YPJ’s Conference On Kobani Resistance

ROJAVA, Kobani (September 14, 2015) — Attended by 105 different delegations within the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), the Kobani Resistance Conference – with motto

“In the Line of Kobani Resistance, We Lead Peoples’ Democratic Unity, Promise Life in a Free Society”

– was held September 4-8, 2015 in the city of Kobani, Rojava, Syria. The conference was positively concluded as new decisions were made to be implemented for a better future.

Focusing on recent developments in different parts of the region and Kurdistan, the conference widely assessed organizational conclusion and situation, evaluated military and tactical aspects of Kobani resistance during last year. For unfulfilled duties, it accepted critics; it also determined several resolutions on the basis of raising the level of knowledge, stage of organization and the self-defense idea in time ahead. On the basis that it would provide an appropriate answer to all heroic fallen martyrs, the conference has also renewed some of its main assessments.

According To That:

The 21st century has been an era that major wars have been waged in human history, especially the ones against women. From the beginning of this era men’s patriarchy that has been promoted on both local and universal grounds, has affected women the most, and it still continues to do so. The chaos in the Middle East mainly impacts women. In current foundations men mentality and patriarchy are mostly at the top and for that our region drives toward war and complicating problems. Therefore, the ones that desire to get out of these chaotic pattern of confusing situation and struggle in that order, are women. For any civilization that has not been made of woman’s spirit could not be a democratic progress. Any social foundation without women, will not end in a democratic way.

This conference has succeeded way taking that truth as basis, and it believes that people are now more conscious and aware about revolutionary developments that are practiced in the region, therefore the chance for capitalist modernity is fading away as fresh growths led by women opposes the capitalist mentality.

It was thought that free woman’s standing could be damaged through countering activities against the Rojava Revolution – which is advancing with women’s central lead – the Mosul attack, the genocide against Kurdish Ezidi people in the city of Shingal (Sinjar), yet with our struggle of woman’s freedom, women continue to constantly challenge the Middle East by new compelling ideas. With that definition, the Daesh (ISIS) terrorists’ narrative is contrary to the same woman who informs the social and democratic revolution.

Among the potential of Middle Eastern women, a dynamic force that defines the way to woman’s freedom, with no doubt, is the power of Kurdish women. In the areas of military, politic and philosophy, Kurdish women have kept their vision against the current systems and have been sources of hope and opportunities of all women.

As part of its crucial role, the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) has not only established and organized a three years old army of women but also, in a short time, it has reached an important level with a power and will that it offers. Carrying a heritage of knowledge on freedom, the YPJ’s stage of progress was witnessed the best during the Kobani Resistance. Our combatants of the Women’s Defense Units who determinedly fought a significant battle against brutality of the Daesh terrorists – with their dreams for a life of freedom – have gave their lives in face of all types of massacres and insincerity. They advance confidently in resistance positions, what the price might be, women who fight for a free and meaningful life, they today perfectly represent the willingness and ability of free women in a free society.

Above all in Kobani, resistance in Rojava constitutes a power that stands against lies and dissimulation of the authoritarian man, a response against all of system’s profanity. It has proved of victory of human’s ambition, and the desire of women in society. They have let away of whatever that has been founded on the authoritarian man’s ideas and his regulation; instead it brings into play that desire and decisiveness to carry out all asked by women. Eagerness, appetite and search for freedom, resistance spirit and struggle has reached to the peak in woman, and has turned into hope facing politics leading women’s genocide. Also expanding this expectation has been a common goal of all women movement in the Middle East.

The Rojava Revolution at the same time has been a new option for the people around the world against the nation-state system. It assembles people around the resistance against man’s gloominess that has surrounded the west; as it lives the notion of freedom particularly in ideas promoted by the Women’s Defense Units. With the spread of YPJ’s impact, women around the world will improve their confidence of fighting against man’s dominance. The YPJ shoulders a pivotal and influential role by bringing the inherent belief in women. With that, it could be said that the YPJ’s resistance is now a universal struggle and that is the reason for engagement of women from all around the world with our ranks.

The message of YPJ’s resilience to women is this, you are not sentenced to the culture of violation of men’s dominance system. With their inherent resolve, women can defeat the most brutal terrorist forces in the world. With self-defense, they can stop man’s violence and build new world of their own.

Amid the chaotic situation that is caused by hegemonic wars in the region, the democratic nation revolution in Rojava offers a unique alternative and an option for people in the world against state-authority systems. Having that being said, this revolution is not only a movement by local or regional people, it closely interests people throughout the world.

This conference announces that the Kobani Resistance, in particular for Kurdish women, has been a true comprehension of freedom for all identities and people in the Middle East who come across long lasting violence and oppression.

The outcome of our decades old freedom struggle assembly has let the paradigm of democratic modernity to realize regulation and a better perception of a tangible model of life.

The conference, with confirmation of

“Free Women’s Resistance in Kobani, Is Overthrow For 5000 Years Old Man Dominance Culture and System”

– dedicates that victory to women throughout the entire world, especially Middle Eastern women; as it has reached some of significant resolutions. It approves of our people’s protection against genocidal politics, and women’s defense countering massacres against women, are all linked to inherent defense, and it determines itself based on those factors.

–          With this understanding that “Kobani Victory Is Indebted to Fallen Martyrs’ Sacrifices” there must be good sense of responsibility and account for those sacrifices.

–          Women, have offered a symbol of insistence on resistance by avoiding to surrender their fighting positions. With that belief, many heroic women martyrs led for freedom.

–          With the resistance of the YPJ, there should be immediate actions to support and defend history of woman’s freedom and the legacy that she created, to promote this universal righteousness.

–          The truth of free woman who is ambitioned by the philosophy of woman freedom and the paradigm of democratic modernity, gets organized, heightens struggle and becomes beautiful, must be acted upon in moments of war and peace. On that foundation, the conference has agreed on important resolutions.

–          On restructuring base; some decisions have been taken in order to expand and professionalize the YPJ’s force, improving defense system in a democratic Syria, and organizing inherent defense units of women from different culture and identities.

The YPJ’s conference on Kobani Resistance, which has touched a new stage of entitlement and determination, greets all mothers and women who have always pioneered all uprisings, renewing its word of freedom and victory. Based on that promise, we call on all young women to defend their soil, identity, culture and history, and take their place in the ranks of the YPJ. We congratulate the YPJ’s Kobani Resistance Conference to all women and our people.

Women’s Defense Units (YPJ)

Kobani Command – September 13, 2015