PFLP Comments on the Speech of Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations General Assembly

It is time to abolish the Oslo accords and withdraw the mutual recognition signed by the PLO leadership with “Israel”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine sees that Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the United Nations should have included a clear position to cancel the Oslo Accords and all subsequent outcomes and commitments, in light of the situation and Israeli policy of colonization, Judaization and refusal to acknowledge the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people, particularly the right of return and self-determination, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

At a time when the United States claims to sponsor the so-called “peace-process,” the US president’s speech at the United Nations did not include a single word about the Palestinian people. The true goal of the false “peace process” is to undermine the Palestinian national movement and tear apart all of its infrastructure of support.

The PFLP emphasizes the importance of the insistence to go to all international institutions to prosecute “Israel” for its crimes of aggression and work hard to implement the resolutions of the PLO Central Council’s decisions, including ending security coordination and abolishing the Paris economic agreement, and demand international protection for the Palestinian people.

The Popular Front also calls for the implementation of the Cairo agreement for Palestinian national unity, and urgently calls for the Commission to activate and develop the PLO through a temporary leadership framework to follow-up on this work, and to implement the agreement in preparation for the convening of a Palestinian National Council outside Palestine, away from the control of the Israeli occupation, in order to develop a new strategy for Palestinian national action and the rebuilding of Palestinian national unity on clear and well-established political and organizational foundations.

The Popular Front also notes that Abbas’s reference to the “French initiative” opens the path to the continuation of the negotiations path, which has proven to be wrong; the French initiative poses a threat of the limitation of the national rights of the Palestinian people. We emphasize the need to close the gates that bring us again to the absurd and harmful trap of negotiations.