare conditions for launching the necessary political settlement process in Syria through talks between the Syrian government and the national opposition,” Zakharova said in a statement.

She affirmed that “the Russian Foreign Ministry will continue its contacts with all spectrums of Syrian opposition to help consolidate its union on this ground.”

Peskov: Russian air force operation against ISIS “moved into a higher level.”

In a relevant context, Official Spokesman of the Russian Presidency Dmitry Peskov announced that the Russian air force operation against ISIS “moved into a higher level.”

” The operation of the Russian armed forces in support of the Syrian army continued today and moved into a higher level in a technical point of view, and as you know, our winged missiles have been launched from the fleet of Caspian sea as reports talked about Syrian forces’ progress, supported by us,” Sputnik news agency quoted Peslov as saying in a statement.

He added that President Putin has highly evaluated the task of Russian soldiers and their military expertise.


560 wanted persons from ‪Damascus‬, Damascus Countryside, ‪Quneitra‬, and ‪‎Homs‬ turn themselves in to authorities to have their legal status settled.

People of Jobar: We want reconciliation but fear violent reprisal from terrorists

7 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

People from Jobar neighborhood in Damascus countryside said that many of them want to embrace national reconciliation, but are afraid of violent reprisal from terrorist organizations.

Meeting the People Assembly’s National Reconciliation Committee on Wednesday, locals from Jobar said they fell victim to terrorism like all other people from areas where terrorists had run amok, and that they lost their properties and livelihoods and the peaceful lives they once led.

They called for focusing efforts to restore security and stability to Jobar, boosting trust between citizens and officials, settling the legal status of youths who decided to lay down their weapons, discussing the issue of missing people, and sending food aid.

In turn, head of the Committee Omar Osi pointed out to the success achieved by reconciliation efforts, most notable of which was the settling of the legal status of more than 700 people in Daraa, asserting that this will expand to cover more areas in Damascus Countryside and elsewhere.

Hazem Sabbagh