Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Civilian killed, 21 injured in terrorist car bomb attack in Homs
4 October، 2015
Homs, SANA

One civilian was killed and 21 were injured as a result of a terrorist car bomb attack which took place in Homs city on Sunday evening.

A source at the province told SANA’s correspondent that terrorists carried out an attack using a car bomb at the traffic light between al-Zahraa neighborhood and al-Muwasalat roundabout in Homs city, claiming the life of one civilian and injuring 21 others.

The source said that the attack also caused considerable material damage to properties.

A source at the Health Directorate stated that the injured people were rushed to the National Hospital, and that most of them were women and children.

Hazem Sabbagh

10 injured in terrorist mortar and rocket attacks in Damascus Countryside and Hama
4 October، 2015
Damascus Countryside/Hama, SANA

Seven civilians were injured when terrorists fired mortar shells at al-Wafidin Camp in Damascus Countryside on Sunday evening.

A source at the Police Command told SANA’s correspondent that terrorists fired 3 mortar shells at the area which is located at the outskirts of the northern farms of Douma area, landing in al-Thawra neighborhood and injuring 7 civilians, one of them a woman.

The source said that the injured were rushed to al-Qtaifeh National Hospital for treatment, and that the attack also caused material damage to houses and cars.

Al-Wafidin Camp has been the target of recurring mortar and rocket attacks by members of Jaish al-Islam terrorist organizations who are located in Harasta and Douma in the Eastern Ghouta part of Damascus Countryside. The most recent of those attacks took Place on September 30th, claiming the life of a child and injuring 4 other children ages 3 to 11.

On a relevant note, a source at Hama Police Command told SANA that terrorists fired rocket shells at al-Taouneh village near the administrative lines with Homs province, which injured 3 civilians and caused massive material damage to houses.

Hazem Sabbagh

Three civilians injured in terrorist rocket attack at Quneitra
4 October، 2015
Quneitra, SANA

Three civilians were injured Sunday by Takfiri Terrorist Organizations’ rockets fired at al-Ba’ath city in the southern province of Quneitra.

A source at the province told SANA correspondent that terrorists, positioned in the villages of Sammadiya al-Gharbiya and and Om Batina, fired today 10 rockets at state services establishments injuring 3 civilians.

The terrorist attack, also, caused material damage to citizens’ properties and ten cars were burnt, the source added.

Manar/ H.Said

Russian aviation aided by Syrian air force intensifies airstrikes against ISIS positions
4 October، 2015
Provinces, SANA

A military source said the Russian jets, in cooperation with the Syrian air force, carried out a series of airstrikes against ISIS positions in Jisr al-Shughour, Maaret al-Nouman and al-Tabqa, destroying a number of warehouses storing weapons and command centers.

The source told SANA that the Russian air force in cooperation with the Syrian air force carried out a series of accurate airstrikes against ISIS positions, destroying a training camp in Kaslajok, shelters and mini-factories used for making weapons and ammunition, as well as 4 command centers in Jisr al-Shughour.

The source said a training center and an ammunition depot was destroyed near al-Tabqa city in Raqqa province, indicating that 3 successive strikes that left command centers and ammunition stores near Maaret al-Nouman in Idleb.

The source said that the strikes destroyed the control and logistic support for the terrorist organization.

Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement that the Russian fighter jets conducted 20 air raids against 10 ISIS positions in Syria which resulted in destroying a training camp and weapons depots in al-Tabqa City in Raqqa and a command center and weapons depots in Maaret al-Nouman in Idleb.


Hundreds of terrorists were killed or injured over the past 24 hours during operations carried out by army units, backed by the Syrian Army’s Air Force, in various areas in Aleppo province.

A serious of air strikes were launched on hideouts and movements of ISIS terrorists in the villages of Hmeimeh and Un al-Amad in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province, a military source told SANA on Sunday.

The source said a number of the terrorists were killed or injured and their vehicles, which were equipped with machine guns were destroyed in the airstrikes.

In the meantime, the army units carried out intensive operations targeting ISIS terrorists in the villages and towns of Dei Hafer, Treidem, Blat, Tal Sabin, al-Jadideh, Ein Saeb, Tallet al-Shawaya, al-Sheikh Ahmad and al-Sfeira.

ISIS terrorists also suffered more losses as the army units targeted their positions in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy, located on the international road leading to Raqqa.

The army’s air force killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in Mayer town in the northern countryside of the province.

In the western countryside of the province, the army targeted terrorists’ position in Daret Ezza city, while other terrorists had their hideouts, vehicles, some of which equipped with various machineguns, and supply routes destroyed in al-Ameriyeh village in the southern countryside.

An army unit killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their arms and ammunition in the vicinity of al-Nairab airport on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo city.

Meanwhile, field sources told SANA reporter that an army unit carried out a special operation killed all members of a so-called “Suqour al-Jabal Battalion” and destroyed their equipment on al-Kastello road towards the Turkish borders in the northern countryside of the province.

Three convoys of 25 cars and vehicles were also destroyed in Tadef, Rasm al-Imam, al-Kastello,al-Lairamoun and to the north of Mare’, according to the sources.

Deir Ezzor

Army units thwarted an attack carried out by the ISIS on Deir Ezzor Military Airport, killing and injuring scores of terrorists, many of them of non-Syrian nationalities, and destroying their vehicles and weaponry.


The Syrian Army air force destroyed Takfiri Terrorist Organizations’ dens and vehicles in al-Qaryatain, al-Sa’an, and in the surrounding of al-Sha’er field in the countryside of the province.

Meanwhile, an army unit, in cooperation with popular defense groups, targeted a gathering of ISIS terrorists in om Sahreej village and destroying a a vehicle with all terrorists on board.
To the northwestern side of the province the army killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists at the village of Kafar Laha in Tal Daw town.

For their part, terrorist organization admitted on the social network pages the killing of what they called head of religious affairs of Jund Badr Ibrahim al-Said brigades.

An army unit killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, injured others and destroyed their arms and ammunition in al-Sama’aleel village in al-Houleh area in the north western countryside of Homs.

A number of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations were killed and their arms and munitions were destroyed during strikes by army units against their gatherings and axes of movements in Um Sharshouh, al-Farhaniya, Raba’a, al-Ghajar and al-Zamameer near al-Rastan 220 kilometer to the north of Homs.


The Syrian Arab Army’s Air Force carried out airstrikes targeting hideouts of ISIS in al-Rahjan village 50km northeast of Hama city, destroying vehicles along with the weapons, munitions, and equipment they were transporting.

A miltuiary source told SANA that the Air Force carried out concentrated strikes on concentrations of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations affiliated with it in Aqrab village in Hama’s southwestern countryside near the administrative line with Homs province, resulting in the death of a number of terrorists and destroying a number of their gatherings.

Air strikes also targeted ISIS sites east of al-Uqairibat in the province’s eastern countryside, killing a number of terrorists, injuring others, and destroying their weapons and equipment.

Northwest of Hama city, the Air Force targeted hideouts of terrorist organizations affiliated with Jaish al-Fateh in al-Latamneh and Kafr Zita, killing a number of terrorists, injuring others, and destroying vehicles along with the weapons and ammo they were transporting.


In Idleb province, the Air Force carried out airstrikes targeting hideouts of Jaish al-Fateh terrorists in Abdin village in the countryside of Ma’aret al-Nu’man, destroying a number of vehicles used by the terrorists.

The Air Force also targeted movements of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups in Tal Marq and al-Habbit in Khan Sheikhoun area in the province’s southern countryside, which resulted in killing many terrorists and destroying their vehicles.


An Army unit launched concentrated strikes against dens and gatherings of “Jabhat al-Nusra” and other terrorist organizations in Rabia area to the north of Lattakia city.

The strikes resulted in the destruction of 5 vehicles, 3 of them equipped with heavy machineguns in addition to the killing of all terrorists inside them in Zahi and Beit Arab villages.

Large numbers of terrorists, most of them foreigners, were killed including Ahmad Sharshoh, Mazad Madah and Omar Bonjakli.


An army unit carried out a precise operation targeting hideouts and concentrations of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations affiliated with it in the city of Bosra al-Cham 40km east of Daraa city.

A military source told SANA that the operations left a number of terrorists dead and injured others, most of them from Jabhat al-Nusra, in addition to destroying their weapons and munitions.

Another unit eliminated a number of terrorists in another precise operation targeting hotbeds of terrorists in Daraa al-Mahatta neighborhood in Daraa city.

The army also killed and injured a number of terrorists and destroyed two of their vehicles, a pickup truck and bulldozer, while the terrorists were building fortifications on the road between Tafas and Atman in the province’s northern countryside.

In Daraa’s eastern countryside, army units eliminated a number of terrorists in the farms southwest of Kherbet Ghazaleh bridge and in the town of al-Ghariye al-Gharbiye.

Army units also killed and injured all members of an armed terrorist group in Rakham area in Daraa eastern countryside, 37 km from Daraa city.


An army unit, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, targeted dens and positions of terrorists in al-Otha village in the southwestern countryside of the southern Sweida province.

A number of terrorists were killed and their arms and equipment were destroyed during the operations.


Two of terrorist groups’ leaders confirmed dead

The Takfiri terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the death of two of their groups’ leaders during army operations in the southern Quneitra province.

The military leader of “Ahrar al-Sham” terrorist group, Ahmad Khalifa al-Muheimid, and leader of “Jund al-Malahem” terrorist group, Abu Abdullah Nahteh, were killed in the northern countryside of the province.

The terrorist organizations also mentioned the names of other members killed in military operations, including Mustafa Tuma al-Ghafari, Abu Shaker al-Lajat, Abu Steif al-Qitawi, Hussien Mahmoud Arar, all from “Al-Muthana Islamic Movement” terrorist group, in addition to several others.

Russian Defense Ministry: High-precision laser-guided missiles used in Syria
4 October، 2015
Moscow, SANA

The Russian Air Force uses high-precision laser-guided H-29L missiles in raids on terrorist positions in Syria, Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Col. Igor Klimov said.

“After the missile is launched, pilot illuminates a target with a laser-controlled aimer while the fighter jet continues to maneuver,” Russia Today website quoted Klimov as saying in statements.

The H-29L air-to-surface missile armed with 500 kilograms of military-grade explosives is accurate to within two meters and has a combined high explosive and fragmentation effect.

The missile is being used by Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-34 bombers, Klimov added.

In earlier statements, the Russian Defense Ministry said the Air Force launchers air strikes away from populated areas and that targets are pinpointed based on confirmed intelligence information from various sources to avoid any civilian casualties.

H. Said

Militants Start Withdrawing Forces from Syria’s Idlib amid Russian Airstrikes

TEHRAN (FNA)- Gunmen from the Jeish al-Fatah coalition of extremist groups are pulling out their forces from Idlib and other towns in Northwestern Syria, media reports said.

The radical group started moving towards the Turkish border on Saturday after having experienced “the efficiency of the Russian aerospace forces’ strikes,” the As-Safir Arabic-language daily reported.

The coalition is led by al-Nusra terrorist group, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, which is sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. The group seized the Idlib province this spring.

The report said field commanders fear at any moment the attack of Syrian forces supported by Russian warplanes on the key town of Jisr al-Shugour, on the Lattakia-Aleppo highway.

After the intensive air raids, the gunmen stopped offensive on the al-Ghaab plain in the Northwestern Hama province. Syria’s army and people’s militias could launch a counterattack in this area in the coming hours.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that the operation of Russia’s aerospace forces in Syria, conducted since September 30 at the request from Bashar Assad, is aimed at battling terrorism and preserving the country’s integrity.

Russian Air Force in Syria Smashes ISIL with Kh-29L Air-to-Surface Missile

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian air group in Syria is using Kh-29L air-to-surface missiles to conduct airstrikes against the ISIL militants, the Russian military said Sunday.

“A Kh-29L surface-to-air missile is equipped with a semi-active laser guidance system. When the launch is conducted, a pilot illuminates a target with a laser sight. At the same time an aircraft can continue the flight,” Aerospace Forces Spokesman Colonel Igor Klimov said, Sputnik reported.

700 Terrorists Give up Fight, Surrender to Syrian Authorities

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources in the Southern Dara’a province said that over 450 militants from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and another 250 people wanted by the government authority have turned themselves into the Syrian Security Forces.

The sources said Saturday that a member of the militant group delivered a message, which specifically stated their intentions to surrender to the state government if they would be offered an amnesty hearing in exchange.

The Syrian forces inside the provincial capital of the Dara’a governorate were surprised by the huge line of militants from the FSA that were preparing to surrender themselves to the state government in exchange for an amnesty hearing offered by a civilian tribunal.

Also on Thursday, some 70 wanted Takfiri militants surrendered to the Syrian authorities to be pardoned as the army continues to advance against the terrorists.

They are from Damascus and its countryside, Homs, Dara’a and Idlib.

Hundreds of gunmen have been laying down their weapons and turning themselves in to authorities in areas across the country.

This number seems to be on the rise as the army has been making steady gains in the battlefield against the terrorist groups, recapturing an increasing number of regions, including strategic sites, which helped cut off many of the militants’ supply routes and forced them to surrender or run away.

Senior Nusra Commander Killed in Syrian Airstrikes at Dara’a-Sweida Border

TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed sources said that the Syrian fighter jets hit the positions of the Free Syria Army (FSA) and al-Nusra Front hard in Dara’a Eastern territories, resulting in the killing of several militants, including one of the commanders of the Nusra Front.

The sources said that the Syrian warplanes struck the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front and their allies from the FSA at the ancient city of Busra Al-Sham, killing a number of enemy combatants, including the emir (leader) of al-Nusra in the region that was entrenched with his fighters near Sweida border.

On Thursday, Syrian army troops killed and injured scores of the foreign-backed Takfiri militants in Dara’a.

The army targeted concentration centers of terrorists in Samlin village and the cities of Inkhel and Jassem in the Northwestern countryside of Dara’a, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their weapons and equipment.

The army also targeted positions of terrorists from the so-called “Saif al-Sham Brigades” in Atman town, 4km North of Daraa city, leaving a group of them dead.

Syrian, Russian Forces’ Operations Hit Militants in Homs Governorate

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources said on Sunday that the Syria Ground Force and the Russian Air Force, in massive operations, targeted the positions of al-Nusra Front and Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Northern territories of Homs Governorate.

The sources said that the Syrian Army, in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), started their massive assaults in the al-Rastan Plains in Northern Homs, striking Nusra militants and the FSA forces with a multitude of mortar shells and rockets from their positions in Jaboureen and Kafr Na’an.

In the meantime, the Russian fighter jets continued their aerial campaign that is concentrated on the Al-Qaeda controlled cities of Al-Rastan and Talbieseh; this aerial campaign has intensified on Sunday morning, as the Russian warplanes have struck the militant positions with a half dozen airstrikes already.

The military analysts said that the Russian air force’s primary objective is to weaken the al-Nusra defense lines in Talbieseh and Al-Rastan; this is one of the reasons why the Russian fighter jets have continued to bomb this al-Qaeda controlled area with repeated airstrikes, while their allies from the Syrian Armed Forces prepare for their large scale assault.

The northern Homs offensive is an imperative military endeavor for the Syrian Armed Forces due to the fact that the al-Rastan Plains are located just South of the Hama airbase and the provincial capital of the Homs governorate.

Hundreds of Takfiris Killed in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army conducted military operations against the foreign-backed Takfiri militants in Aleppo province, leaving hundreds of them killed and injured.

Hundreds of terrorists were killed or wounded in Aleppo City and its countryside in the past 24 hours, a military source said Sunday.

On Saturday, the Syrian government forces targeted positions and concentration centers of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Aleppo province.

The army targeted concentration centers of ISIL terrorists to the East of Assafira, Job al-Safa, Jaboul, al-Ridwaniyah, Ayn Sabeil and al-Baba in the countryside of Aleppo, killing a group of terrorists and destroying their vehicles which were equipped with heavy machineguns.

Meanwhile, a large group of the Takfiri militants were also killed in military operations in al-Hatab square of al-Jadidah region in old Aleppo.

ISIS Massacres Civilians After Defeat in Hasakah
4th October 2015
ANF – Hasakah

Following defeat in Mount Kizwan (Mount Abdul Aziz) area, ISIS gang groups arrested civilians in Hemdaniye and Hedadiye villages of Sheddali and İresca towns, and reportedly killed some of them.

ISIS gangs had launched an extensive offensive on the villages of Bediî, Xerra, Xara, Til Hemam and Cefr, Bediî village crossroad to the northwest of Mount Kizwan and the Radio Hill on Mount Kizwan two days ago. Following the defeat they suffered in the mentioned area, the gang groups attacked civilians in the villages of Sheddadi and Irasca, who did not agree to attack the YPG/YPJ emplacements.

According to the reports by local sources, at least 50 civilians were taken hostage by ISIS gangs, while 12 of them were killed.

The ISIS gangs had similarly accused the civilian people for the loss of control in Gri Spi and Mount Kizwan area, upon which they massacred about 100 civilians in Nestel village to the northwest of Mebruka.