PFLP Reject Peace Process in Favor of Popular Resistance

Palestinian people reject so-called “peace process,” are on the path of resistance

Comrades Jamil Mizher and Maher al-Taher, members of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, appeared in interviews with Al-Mayadeen TV, addressing issues of the speech of Mahmoud Abbas before the United Nations and the current situation facing the Palestinian people.

The real referendum on the speech of Abbas, said Mizher, will come in practice and implementation on the ground, demanding the abolition of the Oslo accords, an immediate end to security coordination and to the Paris economic agreement, and withdrawal of mutual recognition with the Zionist enemy. “As it stands, Mizher said, the speech is merely a verbal threat, with no path of implementation or practical or serious steps, and thus is a means of delay and procrastination in implementing the decisions of the Palestinian Central Council.”

“The Palestinian people are fed up with the so-called pseudo-peace process,” said Taher. “They have reached a deep and comprehensive conviction that we have only the option of confronting this brutal occupation, and reject any reliance on ‘political solutions’ that have proven unsuccessful.”

“We are now facing an urgent need for a strategy of confrontation with this criminal enemy, rather than spinning in place and relying on regional or international interventions to gain an advantage in negotiations, or to accept the French initiative, which does not respect a minimum of our national rights and poses a threat of renewed absurd, harmful negotiations,” said Mizher.

Taher pointed out the nature of the Zionist government of the criminal Netanyahu: “The occupation has clearly announced that it rejects the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, as uttered by the criminal Netanyahu publicly…who was elected by voters on this basis. Why then bet on the path of negotiations and continue them in light of the declared Israeli policy: no state, no withdrawal to ’67 borders, no right of return, no Jerusalem, forced recognition of the ‘Jewishness’ of the state…The occupation policies are clear: they do not want a Palestinian militant, or moderate, or ‘extremist’; for them, the only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian..They want to control the West Bank and Jerusalem and liquidate the right of return. This is evident to all.”

The mood of the Palestinian people is for rejection of these agreements and confrontation of the occupation, said Mizher. “Our people in the West Bank are moving, as is reflected in the heroic resistance action carried out on Thursday evening. This is he mood of the Palestinian people. We in the Popular Front salute all forces and factions that raise up the gun to confront the occupier and upholds the resistance as a legitimate right of the Palestinian people.”

“For the factions to truly play their role in resisting the occupation, it is necessary for the Palestinian Authority to immediately end security coordination and free the hands of the resistance from the constant pursuits and daily harassment and arrests of the security forces,” said Mizher, noting that just hours before, the PA’s security forces suppressed demonstrations in Tulkarem and elsewhere in support of Jerusalem under Zionist attack.

Mizher saluted the Palestinian people in Jerusalem facing a brutal Zionist attack, condemning the official Arab and international silence on the attacks on the city and Al-Aqsa Mosque, noting that Al-Aqsa is constantly exposed to attempts to destroy it by the occupation and its settlers, and to divide it temporally and spatially.

“There is a popular mood for the adoption of the armed struggle, and not only so-called ‘peaceful resistance,’ correcting the framework of popular resistance,” said Mizher. “Both are part of the framework of the Palestinian national liberation movement, which includes various forms of resistance: direct engagement with occupation checkpoints and soldiers, demonstrations, boycott and international action, as well as armed struggle.”

Taher addressed the Palestinian struggle on the Arab level, noting that “It is true that the Arab world is consumed with internal problems, issues and concerns – in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, and several regional and international situations which has diverted attention from the Palestinian cause, and some attempt to portray the Palestinian cause as dead, or over; the cause is alive and is the central conflict in the region, and will remain so.”

PFLP salutes heroic resistance operation in Jerusalem: the youth uprising continues to surge

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the heroic resistance action in the occupied city of Jerusalem, carried out by the young martyr Muhannad Halabi of Al-Bireh, saying that this action is again proof that the will of our people is stronger than the tyranny of occupation, and will break the blockade and the chains of security and destruction imposed by the occupier on the sacred city.

The Front views this upsurge in Palestinian resistance operations against the occupation and the settlers, whether organizational or individual, as a confirmation that our people are determined to confront and respond to crimes of the occupation and will not back down from the right to resist and will continue to struggle until the achievement of their objectives.

The Front emphasized that the uprising of youth who are struggling for the sake of the homeland and to defend the Arab identity of Jerusalem, are imposing significant losses on the Zionist enemy and planting fear in the hearts of the occupying soldiers and settlers who are unable to cope with the high courage and spirit of these young people, armed with determination, persistence and the justice of their cause.

The Front called for the youth uprising to continue its strikes on Israeli soldiers and settlers with stones and Molotov cocktails, knives and all within reach of your hands. The enemy is cowardly and cannot bear losses and fears the language of the force of the oppressed.

The Front also salutes the night watch committees that confront the settlers attempting to invade villages and burn trees, calling for more of them to be formed throughout the occupied West Bank to confront the crimes of the occupation and settler terror.

PFLP salutes heroic resistance operation of Nablus

The Popular Front for the Liberation praised the heroic resistance operation of Beit Furik, Nablus, which led to the death of two Zionist settler colonists, noting that this resistance is a natural reaction to the escalating crimes of the occupation and the settlers against our people.

The Front confirmed that this resistance operation dealt a meaningful blow to the occupation and demonstrated the continuing ability of our people to fight back and seek justice for the blood of the martyrs Hadeel al-Hashlamoun and the Dawabsheh family, and also confirmed that the escalating occupation attempts to suppress the popular uprising and revolution of the stones raging in the streets and alleys of Jerusalem has failed also in the occupied West Bank.

The PFLP called on the resistance factions throughout the West Bank to intensify their strikes against the fascist entity with all means available, and prepare for a long battle; the resistance is the most effective means to secure our rights and freedom from the occupier.

The Front also called on the Palestinian security services to integrate with our people to defend them from the settlers and support the uprising and struggle, and for the development of popular committees to defend the Palestinian people and confront the colonizers’ crimes.

PFLP marches in central Gaza for victory for Jerusalem against Zionist attacks

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in central Gaza marched last night, 3 October, demanding victory for our Palestinian people in Jerusalem and in the West Bank, fighting Zionist soldiers and settlers.

The march began from the roundabout of Nuseirat refugee camp, winding through the streets and alleys of the camp, with the participation of people of the camp as well as cadres and members of the Front. Children and youth who participated in the “Vanguards of Return” summer camps also joined the march carrying banners and shouting slogans condemning the Zionist attacks on Jerusalem, vowing that they will not be silent in the face of these assaults.

Comrade Abu Abed spoke on behalf of the PFLP, saying that this march is part of a number of actions to support our people in Jerusalem who are confronting fierce Zionist attacks and to resist any attempts to fragment the Palestinian cause. He urged an emergency meeting of the PLO provisional leadership framework to ensure the participation of all Palestinians in confronting the Zionist attack. Addressing the occupier, he declared that the heads of the Palestinian people will not bow, that the goal of our people to return will be realized, and that Jerusalem is the eternal Palestinian capital, and that the Palestinian people will not deviate from our compass toward liberation and return.

PFLP condemns Zionist aggression against TV reporter Hana Mahameed and Palestinian journalists

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemns the brutal Zionist aggression against the correspondent of Al-Mayadeen TV channel, Hana Mahameed, in occupied Jerusalem, which led to her injury and treatment in hospital.

The Front notes that this criminal attack on journalists covering events in the city of Jerusalem is a continuous Zionist practice targeting journalists, in order to intimidate them and presure them to stop the media coverage and exposure of the details of the ongoing crimes being committed in Jerusalem.

The Front demanded that international institutions concerned with the rights of journalists assume their responsibility to condemn the crimes of the occupation and its systematic targeting of journalists, and to take all necessary measures to protect journalists.