Turkey : Actions by HPG | YJA Star Guerrillas Continue

September 26, 2015

Today, in the village of Cicekli near the centre of Dersim, fierce clashes broke out between PKK guerrillas and the Turkish army. Reports from the region confirmed that a Turkish army major died in the clashes.

For the past month, PKK guerrillas have been controlling the region between the centre of Dersim and the township of Ovacik. The Turkish military has been unable to gain access to the region and has conducted extensive operations against the people and the PKK guerrillas. The Turkish army has been bombarding the region heavily and today initiated a comprehensive military operation. There was contact between the PKK guerrillas and the Turkish army this afternoon and locals reported heavy fighting. During the clashes an army major was heavily injured and later died of his injuries en route to hospital.

Sources near the area are reporting that the clashes are still ongoing.