The Effectiveness of Russia’s Airstrikes in Syria Worries the West

4 October، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Minister of information Omran al-Zoubi said the effectiveness of the air raids carried out by the Russian army in Syria have driven the armed terrorist groups and their backers crazy while they remained silence when the US announced its coalition which supposedly aimed at targeting the ISIS in Syria.

In an interview on the Syrian TV on Sunday, Minister al-Zoubi said the U.S.-led coalition is not serious and all of its raids on the ISIS brought no tangible results because the real purpose was not destroying the ISIS but on the contrary preserving it for as long as possible with the aim of achieving certain goals.

He said the terrorist groups in Syria are the legitimate offspring of the western countries and their intelligence agencies, stressing that the Gulf-promised bargains and investments in the western countries are the only reason derailing the West from changing its positions regarding Syria.

On the dialogue issue, al-Zoubi said Moscow 2 meeting has brought promising outcome and proved that there is a room for Syrian-Syrian dialogue with those who reject terrorism, highlighting that “Of course we do not believe the statements of the western officials in this regard.”

He underlined that there will not be any political solution if President Bashar al-Assad was not the key, guarantee, reference and way for such solution.

M. Nassr